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Occupy Tokyo Lads Without Accupation

Occupy Tokyo Lads Without Accupation

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Published by Jorge Herbert

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Published by: Jorge Herbert on Jun 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Yookoso!Most who think ‘Occupy Tokyo’ has a chance to success are ignorant,arrogant, and foreigners. The members describe themselves as ‘movementto liberate people of the world from corruption banking and radioactivepollution, and they are the 99.9 per cent, and they will not be silent also inJapan.’ What more flicking foreigner they can get?
 Unless that is if they know what they are talking about, which I doubt. Do theyknow of a Japanese corrupt bank? Do they know of a bank which receivesthousands of millions of ‘pasta’ from the government? Or do the ‘occupiers’ knowof a radioactive pollution that is going around radioactively polluting the world?Yours truly think that dangerous people can be ignorant, but ignorant people isdarn dangerous. I mean. If they have reliable information they should digg itsooner than we can say “hasta la vista, baby.” Or twitter it, or facebook it, or stumble it, or +1 it, or at least wikileak it. Shouldn’t they?. As a gift from this humble me I will light their basic knowledge of Japan: it hasamong the richer COMPANIES in the world, as opposed to richer individuals.Japanese unemployment even in this huge economic recession; and accordingto theMinistry of Internal Affairs, holds at around 5%, as opposed to most richcountries where the figure is two digits. And etc., and etc.Japan faces more problems by letting foreign ideas enter the country than by‘bushido’ its borders.Please, my two readers, believe not what the media says, specially I repeatspecially the media that talks about other than your country.Take for instance the Wall Street Journal which reported thatOccupy Tokyo movement has little support from the Japanese people, but its report reads as if there is some frustration at the Japanese branch of Occupy movement due toscarce response from locals, slow sells, and consequently low profits to the WSJ.The view from an every day John Doe -yours truly included- is that Japaneserespect other people’s property, honour their promises, and without questionJapan applies democracy techniques in a way that should be the standard in theworld. And this is not a joke, a delusion maybe!\\Humans pursue happiness. And these are the better options to obtain it.SOCIALISM: The state takes one and gives it to someone else.COMMUNISM: The state takes both and gives you the milk.FASCISM: The state takes both and sells you the milk.MILITARY DICTATORSHIP: The state takes both and shoots you.

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