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Veterans & Military Families Monthly News-July 2012.pdf

Veterans & Military Families Monthly News-July 2012.pdf

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Published by Matthew X. Hauser

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Published by: Matthew X. Hauser on Jul 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.
 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933
Veterans & MilitaryFamilies Monthly News
July 2012 Vol. 3 No. 7
In This Issue
Veterans Know Your Rights
Hire Heroes USA
Fisher House Expansion
Legion Applauds DODReview of PTSD
 Need a Ride
Wong to Congress: Pass a New Stolen Valor Act
Gulf War Syndrome
The Civil War 
Cost of Freedom Tribute
Veterans Health BenefitsHandbook 
PTSD Resources WhenYou Need Them
Legal Help For Veterans
Veterans Voices
House Bill Would HelpJob
Seeking Veterans
And much more…….
Good afternoon and thank you for reading, thismonth’s edition of the newsletter. We appreciate your involvement and continued support.
Remember, we have two online sources whereyou can read and offer comments on the current and previous editions of the newsletter. The newsletter is posted on Facebook through the group called
Veterans and Military Families Monthly News 
Check it out and join the group.Click hereto go directly to the page. (Keep in mind, you need a Facebook account to join; however, the documents can be viewedthrough the docs link toward the bottom of the pageeven without an account.)The second source for the online version of thenewsletter is the websitewww.scribd.com.This online source for the newsletter works in the same fashion as theFacebook page.Please let us know what you think, or if you haveany questions about the online sources. For those of youwho enjoy just receiving the email each month, we willcontinue to send it out. But we want to build the online presence as a way to reach out to more people.As always, thank you very much for reading. Our hope is to continue to expand the newsletter. For that, weneed your input. So, again, if anyone has any suggestionsfor topics to cover or wants to write their own piece, wewill gladly try to work it in. We hope you enjoy, and please share your feedback with us.
Thank you very much!
We would like to express our appreciation to all of the fighting men and women in the United States Military. Thank you for your service to this country.
VA Task Force Looks toEnlist More MentalHealth Clinicians
 Alex Horton (www.va.gov)
Back in April, VA
toincrease its national mental health care force by approxi-mately 1,600 mental health clinicians and nearly 300support staff, or an increase of about 10 percent. The boost was intended to cut down on
so thatVeterans could see a clinician as soon as possible.
an aggressive recruitmenteffort to get mental health professionals in the door. Ateam of 21 health care recruiters are on a national missionto bring in qualified physicians to facilities across thecountry, with an emphasis on rural and highly rural areas(places where it has been historically difficult to fullystaff health care workers).
The team works to fill vacancies across the coun-try using a variety of factors, like existing demand anddiversity of services that already exist at certain facilities.Since all members of the recruiting team are Veterans,they are qualified to help identify the particular needs anddemands of a given population, which helps VA use itsresources more efficiently and smartly.
Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.
 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933
Some Useful Links
Air Force Times
 Navy Times
Marine Corps Times
Army Times
Military Times
American Legion
Veterans of Foreign Wars
www.dav.org Department of Defense
www.dod.gov Military/Veterans Report
www.militray.com The Pentagon Channel
Veterans Administration
www.va.gov Military Order of the Purple Heart
If anyone has a sitethey would like to haveadded to this growing listplease let us know!Contact us anytimeatmhauser@migop.org
Also check out thecomplete list of links thatappear in this newsletteron the last page.
Thank you foryour Support!
The Veterans Health Administration anticipatesthe majority of hires will come aboard within six months.The “hard
fill” positions, like psychiatrists in ruralareas, are anticipated to be filled by the second half of fiscal year 2013.
To ensure a focused mission and proper oversight, a task force was established to help smooth outthe challenges that come with national, focused hiringinitiatives. The task force is accountable for reporting progress in hiring of mental health professionals in theseoccupations: psychiatrists, psychologists, mental healthnurses, social workers, mental health technicians,marriage and family therapists and licensed professionalcounselors.
