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Gyroscopic Astrology Synopsis

Gyroscopic Astrology Synopsis

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Published by theosophy2010

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: theosophy2010 on Jun 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gyroscopic Astrology Synopsis
"Gyroscopic Astrology" provides a synergy of Astrology and Dr Steiners views. This method offers anorganisational doorway,where the principles of Astrology help interpret Steiner effectively, for the benefit of both.
This synopsis of chapters is a compilation of most of the chapters from the four books available on this site.They are organised in such a way as to provide a sequential journey through this material.
 Establishing the basic laws of creationAn brief introduction to Steiner and how Steiner extended the works of Goethe.Steiner described the world through what he called two-fold, three-fold, four-fold, seven-fold and twelvefold processes. The author describes how Astrology is built upon the same patterns. The basic 'formula' isintroduced, and is shown to be built firstly upon a structure of astronomical principles and then uponAstrological principles. This structure is further developed (and continues to develop) as an overview of auniversal theorem, which in conjunction with Steiners indications, can be applied very practically to all oflife.
One of the basic assertions of the book is that there is an archetypal order upon which all things arrangethemselves. Once this order is identified and understood then life processes can be approached in aharmonious and realistic manner. For this to be so then the order can be seen at all stages of existence.Several photographs from the Hubble Telescope show the electromagnetic shape of a galaxy.This provides us with the form of a double vortex and the horizontal plane.Further photographs/pictures show how the horizontal plane develops into a lemniscate (or figure 8) alongthe horizontal plane.A summary of these forms indentifies:the vertical and horizontal axis,the double vortex and single vortex form,how matter and energy moves down the vertical axis to the centre and back out along the horizontalplane,how matter organises along the horizontal plane according to the electromagnetic fields of the gyroscopeand there's a lemniscate pulse which can be observed on the horizontal plane which also organises itselfinto this Torus form.8 Pictures and Diagrams
We begin the journey through the Astrological theorem with the practical realities of our environment. Westart with the immediate environment first. We look at the earth, then the atmosphere and how itdeveloped through the life processes, beginning with green algae and development of free oxygen in theenvironment.Then the solar system and Bode's law and how the planets organise themselves according to the electro-magnetic resonance of the solar system.Then the galaxy. Looking at the various shapes and order that is present within the galaxy.5 Diagrams
Look at the galactic form. There is a double vortex with a horizontal plane - look at the various shapeswhich we see in our solar system and our galaxy and how this brings us to the vortex of how the galaxy,solar system, atmosphere, earth and polarity basically sit on top of one another in the shape of a vortex.5 Diagrams
How we look at this gyroscopic big apple/onion form. How this is the overall basis by which orderstructures itselfWe look at the various levels of the galaxy based creation and how this is imaged also in the astrologicalmodel with the zodiac, planets, elements, modes and polarities.The astrological model as a universal theorem is introduced for the first time.3 Diagrams
 "As above So below" is imaged in the double vortex of the macrocosmic manifestations and themicrocosmic manifestations as lead in before exploring the parts.
The Levels of the Spiral are explained:Level 1: unity.Level 2: the basic process of Polarity we see in mythology, psychology (anima, animus etc).We outline how in a cell for example we see 'singularity' beginning to move thus starting to create apulsing lemnisacte form which eventually develops into two individual spirals. Also we see this polarityfunctioning between sun and earth, between cosmic and terrestrial, force and substance activities takingplace.
Level 3: how the two-fold polarity becomes the thesis/synthesis/antithesis process in the cardinal, mutableand fixed of astrology and how these are basic laws.3 Diagrams
 How 3 fold becomes 4 fold.Seeing the Macro and Micro polarity lawsThe macro-polarity between the male elements of fire and air and the female elements of water and earth.The micro-polarity which shows up between the fire and earth elements, and the air and water elements isalso identified.4 Diagrams
 How the 4-fold moves into the 7 foldWhen the planets are arranged according to the length of their 'sun' cycles an order is discovered whichprovides a macro and micro polarity structure.The micro-polarities which show up between the inner and outer planets e.g. between Moon-Saturn,Jupiter-Mercury and Mars-Venus with the Sun acting in a harmonising position here.2 Diagrams
 The Zodiac and the 12-fold structure.A brief discussion on the equal and unequal divisions of the zodiac which are found in astrology. TheInternal relationships of the zodiac based on the earlier laws work into the zodiac.Each previous law provides useful insights on how the zodiac 'works' as a practical theorem for life.The 2-fold law divides the zodiac in the positive and negative signs. Organised according to the planets -7fold- we have an order forming of the zodiac.The three-fold and four-fold laws are found to be replicated automatically in this order. Several furtherbasic laws of organization are outlined by this action.
Thus we conclude"For such order to be expressed in this final stage,all earlier relationships and conclusions about the theorem must also be correct."5 Diagrams
 A question arises that the zodiacal pattern we have established in the Astrological Model is not the same asthat found in the 'manifest' zodiac we find in the sky.Here we find the connection and further 'laws' we can use later.The essential difference between the archetypal and manifest zodiacs.The journey from the zodiac structure which comes out of the Astrological vortex to the process it goesthrough to show us the zodiac that is in the sky.Two zodiacs are identified here: the Aries to Pisces zodiac, and the Cancer to Leo zodiac.This concept is innovative and opens up further doors for exploration which are answered in SpiralAstrology.6 DiagramsTHE BIODYNAMIC WORLD VIEWCHAPTER 10:
 Gives a brief intro to the agricultural lectures and Steiner's work outlining essential understandings of hispicture of evolutionary cycles.A brief intro into the spiritual bodies and how life is a manifestation of the macrocosmic bodies of theGalaxy, Solar System, atmosphere and Earth, incarnating through the enfolding of the bodies into manifestform.3 Diagrams
 The structure that Steiner outlines in "Occult Science" of the three levels of 'spiritual' manifestation hesees.The Cosmic spheres of activity in creation from the Galaxy outwards into spaceThe World spheres we identify more locally as our Sun, the Planetary spheres, the Atmosphere and theEarth.The personal bodies that we see manifest in the four kingdoms of nature.An overview of Steiners internalised spiritual stages of consciousness and how they relate to the variousplanetary realms.2 diagrams
 Here we combine the previous chapters contents and place it pictorially on the physical structures of ourenvironmentUsing the large 12-fold picture of creation - an explanation of how each sphere or layer of creation isconnected to the others.3 diagrams
 Looking more deeply into the spiritual bodies, where they are seated and how they function and manifest.Each body - the physical, etheric, astral and spiritual bodies.5 diagrams
 A Look at how the 4 bodies are entwined in each of the Kingdoms of nature using colour diagrams forfurther clarification.6 full colour diagrams
 Looking at how the Earth is in the middle of streams of forces carried on the 'beams' coming from the stars

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