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Bluesletter July 2012

Bluesletter July 2012

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Published by: crowtrobot on Jul 01, 2012
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HELLO CHAMPIONS! Yes, I meant to saythat! It may have been a
couple of months ago, but I don’t think I am theonly one still basking in the glory andmemory of it. As a matter of fact Iwatched it yesterday and though maybe Iwasn’t quite as nervous as I was on theday, I still screamed when Drogs put thatheader into the net, and I still criedwatching him celebrate the win. WHAT ADAY! MAKING HISTORY NOT JUSTTALKING ABOUT IT!
And I know many of you are said that Mr.Drogba has left. He was a great servant tothe club. But honestly, what a wonderfulman. I know in my heart he left to takelife a little less seriously (or at least hisfootball), to spend more time with hisfamily and to raise more money for hisfoundation and do the humanitarian workthat he never gets the credit for doing.Considering that, how could we not wishhim luck, peace and happiness. He gaveus many memories, and I think in timemany of us will be able to tell many astory about when Drogba played. He trulyis amazing, and we were so lucky to seehim in his prime! I am sure he will beremembered for a long time, and I justhave a feeling he will come back toChelsea for a visit now and then.
And if the events of May were amazing,who is excited about the upcomingevents in July? THE CHELSEA SUMMERTOUR 2012! I know many are going, butmany more are not. That makes me sosad, as the best part, for me, of thesummer tour is hanging out with all of you. Being together, laughing, carryingon, and meeting new people - I have fondmemories of the summer tour. And to behonest, there is a fairly good size groupthat are what I call “tour babies” as Iremember them. They found us and wefound them on the summer tour. Actually,2004 was my first summer tour and I wasa newbie, and so was a certain Mr. AndyB., my partner in “crime”, the solidfoundation of Chelsea in America and mybest mate . . . see what the summer tourcan do. You just never know who youmight meet, what might happen and whatit will lead to. Do you all know I canhonestly say that CIA started on asummer tour?
For those of you that are coming on tour:get ready! I hope you have all takenadvantage of the hotel deals in every city.I hope you all have your tickets. I hopeyou all have booked the train from NYC toPhilly. And I hope you are all ready for aGREAT TIME! We have a lot going on. AndI am so pleased that this year we areworking very closely with the NY Blues,and that is such a wonderful thing. And Iknow they are excited about hosting us inNYC! Remember, no matter what clubthey are from, we are all BLUE, and that isthe most important thing. So besides thematches, there are the meet ups at thepub. The pub is the center of the action -the first stop when you get to a tour city,come get your tickets, hang out, buysome raffle tickets, look at the VERYCOOL merchandise we have and meeteveryone. We are working on filling intime with more events like practices andfirst team events as soon as Chelsea letsus know about them. But also come andmeet our very special guests FrankSinclair, Paul Cannoville and Neil “Spy”Barnett. If you don’t know who they are,read on, or look them up. I know all threeand they are great! If you went threeyears ago, you know what a great time wehad with Tommy and Jock and Spy and Ifully expect at least as much fun andlaughs and great stories from these three.Also Chopper Harris will be our veryspecial guest in NYC, courtesy of the NYBlues! And I have a secret, very specialguest in Miami, and you aren’t going towant to miss that!
If you aren’t on tour, you can catch thegames on ChelseaTV online if you have aTrue Blue account. If not I hear you will
JULY 2012
by Beth Wild
continued on Page 2
Notes from theChairwomanChelseaChantsCL FinalRecapLegends: PaulCanoville andFrank SinclairNew Blue:Eden HazardTransfers andRumors
 Just a friendly reminder: On May 19th,2012, Chelsea FC won its first Champions League trophy! Where wereyou when it happened? 
also be able to watch them on one of theESPN channels. But how will you keep upwith the real fun, the real action . . . whatwe are doing . . . get over to Facebookand Twitter because we will be active andsharing what’s happening. So follow,follow and stay in touch. We will do all wecan to post words, photos and video. Iknow for some it was a heartbreak thatyou couldn’t come, but don’t despair, and join us any way you can. And we will bethinking of you and SINGING FOR YOU.And please if you are on tour, DON’T BESHY - introduce yourself. If you want tohelp, there will be things to volunteer for.If you don’t know the words to the songs, just ask. That is what is the best thingabout CIA, we are all one big family, justreach out and grab someone and ask.
