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Rabbit Run Complete Works Cited

Rabbit Run Complete Works Cited



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Published by Jeremy Keeshin

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Published by: Jeremy Keeshin on Aug 03, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Complete Works CitedAnderson, Donald R. "Eccles redux.(John Updike's Rait sa!a."
 Journal of Modern  Literature
 #$.# (Winter #%%%& #()).
 Expanded Academic ASAP 
. *homson +ale. orth-estern Uniersit/ 0 C1C. $ 2ar. #%% 3http&445ind.!ale!roup.com4itx4in5omark.do67content8et91AC0Documents7t/pe9retriee7ta1D9*%%#7prod1d9EA127doc1d9A:%;:#)<#7source9!ale7user+roupame9north-estern7ersion9).%=.>aile/, ?eter J. Rait (UnRedeemed& *he Drama o5 >elie5 in John Updike@s iction. 2adison& arlei!h Dickinson Uniersit/ ?ress, #%%;. >os-ell, 2arshall. John Updike@s Rait *etralo!/& 2astered 1ron/ in 2otion. Colomia, 2B & Uniersit/ o5 2issouri ?ress, #%%). >roer, a-rence R. Rait *ales& ?oetr/ and ?olitics in John Updike@s Rait oels. *uscaloosa& *he Uniersit/ o5 Alaama ?ress, ):.leischauer, John . John Updike@s ?rose 8t/le& De5inition at the ?eripher/ o5 2eanin!.F CritiGue& 8tudies in Contemporar/ iction Hol. III. iterature Resource Center. orth-estern Uniersit/ i., Eanston, 1. $ 2arch #%% 3http&44---.!ale!roup.com=.
eddendor5, Daid. "Rait Reread."
The Southern Review
 ;. (8ummer #%%%& ;$).
 Expanded Academic ASAP 
. *homson +ale. orth-estern Uniersit/ 0 C1C. $ 2ar. #%% 3http&445ind.!ale!roup.com4itx4in5omark.do67content8et91AC0Documents7t/pe9retriee7ta1D9*%%#7prod1d9EA127doc1d9A;:%#7source9!ale7user+roupame9north-estern7ersion9).%=.unter, Je55re/ W., ed. Contemporar/ iterar/ Criticism. Hol. ). Deatroit& +ale +roup, 1nc., #%%).
Keener, Brian. John Updike’s Human Comedy: Comic Morality in the Centaur and the Rabbit o!els. e" #ork: $eter %an&, '(().
ee, ermione. *he *roule With arr/.F *he e- Repulic Hol. #%. iterature Resource Center. orth-estern Uniersit/ i., Eanston, 1. $ 2arch #%% 3http&44---.!ale!roup.com=. otto, 2ark. >od/ eat.F ation #% Decemer #%%$. iterature Resource Center.  orth-estern Uniersit/ i., Eanston, 1. $ 2arch #%% 3http&44---.!ale!roup.com=.
%yons, Richard. *+ Hi&h . -.
 Minnesota Review Spring 
, /01/: 23)430. Rpt. in John Updike: 5he Critical Responses to the *Rabbit 6a&a. Jack 7e Bellis. 8estport, C5: $rae&er, '((). /49.Matu, Ro&er, ed. Contemporary %iterary Criticism. ;ol. <(. 7etroit: =ale Research >nc., /00'.eary, John. 6omethin& and othin&ness: 5he ?iction o@ John Updike A John ?o"les. Carbondale, >%: 6outhern >llinois Uni!ersity $ress, /00'.
 e-man, Judie. "Updike's !olden oldies& rait as spectacular man.(John Updike(Rait at Rest(Critical Essa/."
 Essays and Studies
 #%%< (Annual #%%<& )#().
 Expanded Academic ASAP 
. *homson +ale. orth-estern Uniersit/ 0 C1C. $ 2ar. #%% 3http&445ind.!ale!roup.com4itx4in5omark.do67content8et91AC0Documents7t/pe9retriee7ta1D9*%%#7prod1d9EA127doc1d9A):;%7source9!ale7user+roupame9north-estern7ersion9).%=.

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