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July 2012 Newsletter

July 2012 Newsletter

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Published by Downhillnews

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Published by: Downhillnews on Jul 02, 2012
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Dear Parents,
Foothill Preschool & In-fant Center will be Havinga Grand Old Time cele-brating a Red, White andBlue parade on July 3rd @10:00 am. The childrenwill also be taking in sum-mer time fun with camp-ing, BBQ’s and Picnicing. As each of you take timeto celebrate our Nation’sIndependence, be sure toremember God’s blessingson this country and re-member those who foughtfor our freedom.We wish all of you a safe& Happy 4th of July!
Morning Snacks:
 At-tached to the newsletterare great healthy snacksuggestions. Please keepin mind and remember tosend healthy nutrient-dense snacks from 2 foodgroups also remember tochoose foods that are notchoking hazards. Pleaseavoid junk food and foodswith too much added sug-ar and salt.
Lunch Boxes:
pleaseclean inside your child’slunch box weekly. Eachday your child will need anapkin, utensils (spoons,fork, etc.) and a freezerpack is needed daily. Seespoon & napkin idea onthe front of Sign In Book.
Labeling All School Items:
Please remember to labelall school items with yourchild’s first and last name.
Hydration Tips:
Summeris fun, hot and demandingon our bodies. It's easy toget dehydrated when westay out in the heat. Weare supposed to drinkplenty of water during theday, but watery foods helpas well. Keeping are bod-ies well hydrated helps usto feel better, perform bet-ter and stay well! Choose‘watery’ foods such as mel-ons, cucumbers, green sal-ad, and tomatoes. Page 2has a great smoothie reci-pe for a strawberry & or-ange smoothie.
New FDA Sunscreen Info:
Recommends SPF over 50as well as water resistantsunscreens with SPF 30. Apply every 2 hours anduse plenty of it. Sun-screen alone is not enoughto prevent skin cancer. Inaddition to sunscreen,wear protective clothingand sunglasses, and seekshade whenever possible. Always check sunscreenfor expiration date.Please bring in sunscreenfor your child.
Warmer Weather Wear &Flip Flops:
If your childwears a dress, please haveher wear shorts or leg-gings underneath. Flipflops or flip flops with astrap are not o.k. and willcause injury. Please pro-vide safer sandals with agood tread.
We are inneed of current shot rec-ords, please turn them in.
Gates & Doors:
When ar-riving or leaving pleasekeep all gates closed andplease do not let yourchild hang on the doorhandle or climb on thedoor or gate area.
Calling In/Vacation Dates:
Please call in before 9amor let us know ahead of time for appropriatescheduling.
Naptime Bedding:
Pleaseremember to take it homeeach Friday and remem-ber to bring it back onMonday. Each child needsa labeled crib sheet andblanket.
7/3 4th of July Parade @ 10:00am7/4 School Closed-ObservingIndependence Day7/11 Throop Park (Pre-K) @ 10:00am7/18 Chapel @ 9:30am with Miss Anitra7/20 Movie Night for Parent Night Out @5:30pm-9:30pmLooking Ahead:8/10 & 11 VBS 9am-12pm-K-6th grade $10.00 perchild
Dates to Remember
We Thank You!
To each family that donated ink cartridges & cellphones.
For everyone that ordered Scholastic books. We re-ceived 7 new books for our school library.
We thank Ann & Jason (Reagan’s parents) for the de-licious Chess Squares dessert.
Jen (Claire’s Mom) for the delicious donuts.
Foothill Preschool & Infant CenterNewsletterJuly 2012
Monthly Themes
 4th of JulyCampingPicnic/BBQSummertime Fun
Red, Whiteand Blue
Numbers: 0-50
Bible Verse:
Thy word is a lamp unto myfeet, and a light unto my path.Psalm 119:105
7/1 Neil7/8 Michael7/24 Robyn7/28 Isabel
“Happy July Birthday”
Monthly Review
Sign-Up today, it’s quick and easy!Go to www.escrip.comClick on “sign-up”Follow instructions.Group Name: Foothill Preschool andInfant Center Group I.D.#151855752It’s Free!Food for LessSpencer’s Fresh MarketsVons
Movie Night
July 20th @ 5:30pm-9:30pmTheme: Going WildMovie: Madagascar  Ages: 21/2—10years oldPreschool Members:$25.00 Siblings: $20.00Non Members:$30.00 Siblings: $25.00
Parent Participation & Information
It’s A Boy!WELCOMEReed Parker CoveyBorn on June 12th, 2012 @ 1:14pm6pounds 9 ounces and 21 1/2 in lengthCongratulations to:BIG sister Peyton
Infant Center: Mrs. Teresa, Miss Michelle, Miss Natalie
Toddler Room: Mrs.Esther & Miss CourtneyBeginner Room: Miss Anitra
For the month of July, we have exciting activitiesplanned for the Infant Center. We will be learningabout the stars and the different things in thesky, like clouds, planets, and the moon. Also wewill be learning about some of the aspects of camping and outdoor fun. We will be startingwater play in our yard with our friends as well.This month we will be welcoming two newfriends to the Infant Center: Olive and Francis.We are also saying goodbye to Haden andMcKenzie as they start in the Toddler Room thismonth. Good Luck to both Haden and McKenzie!We will miss both of you!Our sign for this month will be “star.” To sign“Star,” extend your two index fingers and holdthem together up above your head. Raise andlower your two fingers alternatively. The sign-looks like you are pointing out lots of differentstars in the sky.Erik- is learning how to eat his food with a spoonand fork at meal times. Also he will start his tran-sition from the crib to sleeping on a cot at naptimes this month as