Now the other thing, from now andthroughout the tour, the best way to stayup-to-date with all the latest news and allof that, PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE! Weare still working on transport for thedifferent venues, and if we are renting abus, you need to buy a ticket, and youwill need to do that before arriving at thevenue, so please just make it a point tocheck the website and the summer tourcity you are attending often.
And all of this in preparation for theseason to kick off. Make sure you haveyour CIA membership, that if you decideto get a True Blue membership to let usknow, check out the website, check outthe different Facebook groups and Twitterfeeds for your local or regional group, sothat you know where we are for eachmatch day. And participate! This is yourclub, it is what you make of it. It onlygrows and gets better because of thetireless and endless volunteer work of somany people, so if you see them on tour,if you see them through the season, if you see them on the board, on Facebook,on Twitter, thank them, they do all of thisfor you and for all of us.
These are the people I know have reallyworked on the summer tour and onhelping with membership packets (yes,they are nearly done and in the mailsoon), so in no particular order, please join me in thanking . . . Andy B (MidwestBlues), Paul P (Southeast Blues), Nick D(Georgia Blues), Ben H (Boston Blues),Dennis F (Motor City Blues), Raciel D (LACounty Chelsea Blues), Cary E (NorthTexas Blues), Terri E (LA County ChelseaBlues), Starla Rose (Bay Area Blues), ChrisB (Midwest Blues), Tim H (Desert Blues),Rich J (Desert Blues), Ian McNally (ChicagoBlues), Andy W (OC Blues), Danny C(Pacific Coast Blues), Mike P (BluegrassBlues), John B (Beltway Blues), Simon F(Bayou Blues), JR L (Motor City Blues),Lauri and Noah B (Boston Blues), Jamie E(NE Tri State Blues), Allison K (BeltwayBlues), Jesus M (Bayou City Blues), Jen A(Beltway Blues), Vigi W (Boston Blues), JoeF (Boston Blues), Neal H (Beltway Blues),Parker S (Charm City Blues), Abdullahi A(NW Blues), Jon S (Florida Blues), Nadine H(NW Blues), Garrett B (Boston Blues), BJ B(North Texas), Brandon H (North Texas),Steve (North Texas Blues), Sriram P (NorthTexas Blues), Tucker and Tracy B (NorthTexas Blues). If I forgot anyone, it is onlybecause it takes an army and I am old andforget some things, so if and when yousee a volunteer, thank them, buy them abeer, for without them this all doesn’thappen. And to all that have helped aHUGE THANK YOU! What an amazinggroup we have, and what an amazing yearwe have to look forward to. (Do yourealize I just named more people that arevolunteering than the full roster of members the first year of the TexasBlues? AMAZING!)
CAREFREECHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!Blue is the colour, football is the gameWe're all together and winning is ouraimSo cheer us on through the sun andrainCos Chelsea, Chelsea is our name.Here at the Bridge, whether rain or fineWe can shine all the timeHome or away, come and see us playYou're welcome any dayBlue is the colour, football is the gameWe're all together and winning is ouraimSo cheer us on through the sun andrainCos Chelsea, Chelsea is our nameCome to the Shed and we'll welcomeyouWear your blue and see us throughSing loud and clear until the game isdoneSing Chelsea everyoneBlue is the colour, football is the gameWe're all together and winning is ouraimSo cheer us on through the sun andrainCos Chelsea, Chelsea is our name.Blue is the colour, football is the gameWe're all together and winning is ouraimSo cheer us on through the sun andrainCos Chelsea, Chelsea is our name.
