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TOEFL VocabTest

TOEFL VocabTest

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Published by: Chiều Biển Vắng on Jul 02, 2012
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DevelopiDevelopiDevelopiDevelopingskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)gskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)gskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)gskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)– –– –VocabVocabVocabVocabTest Test Test Test&AnswerKey &AnswerKey &AnswerKey &AnswerKey
Chapter 1
Chapter 1-1A. Choose the best word to fill in the blank.
1. Abstract concepts like happiness or love are difficult to , even though peoplegenerally know what they mean.(A) maintain (B) define (C) approve (D) transmit2. There are many differences between the northern and southern regions of Canada.(A) infectious (B) transactional (C) curious (D) geographical3. The of a new language can be very challenging.(A) acquisition (B) difference (C) notoriety (D) linguist4. conversations are essentially about exchange, a tossing back and forth of ideasand reactions.(A) transactional (B) habitual (C) geographical (D) significant5. It is not surprising for a to speak more than three different languages.(A) scientist (B) linguist (C) artist (D) photographer
B. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined word?
6. She manipulated the situation to gain the attention of her teacher.(A) helped (B) ignored (C) stopped (D) altered7. His habitual drunkenness caused him to be denied citizenship in his new country.(A) accidental (B) regular (C) particular (D) temporary8. When the initial project failed, the team formulated a new plan to present to the CEO.(A) developed (B) discussed (C) proposed (D) transferred9. It is obvious that he does not want to come to work today.(A) unclear (B) rumored (C) evident (D) habitual
DevelopiDevelopiDevelopiDevelopingskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)gskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)gskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)gskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)– –– –VocabVocabVocabVocabTest Test Test Test&AnswerKey &AnswerKey &AnswerKey &AnswerKey
 210. The exchange student transferred his accent to the other students.(A) defined (B) fused (C) borrowed (D) passed on
Chapter 1-2A. Choose the best word to fill in the blank.1.
His mother was a tennis player in the 1930s.
(A) curious (B) sheer (C) legendary (D) difficult
the income generated from his business, he receives money from the government.(A) Because of (B) Aside from (C) In general (D) Including
The of the refugees in their host country was aided by a creative training program.(A) assimilation (B) capture (C) occupation (D) supply
Her success was due to determination and will power.(A) uncertain (B) sentimental (C) false (D) sheer
I recommend this dish. It's a of Japanese, Thai, and Chinese food.
(A) division (B) fusion (C) language (D) capture
B. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined word?6.
The new President is esteemed by the majority of the population.(A) disliked (B) elected (C) ignored (D) respected
The former vice president has been promoting better environmental policies to prevent globalwarming.(A) encouraging (B) criticizing (C) enforcing (D) trying
His notoriety gave him easy access to all of the most popular restaurants and clubs.
(A) assistant (B) fame (C) conduct (D) personality
Air pollution greatly contributes to global warming.
(A) reduces (B) allows (C) aids (D) prevents
DevelopiDevelopiDevelopiDevelopingskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)gskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)gskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)gskillsfortheTOEFLiBT(Listening)– –– –VocabVocabVocabVocabTest Test Test Test&AnswerKey &AnswerKey &AnswerKey &AnswerKey
The climate of the Earth varies significantly from North to South and according to elevation.(A) uniquely (B) slightly (C) greatly (D) randomly
Chapter 1-3A. Choose the best word to fill in the blank.1.
The would not let the foreigner enter the country.(A) linguists (B) information (C) authorities (D) sentiment
I couldn't find or directions when I went on a holiday to Bangladesh.(A) criticism (B) information (C) visitors (D) input
After the bombing, anti-American swept through the country.(A) authority (B) notoriety (C) appreciates (D) sentiments
We're listen carefully during the lecture.(A) figure to (B) appreciate to (C) definitely (D) supposed to
The of this task is to teach independence.(A) purpose (B) information (C) authorities (D) input
B. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined word?6.
I definitely do not want to work on a maggot farm.(A) probably (B) presently (C) previously (D) decidedly
Even though you're curious, it may be better not to try to find out.(A) inquisitive (B) bored (C) intelligent (D) uninterested
I figure it will take about an hour to drive to the lake.(A) hear (B) shape (C) suppose (D) determine
I appreciate my mother taking care of me so many times.(A) hate (B) value (C) praise (D) deny

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