If you’re a mental health provider and want toserve Veterans, we’d like to hear from you. Find outmore information and apply online at
VA Careers.Veter-ans interested in pursuing mental health care can go herefor their closest facility or Vet Center. For immediatehelp, call the
at 1
8255, or text 838255.
 From: The USO
In 2012, we'recalling on the brave menand women of our armedforces to make someincredible sacrifices inAfghanistan, Iraq, andremote locations aroundthe world. That means you and I need to makean extra effort to show our support.
One of the best ways to let our troopsknow that you've got their back is by support-ing the work of the USO.
Please Support and listen to “Frontlinesof Fredom” Military Talk Radio Hosted by Lt. Col. Denny Gillem. You can hear it every Saturday at 1p.m. on 1260 AMthe Pledge (Zeeland, MI), or by visitingthe website atwww.frontlinesoffreedom.com.  Or on Facebook byclicking here.  Thank you for your Support!
Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.
 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933
Where do words come from?
 From: John Hess
At one time manure was shipped as fertilizer.This was particularly true of sea bird guano. The guanowas found in great abundance on some islands. The product was mined and transported in the bottom of theholds of ships. Several of these ships had explosions dueto methane gas. In order to counter act this problem theholds were better ventilated and the product was shippedin containers with the marking; “
Veterans know your rights
Veterans do not have to pay to have an advocateapply for their benefits. You have the right to be repre-sented by an accredited organization or person in front of the Veterans administration. You do not have to go italone when applying for your benefits from the VeteransAdministration. Most counties in the State of Michiganhave a Veterans Counselor to advocate for you. Serviceorganizations (American Legion, Veterans of ForeignWars, Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans, and theMarine Corps League); also have representatives that willadvocate for you. In most cases the service organizationsand the county counselors work in concert for the veter-an. No matter who you pick as your representative youcannot be charged a fee. It is illegal for anyone to chargea fee for any of your initial applications for service bene-fits.The county counselors receive their pay from thecounty they represent. The service organization repre-sentatives receive their pay from their respective serviceorganizations. They are not supported financially by theVeterans Administration. Their job is to represent youthe Veteran. Their allegiance is to the VETERAN.
“Attorney’s and private agents”, retained withinone year of the first final BVA (Board of Veterans Ap- peals) decision are allowed to charge a “reasonable fee”to reopen a claim before the VARO (Veterans Admin-istration Regional Office) or move the BVA to reconsider its denial. Attorneys and others authorized to practice before the U. S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims areallowed to charge a “reasonable fee” to represent the Vet-eran.
If you start a benefit package with one veterancounselor and move or want to switch counselors youmay, by filing a one page form VA 21
22. If you startwith a private entity it is almost impossible to switch.The service organizations will also act on your  behalf in front of the above mentioned boards and courtsand do not charge a fee.
Veterans and current military service members
 A Note From: Lest We ForgetSpeakers Bureau
This notice fromLWF is to inform the reader of the development of a“Lest We Forget” Speaker’sBureau. Since our organiza-tion has conducted threeyearlong courses at LakeMichigan College, we havemany topics and many quali-fied speakers to presentinformation from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, andour involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.We have developed formats for school childrenof all ages, and for veteran’s organization. Whatever theevent we will gladly produce the correct format Wewould be glad to present any topic of interest to anygroup.
As coordinator, I will be glad to help with thechoices of presentations and help with planning.Gary C. Lulenski
Coordinator Speaker’s Bureau
Michigan RepublicanParty Facebook Page
Along with building thenewsletter’s Facebook page,which can be found by thelink above, the MichiganRepublican Party is buildingtheir page. If you would like join, pleaseclick here. 
Freedom is never more than one generationaway from extinction.
We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream.
It must be fought for, protected,and handed on for them to do the same.
~Ronald Reagan

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