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Contributors:A huge thanks to everyone whohelps make the Bluesletterpossible!Co-editor: Lauri BerkenkampCo-editor: Noah KahanLayout: Jamie EdwardsChairwoman: Beth WildGraphics: Raciel Diaz
Editor’s Note: The article previously appeared on the Chelsea in America website in May 2012 
I woke up on Sunday morning still feelingthe effects of a few pints and a glass of champagne to toast to our Europeanchampions, however the only feeling thatmattered most was the realization that itwasn't a dream. Our beloved boys in Bluehad won the European title, and were infact heroes of our time.A season which seemed practically over inMarch had been turned around, and witha man named Roberto Di Matteo ourgroup went from a team in search of helpto a group of men in search of destinedglory. Since the day Roberto Di Matteotook over in the 2nd leg vs Napoli, italmost seemed like our season wasreborn.The season's objective was clear from thestart: Fight for the cups, the leaguecomes later. The league was already lost,but 2 cups were still within our grasp.And this man called Di Matteo brought amuch-needed confidence. He brought aspark to a club who seemed to only beriding along till the season was over. Yet,his presence brought us this belief thatnot only would we compete for Europeanglory, but our names would be etchedinto that trophy that so many times hadslipped out of our reach.Certain players who seemed to havephased out came back to emerge as ourtrue heroes. This is what our club needed,this man, this legend, this manager theycall Di Matteo. Our players respected him,they followed him, they believed in him,and they gave their all to him. Lampardwas back in favor, and became themaestro he's been known to be. Didiertook over the reins of winning goals, andprovided the assists and defensivedisplays he's always had in him. Torreswould become a bit of his old self, andeven creating chances for his teammateson the pitch. And so it became that thisband of brothers would not let the worldtell them, "No, you can't do it!" Insteadthey fought on. They fought with valor,and they carried themselves as trueChelsea players do. They approachedeach game as if it was a final, and treatedeach opponent with the respect theydeserved, but knowing deep down inside,we can and will win it.We surpassed Benfica in a battle of twogames, and than came the giants of Europe, the great Barcelona. It is a teamthat many considered the greatest inmodern football, and a team which wouldnot only take Chelsea out, but prove tothe world that this team of Blue was livingin a make believe world. However, whatmost of the world failed to notice is thatwe had a new leader in charge. A sort of leader that every person would like tohave in their lives. This man they call DiMatteo told his players to believe and toachieve. And so it became written in thebooks of footballing history that thisonce-lost team from London emerged asan unexpected surprise package.A first-leg win at home took us back toBarcelona for a meeting with destiny. Journalists and sport pundits themselveshad said that our 1-0 advantage was notenough, that Barcelona would dismantleour weak little team and show us whatfootball is really about. Even our oldmanager who failed to bring us thatdesired European trophy wrote us out of the final. And so we went in to that bigstadium in Catalunia with our meager 1-0advantage, facing great odds. And for solong it appeared that those doubters wereright.The boys in the striped red and blue tooka lead which left many of us with gut-wrenching nerves. How could our run beover? Was it true that we stood nochance? But just as doubts were sinkingour spirits, there came a play that stilllives in our memories. A little man fromBrazil with the endurance of 20 marathonrunners took a lovely pass from SuperFrank, and as he confronted the keeper,he chipped it to the far post, and onceagain we were back in the game. Thepressure mounted in the second half, yetwe believed. We believed that even with10 men, in the home of the world'sgreatest team, we could still succeed. Andwe fought, like true Chelsea men that weare, and we poured sweat on the pitch asif to exemplify that we are the Chelseaboys!! And with the minutes windingdown, our once-failed commodity put usthrough to Munich with a nice one on onevs his fellow countrymen, and all aroundthe world Chelsea fans were chanting thename of Fernando Torres......and historyhad been written!The trip to Munich came with a price, andthe major blow was the loss of ourcaptain. Yet it did not matter. We wereready to show the world that we had theteam to win Europe, and we are not afraidto take on Bayern in their own stadium.That belief came from someone we allloved and respected, a man they callRoberto Di Matteo!The game approached and our leadertook some risks, and the story goes fromthere. The opening moments were a gameof cat and mouse. Both teams werereading each other, and figuring out theweaknesses. A young Ryan Bertrandseemed to be settling in well with hisdebut CL start, and even our centerbackduo of Luiz and Cahill seemed to fit inwell. Certain parts of the game seemed tofavor the other team, but we fought. Andthen it came, a goal that made our heartssink. With the game so near to a finishour Bavarian opponents took the lead onwhat seemed like a stab to our hearts.Could it be that this goal would cost usour dreams? But just as the thought wascircling in our minds, it seemed as ourboys in Blue had a lifting of the spirits.They caught their second win and decidedthat the game wasn’t over quite yet. Onthe only corner we had in the game, theball found the one man everyone hadrelied on to take us to glory. And after 88minutes, the world of Chelsea supporterswere singing, "Didier Drogba, tra la la la,
by Jesus Martinez, Bayou City Blues
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