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Published by ABARAJ

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Published by: ABARAJ on Jul 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A college student has to go to a particular school to pursue education andto acquire knowledge and skills in a specific field in preparation for a certain jobafter graduation for his or her future. It is believe that having a good job is a wayof securing the future and if the job is related to the field of specialization, thegraduate could be a productive citizen.Nowadays, different schools and universities offer course, are designedand developed in accordance with the needs and demand of the labor market inorder that the graduates would have a greater and wider job opportunities.One of the paramount roles of the universities is to prepare people to getemployed especially ion their own field of specialization in order to gain entry inthe world of the work.Today, medical and technological colleges and universities wereestablished in the Philippines concerned with providing highly specialized skillssufficient to manage and to meet the demands of the labor market. One of this isIligan Medical Center College (IMCC). The College of Nursing Midwifery and
Health Aid has been reaching that goal ever since the beginning of producingproductive graduates of the course Bachelor of Science in Nursing.Expectedly, after graduation the Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduateswould have a bright opportunity for employment along their field of specialization.This motivated the researchers to conduct this study to find out if thesegraduates were able to secure jobs related to their field of specialization at ashort time.
Theoretical Framework
The members of the research team believe that the Theory of LeonardoEvangelista pertaining to Employability is enough to support the speculations of the researchers of this study. This theory states that employability is the value of the person to the labor market in relation to a specific occupation. It depends on1.) The relationship between the supply and demand for that occupation. 2.)Unchangeable personal factors such as age, gender, physique, health,personality, belonging to a particular group which attracts government incentivesfor employees. 3.) Changeable personal factors such as knowledge andtechnical ability, flexibility and looking after oneself.The concept of this study is also in conjunction with AbrahamMaslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This concepts states that individuals will go stagesof needs in order achieve self-esteem. There are 5 needs identified by AbrahamMaslow. First is the Physiologic Needs followed by the Safety and Security
Needs followed by Love and Belonging Needs followed by Self-Actualization andfollowed lastly by Self-Esteem.In relation of this concept to this study, the researchers believe that peoplewho are still looking for jobs may have lack or still didn’t achieved the last stageof the hierarchy and that is Self-esteem. Because of this situation that theythemselves don’t want this to come upon them, people who are jobless maysuffer self-esteem.

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