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Exploring Courtroom Discourse Ch1

Exploring Courtroom Discourse Ch1

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Published by Evelina_Krasav_7422

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Published by: Evelina_Krasav_7422 on Jul 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chae 1
laae, pwe ad C C Dce
Ae Wae ad le Che
laae  a wef  f ca aa ad edc. lc
utterances are widely used or abused in court for the benet of the defense or 
acca. thh he ve, gffa’ “face-wk” (f exae, 1959) he vbe k. i gffa’ (1967) e, face  a ak ha chaedeed  he adece ad he vaey f ca eac ad  he aef he ef ha  eeed. oday, aeace f face  a cd f eac,   bjecve (gffa, 1967, 12). Ehaz he cveay
on the one hand, and the diversication on the other hand, “face-work,” according
 gffa (1967, 12),  :
deae he ac ake by a e  ake whaeve he  d cewh face. Face-wk eve  ceac ‘cde’—ha , eve wheeffecve ybc ca heae face. … Whehe   he fceqece f face-av ac ae kw  he e wh eyhe, hey fe bece haba ad adadzed acce …. Each e,bce, ad cey ee  have  w chaacec eee f face-av acce.
He ee he aay ad dead f e-ay  he ca wdad fce h ae  he c-cy f day fe wh a ae ace he ea behd va way f ac  dffee ca a.Accd  gffa (1959, 1961), he dae day eac ca beaached f a bad ca faewk:
The self … is not an organic thing that has a specic location, whose fundamental
fae   be b,  ae ad de;   a daac effec a dffey fa cee ha  eeed …. (1959, 252–3).the ef … ca be ee a eh ha ede  he aaee eva a ca ye f  ebe. the ef  h ee   a ey f hee  wh   abed, b dwe ahe  he ae f ca cha  exeed  cec wh he e by hef ad he ad h.
 Exploring Courtroom Discourse
2th eca kd f a aaee de   ch  he ef a ced . (1961, 168).
Besides the social reection of the self, there are some face saving techniques
ha eabh dace bewee a dead a ad he ef. H face heyhe   hae ad c he e we ake  he (adece) 
order to inuence their reactions and offers an alternative conception of the self 
a a aec f ca ad ca aaee. i he wd, we ha ayae  he vbe k bewee f ae ad back ae (gffa1959). the e-ec eac bewee he w ae eabe   eback f a bjecve eay ad ybze ace, ad heefe he  dead he e-ec ea bewee he day ad dvda acve ae a ca ce ad cee f we ad c  ave dce cy. thee e w be wdey dced  h ve.
Part I: Power and Control in Language
ma he c f we ad c  he c eqa a eeaf c eace ad he e ad abe. th eea f aw a  cbe  he cha eed f ay ached fc, kehe f jde, awye, ea  cze. i pa i, he cb whhh ha cca (veba  veba)  a eeqe f eacf aw ad we  he c.Bak e (1990/91):
Whe ee eak f he eah bewee aw ad “c,” hey eaaw’ eah  he ay dffee f f we—ecc, ca,ca, ca, ay ad echca—ha aw ca, eabe aae. they a ea he dea, dee ad ae ha ee e jfy hee f f we. “pc” efe  ee’ ca vad  he vae ha hey wa  eaze  ecze  bc fe. B  aefe  he we  eaze  ecze he vae ad v. s whe ecde he eah bewee “aw ad c” e  a eeed  heqe f aw ad we—hw ee jfy ad eae we decy decy hh aw. Ad e  a acc f aw’ w ehdf fea  w we, whehe  be hh ea cce, ea
institutions, legal culture, legal education, legal ofcers, or the legal profession
a ch. i ay cae, aw   y c; ahe   a y aced f dce ab we ad f he exece f we.
i Chae 2, “udead C Cca hh Casc,” K mcCa ehaze he way  whch he c webaace f he c eeae he ca exeece f ide
 Language, Power and Control in Courtroom Discourse
ee  Aaa day. By ea c cca a a aae f ea ce, he ah excy avd he kd f vae jde hae  ave a whe aayz he eey aca e ha baefe ake f aae. iead, mcCa fce  defy ad ex hec a ha de he adveaa ce, acay exhe c f cca  he c ad hw  ae aay f hece f he aw. i h chae he ah e w a: (1)  hhha be f ay aed ee ha de c cca,ad (2)  e a ehd by whch he ee ca be exaed  ayee ee he c, cd l2 eake f Eh ad -Eheake. t acheve h, K mcCa e a  f c-ca ccaed he “ca c.”i Chae 3, “Wee  ta: Adde ad refe te  us Cae,”saah Deewae be by dc ea ad c backd eeva
to courtroom discourse. She then explains her choices for nding data through
ehahy  DC c, evew wh w us aey ad a cee
transcript from a federal case in Texas. Her ndings focus on results from the DC
ehahy ad he a ac, wh he evew daa efc fac ad
hypotheses. These ndings indicate how witnesses can be treated differently based
 he exeece ad cf wh he c,  adde e adefe exe a a “way ”  eac ad cedby.i Chae 4, “(Fae) Cfe Bece Ce a ta,” ga
Grebler looks at several high-prole US cases built on confession evidence to
ee hw aey aae hee ak. Accd  he, he e f a ceea   e a ad  cfe  a ce. Cfe havebee caed “he qee f f,” ad hey ce ade wh ca ad aea. pec eackae cfe aecay ad evey,  af cee f aave devce. the e   vde j wh achee, daac ad ce acc f he cfe. Defee aeyhave  a j wh eh kwede f  evaae whehe   hecfe  eabe ad why, ad wh kwede f he way hcfe cd be fae.i Chae 5, “the re f meadce  Ce’ Qe,” svaCavae fce  he e f eadce  ce’ qe d hewe exaa, cde  aca he cae f bc qe  heuK. she dce he fc f bh exa ad eea eadce he eaza f awye’ aeave aee  bd  effecve qe he w hae f he we exaa, aey he exaa--chef adhe c-exaa. i aca, h chae a  decbe hw ceex he eadcve feae  c bh he f ad he deaace f he exchae hh exa eadce, a we a he weeah wh he we hh eea eadce. the ehw ha eadce cee he aeave aey ed by awye

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