well.Owen-is now drinking cow’s milk out of a sippywith a straw. He will be learning how to eat withdifferent utensils at meal times this month.Madison-has been interacting with her newfriends at the Infant Center. She enjoys crawlingaround the front room and exploring the environ-ment around her.Corbin- has been enjoying eating different pu-reed foods with all of his friends at meal times.He is starting to sit by himself with a little assis-tance from his teachers. He is starting to enjoytummy time with his other infant friends as well.Eme- enjoys her interaction time with her teach-ers and friends. She loves to be in a standingposition so she can observe everything. Shealso is starting to show signs of crawling move-ment while she is having tummy time.Kynzie- has started babbling and making morenoises in the Infant Center. She is constantlymaking new sounds to her friends around her.She loves to smile and be held by all of her teachers in the Infant Center.
Happy 4th of July!
Summertime is upon us and that means ourthemes for the month will go along with summer-time fun. We will start off with celebrating the4th of July. We will get to make a red, white, andblue wreath, a red, white and blue tree, and a 4thof July hat. In our Dramatic Play we will have ared, white and blue picnic set up. In our sciencetable we will have water with July 4th confettiand red, white and blue shaving cream bags tosquish around.During our second week we will be talking aboutnature. For art we would like to do pinecone art.If you can help with bringing in a pinecone for us,that would be great. We will be talking about theplants and trees that grow in nature. We will alsotalk about some of the animals that we don’tusually talk about, like coyotes, squirrels, andchipmunks. We won’t forget to talk about riversand ponds too. This will lead us into our nextweek of fishing. Some people fish in rivers, lakes,ponds and the ocean. Our Dramatic play will beset up for us to go fishing everyday. We will haveour own pond set up, fishing poles and of coursefish we can catch. For art we will be making fish,fishing poles and our own fishing scene. In ourscience table we will have fish nets and fishes totry to catch. If you can help out with the fishnets (small ones like you find at the pet store),that would be great. Fishing will take us intocamping. Which go hand in hand. What is campingwithout fishing? Of course in our Dramatic playarea we will have our own camping trip. If you canhelp out with letting us borrow sleeping bags youmay have that would be great. And we will get tomake our own campfire to put our sleeping bagsaround. I don’t think anyone goes camping withoutmaking smores and neither will we. One day dur-ing this week we will make smores for art andthen get to make smores for snack.During this month we will be having a lot of waterplay so please dress your child in clothes youdon’t mind them getting wet in. Please make sure your child has extra clothes in their cubby just incase they need to be changed. We will have awater day this month-I will let you know gettingcloser to the date I choose. We will have twopicnic days: July 10th and July 25th. Please re-member no heat ups on these two days.
Have a safe July 4th and enjoy thefireworks.
Yeah the summer is here and we are here to cele-brate. The toddlers will be celebrating our independ-ence with dancing with streamers and making patri-otic hats. We will have a special red, white and bluesnack on the 3rd provided by Mrs. Esther. One ofour favorite past times in summer is being outdoorsand that is exactly what we are going to do for thewhole month of July.We start off exploring all the differentaspects of nature. We are going to take a walkaround the yard and grassy area to explore differ-ent types of nature. We will make and talk about alldifferents things we find in nature from trees tothe animals we see. After exploring through naturewe are going to go camping. Our dramatic play areawill be turned into a campsite. We need to borrow asmall tent for dress up if anyone is willing. Pleasetalk to Mrs. Esther. We are going to make smoresfor afternoon snack. We will be singing campfiresongs at circle time. Our little hands will be busymaking pretend smores, handprint campfires, and ofcourse racoons.After the campsite is set, we are readyfor fishing. We will be doing a unit on pond life andfishing. We will set up a pretend fishing pond for thekids to practice their fishing skills. Toddlers love tolearn about different animals. So we are going to betalking about frogs, snakes, plus all the differentkinds we see in ponds. We will learn how to jump likea frog, and slither like a snake.Since it is summer, we are going to do awhole week on water. All of our art this week will beinvolving water. We are going to play in our sensorytables full of different activities such as washingdishes and babies. We will be blowing bubbles andplaying with wet sand. This week your child will bewet and dirty so make sure to have a change ofclothes in your child's cubby so we can change them.I want to give a big huge thank you for allthe families we have in our classroom-without yourdonations and help we would not be able to do theactivities we plan. We appreciate all you do and weare glad to have you here. We also want to welcomeall of our new families. We are looking forward togetting to know everyone.

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