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Middle Wisconsin News-June 2012

Middle Wisconsin News-June 2012

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Published by Middle Wisconsin

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Published by: Middle Wisconsin on Jun 30, 2012
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Information Technology Solutions
Middle Wisconsin
June 29, 2012
June . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Moving Forward . . . . . . . . 2
Working Wisconsin . . . . . 3
Hope and Challenges . . . 4
 American Health . . . . . . . 5
Tax Pledge Cult . . . . . . . . 7
Programs At Risk . . . . . . 8
Sanders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Messaging . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Challenging The Myth . .11
People’s Budget . . . . . . 12
© 2011Middle Wisconsin
The kids are on the beaches and the boats are on the lakes. It is June in Wisconsin.The early peas and the onions and the kohlrabi are on the dinner table. There aregreen tomatoes, tiny peppers, and flowers on the cucumbers and squash. It is Junein Wisconsin and the flower gardens are beautiful. The trilliums are gone, but dai-sies and Indian paintbrush are everywhere.
Much like our state, progressives are renewing themselves
are growing their de-termination to make Wisconsin a place of fairness, and respect, and community.Several articles in this June newsletter give us hope and guidance. We have alsotried to point out some of the glaring contradictions and hypocrisies besetting our state.
At the end of the newsletter this month we have published the Progressive CaucusBudget. We have done so because this budget has received virtually no news cov-erage (even in public media) even though, unlike the immoral Ryan budget, it rep-resents the sincere work of true statesmen who are genuinely concerned aboutAmerica and her people. We urge you to take the time to read the “People’s Budg-et.” It is a work of intelligence
a breath of fresh air 
in a world of misleading half 
truths and outright lies. At only 12 pages long, the “People’s Budget” is a clear,concise, educational document. As always
“we shall overcome.”
JUNE 2012
Middle Wisconsin Newswelcomes letters, articlesand essays on relevant top-ics. We ask that you limitsubmissions to 800 wordsand provide sources whenappropriate. Submissionsmay be edited for length,clarity and taste. Emailedsubmissions should be sentin plain text or MicrosoftWord attachments to:dave@middlewisconsin.org
Middle Wisconsin
June 29, 2012
Page 2
“Building a powerful pro-gressivemovementthat can chal-lenge theright is aboutcoming to-gether andstaying to-gether.”
Robert Kraig
Citizen Action of Wisconsin
© 2011Middle Wisconsin
What a roller coaster ride the people of Wisconsin have been on for the past sixteen months
ever sinceScott Walker decided to “drop the bomb.” (To this day that phrase makes me shudder.) Needless tosay, for many of us, the historic roller coaster ride ended with the most bruising/spiraling crash leavingmany of us to ponder:
“What has happened to our once progressive state and the values so many of us hold dear?”
“Will our state be forever changed?”
“Where do go we from here for those of us who continue to hold true to progressive values?”
“How do common ordinary citizens fight for control of our state when the insidious influences andmoney from outside Wisconsin are infiltrating every aspect of our state?”
“How do common ordinary citizens fight for control of our legislature that is being taken over byALEC and other outside forces?”
“How do progressives find a voice in the media when it is clear that more of the message is beingcontrolled by non
“How does a state get beyond the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that served this governor and GOPlegislators so well?” This “divide and conquer” strategy cuts the heart out of my state and me personally.
“How do we educate the students of this state with a system that is also being ‘divided’ into private and public entities?” Each one is being pitted against each other by this ‘divide and conquer’ strategy.“How do people find and keep jobs that pay a living wage when the public sector and the private sector are also ‘divided’?
“How do we function as a society when the backs of all of us on the bottom rungs of the ladder continue to be broken by the people on the top rung who want ever more. As one of the Koch brothers stated
this is paraphrased because I don’t have the direct quote: I want my share and that’s all of it.“How do we heal?”
“How do we move ‘Forward’ as our state motto instructs us to do?”
The list of questions could fill volumes; and unfortunately, the questions are often met with silence.Where do we start?
Here are some small steps I will personally take as I journey through this dark time for my state.
1. I will continue to meet with the people in my small grassroots groups:
A. To draw energy, support, and inspiration from a diverse group of people.
B. To come up with a strategy to move forward.
C. To be educated and informed and to educate and inform.
2. I will continue to ground myself in my faith which I have to admit is often shaky.
3. I will continue to support and promote progressive values: fairness, respect, and community as statedin the objectives of Middle Wisconsin.4. I will continue to support progressive candidates in state and federal elections who “promote just andtransparent government, healthy communities, social responsibility, thriving local economies, environmental stewardship and quality education” as the mission statement of Middle Wisconsin states.
5. I will renew my commitment to defend public education and educators in every way possible.
6. I will remain an activist with my eyes wide open as to the uphill climb we are now facing as progressives, not only in Wisconsin but in our nation.
Moving Forward
By Joyce Leudke
The Task Before Us
Quand l'injustice devient loi, la résistance est un devoir!
Which means: When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty!
Robber baron
is a term used for a powerful 19th century American businessman. By the1890s, the term was typically applied to businessmen who were viewed as having used ques-tionable practices to amass their wealth. Allegedly, their "questionable practices" usually in-cluded setting the product at extremely low prices (and paying their workers very poorly inorder to do so), buying out the competitors that couldn't keep up, and once there was no com- petition, they would hike prices far above the original level. It combines the sense of criminal("robber") and illegitimate aristocracy ("baron").
It is now official. Wisconsin has been bought and sold. The State of Wisconsin is now a sub-sidiary of Koch Industries. The Robber Barons dumped enormous and undocumentedamounts of money into Wisconsin assisted by the bought and sold Federal Supreme Court viaCitizens United. They saturated the media with lies. They distorted the reality before us.They told outright lies. Many of my fellow Wisconsinites believed the lies.What do we do now?
1. Run for public office and advance progressive ideals.
2. Organize or join a Union.
3. Work for progressive candidates in their quest for public office.
4. Join a community organization that cares about true Wisconsin values.
5. Refuse to patronize companies who support regressive, ideological and destructiveagendas (I haven’t patronized Walmart for 8 years or more and Kwik Trip for nearlytwo years and I don’t eat Johnsonville brats).6. Organize activities in your local community which support workers and the middleclass way of life.
7. Don’t use Republican speak such as “Obamacare” (Affordable Health Care Act), “Jobcreators” or “tax burden” (taxes are an investment in our communities). Talk like a progressive.8. Hold your elected officials accountable by going to town halls and speaking your mind.
9. Withdraw your money from the big banksters and invest the money in a local CreditUnion.
10. Read Don’t Think of an Elephant by George Lakoff or What’s the Matter with Kan-sas by Thomas Frank to understand how common people vote against their economicinterests. Then do something about it once you understand it.
11. And last of all….take a deep breath, take time for yourself, realize there are other like
minded people out there, don’t give up and prepare yourself for a long protractedfight for justice.
Middle Wisconsin
June 29, 2012
Page 3
“Our elections havereplaced horse rac-ing as the sport of kings. These kingsare multibillionaire,corporate mogulswho by divine right
not of God, but of the SupremeCourt’s
are now buying politicians like somuch pricey horse-flesh.”
Bill Moyers
© 2011Middle Wisconsin
Working Wisconsin
Labor News and Views
By John Spiegelhoff 
Merrill, WI

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