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The Greatest Story Never Told

The Greatest Story Never Told

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Published by RK Ellertson

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Published by: RK Ellertson on Jun 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Until Now!
Written by Albert Lynn BarcroftEdited by His Many Friends and Fellow Americans
COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT OCTOBER, 1999United States Postal Copyright February, 2000All Rights Reserved
 The Greatest Story Never Told Preface1
The book you are about to read is a compilation and result of 15 years of hard study, work,failures, and successes that I have personally experienced in my own fight to regain the birthrightleft to me by my forefathers. Those forefathers gave their property, standing in the community,and even their lives in order to leave to me those freedoms which had never before existed forthe common man on this earth. Most of them suffered hardships that we today could not evenimagine, and they did it all so that their children and posterity could have freedom forevermore.The gift they left us is the most wonderful and valuable gift ever given by Man; and, I have nodoubt that it was inspired and coordinated by God himself. This book is dedicated to those bravemen who gave all they had on this earth in order to leave the gift of freedom to their descendants.Although most of their descendants no longer even realize the great gift left to them, thesacrifices made by those heroes will forever be enshrined in the Freedom’s Hall Of Fame as theframers of the most wonderful system of government ever devised on this earth. To those mengo all the praise and credit for whatever freedom has existed, or still exists today! It is my fullintention to honor those men in my actions and in these writings.Among other things, this book will show you the secrets used by many Americans even today toavoid the traps of the Federal Government which have placed millions of state Citizens into astate of servitude to the United States and all of its sister companies and co-parties. The book will show you in detail how to know if you are eligible to be a sovereign with no income taxes,and few, if any, property taxes ( many of you are! ). It will show you how to establish a bank account right in your hometown bank that the IRS cannot even look at, much less seize. It willshow you how to stop being told (and punished if you don’t listen and abide by the Code andregulations) whether or not to wear a seatbelt or stop at a stop sign in the middle of nowhere withno one else around. It will show you how to tell the IRS to ‘go away’, and then make them do it.If you qualify, this book will change your life so dramatically that you won’t recognize yourself,either physically or spiritually, within six months after you have employed the secrets containedherein.

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