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Psychopath o Physiology

Psychopath o Physiology

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Published by JM Artiaga

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Published by: JM Artiaga on Jun 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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77 y.o.
HFD of HPN on maternal side
AGENT:Idiopathic/unknownENVIRONMENT:Abnormal activity of Hh signalingpathway (Hh)Loss of function of Patched/Protein patched homolog/ tumorsuppressorTriggering of SMO mutation/oncogeneMalfunctioning of the FOX L2gene (Fork head box protein)Decrease protooncogene/tumor suppressor functionTriggering of adult stem cells(tumorigenic)
Activation of the body’s DNA
repair systemProliferation of abnormal fibrouscell tissues in the ovariesStress and stimulation within thepelvic cavity stimulates thefibromaAbnormal cell growth within theovarian tissueEstrogen production and thepresence of low vaginal PHMutagen insensitivityto damage removaland reversal repairsystemDefective DNArepair systemIneffective inhibition of CApredisposing mutagensPermanent cell mutationSlowing anddecreaseefficiency of DNA repairIncrease production andstores of free radicalsAccumulation of byproducts of 
body’s metabolism
 IncreasingageInflammation processImmunoditingRecognition of immune systemtowards mutated cellsDysplasiaSynthesization of IFN gamma byNKC and NKTCNatural killer cells, killer T cells,dendritic cells and macrophagesmove towards the tumor siteIncrease in WBCProduction of ChemokinesCXCL10, CXCL9 and CXCL 11
Induces tumor cell deathRecruitment of moreimmunecellsInhibit formation of new blood vesselsCirculationIncrease antibodyproductionDestruction of mutated cells withinthe circulationTumor specific dendritic cellstrigger differentiation of Th1Ingestion of debris by dendriticcells and move towards draininglymphnodesGrowth of immune systemresistant tumor cells continueSurviving tumor cells becomeresistant to the immune responseCD4 and CD8 + T cells & cytolyticT cells destroy the tumor cellsremaining at the siteDevelopment of CD8 + T cellsIncrease metabolic demand of ovarian fibromaFree radical mutagens influence onthe tumor acting as a promoter
Increase growth of ovarianfibromaCompression of nearby tissuesand organsIrritation of peritoneal surfaceStimulation of productionperitoneal fluidhyperestrogenismThickening/ proliferation of theinner uterine liningIncrease vascularization of theuterine liningShedding the of the endometriumVaginal bleeding/ post menstrualbleedingascitesExploratory laparotomy; totalabdominal hysterectomy withbilateral salpingo-oophorectomyAbdominaldiscomfort Vaginal spotting

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