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TDC Application 2010

TDC Application 2010

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Published by jminkove

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Published by: jminkove on Jul 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May 25, 2010Dear Selection Committee:It is with great gusto that I submit to you my application for this year’s Tour de Court. There are manydifferences between myself and some of your previous applicants from “out of town”. For example I donot have the self loathing of some (see: Fishman) or the superb writing skills and wit of others (Kappy).However I believe that I bring some things to the table that others previously have not.Sixteen was a big year for me, as it will be for TDC. For me it was a year of growth, the year Ished my glasses for contacts, finally got a little “game”, and gained the confidence I needed to ride outthe rest of high school and the teenage years. I believe I can be a guide for TDC through this at firstawkward, but yet rewarding transformative year. This year TDC will go from caterpillar to butterfly and Ibelieve I am the one to help it out of the cocoon.The most important thing which I have, that the previous “out of town” applicants did not, canbe summed up in one word: pedigree. Baltimore is part of the story of my family. That story beginsover a hundred years ago when great-grandma Rosin was born in Charm City. Fast forward to thematernity ward at GBMC Hospital on a cold snowy morning on March 8, 1984 and yours truly is born,becoming the fourth successive generation of Rosins to be born in Baldeemore Maryland.My family has attended some of B-more’s premier institutions such as the BaltimorePolytechnic Institute where both my father (and father-in-law) attended high school, UMBC, Beth Tfiloh,JCC Park Heights, Ycimej, and Krieger Schecter, as well as the fact that I rode the “Baltimore bus” to theHebrew Academy in Silver Spring. I grew up at 2317 Farringdon Road, living in the tough “ABC” streets.My father grew up with season tickets to the Colts (Zt’’l), and we have been diehard Orioles fans sincetime immemorial. The first memory I have of any sport is at an Orioles-Brewers game at MemorialStadium, and I’d wager there is nary a member of TDC who enjoys sipping on a Natty Boh as much as I.Truly I am Baltimore’s native son.Now, some naysayers might chime in and say “but Jacob, didn’t you move from Baltimore toSilver Spring at the young age of 11?” Alas, this is true. However, I always remained a true Balti-moronat heart. The move did lead to some confusion. Even to this day, when asked where I am from I will replysimply “Maryland”, and if pressed further I will say “Silver Spring and Baltimore”. I am thus torn andconfused as to where I identify with, split between the two options.My solution to this dilemma and my answer to those naysayers is my marriage to one of Baltimore’s own daughters, Hinda Kozlovsky. By marrying into a Baltimore family I feel that the ½ of myBaltimore identity which was missing has now been filled. Now both my past and my future lay inBaltimore. Previously I would have felt uncomfortable applying to take part in TDC, since I did notconsider myself a full Baltimorean, however, after my marriage to another Baltimore native I nowbelieve that the time has come.

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