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Published by Steve M. Guckian

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Published by: Steve M. Guckian on Jul 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Table of Contents
Formations3Doubles4Trips6Pro8Empty10Heavy12Other Formations14Motions15Offensive Philosophy16Offensive Goals19Protections20Air Attack29Quick Game305 Step44Vertical46Smash56Screen63Flat / Curl76Red Zone / Specials82Ground Attack88
One of the defining characteristics of our offense is the we are very multiple and useformations along with minor adjustments to gain better angles, leverage, and releasesinto our route assignment. Formation adjustments also allow us to maximize ourpersonnel match-ups to create one-on-one situations or to create confusion by thedefense resulting in the possibility of an uncovered receiver due to a blown coverage. The teaching process is easy requiring only about five minutes of practice time toincorporate an entirely different package. It broadens our “menu” of plays withouthaving to teach new routes, protections, concepts, etc. A few simple terms allows usto change our look. We are still running the same concepts throughout our system,but by using various formations, it is harder for the defense to recognize routecombinations.We have five base formations that we use:1.Doubles (80s)2.Trips (60s)3.Pro4.Empty5. Heavy These formations are also used in personnel packaging throughout our play calling.Every formation that exists in our playbook stems from these five base formations. They can be tweaked through formation adjustment tags to established desiredformation through alignment.Motion is another way to gain an advantage over the defense before the ball issnapped. We use specific motions throughout to:1.Disguise intentions/delay defensive recognition2.To gain a blocker or outnumber the defense to one side3.Create easy releases4.Declare defense to dictate man vs. zone coverage5.To create one-on-one match-ups creating personnel advantages6.To force defense to check or move late, resulting in defendersbeing out of positionBasic motion calls are player specific determining what type of motion that will beutilized. The quarterback controls ALL motions! If a player is out of position due to3
Pioneers Offense

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