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TheComingChinaCrisis 10-06-2011 (1)

TheComingChinaCrisis 10-06-2011 (1)

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Published by Simon Louie

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Published by: Simon Louie on Jul 03, 2012
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 The Coming China Crisis | By Bert Dohmen
www.dohmencapital.com | E-mail: ofce@dohmencapital.com | 1
You’ve probably seen Bert Dohmen on CNBC, or Neil Cavuto’sshow on FOX News, Louis Rukeyer’s Wall Street Week or readhis views in Barron’s, the
Wall Street Journal 
Investor’s Business Daily 
Business Week 
, etc. Over the past 33 years, he has been afavorite speaker at the largest investment conferences. His trackrecord of accurate and sometimes uncanny forecasts have givenhim a world-wide reputation for accuracy and amazing insights.Bert Dohmen founded the Dohmen Capital Research Group
in 1977. The rm’s investment advisory services have receivedawards of excellence, as well as #1 ratings. Dohmen Capital’s only
business is to analyze the major global investment markets for thebest opportunities, and then issue forecasts to its clients. There is
no conict of interest, no axe to grind, and no compulsion to just
be bullish. The words “sell” or “sell short” are used frequently.Over the past 33 years, the forecasts have frequently calledimportant market tops and bottoms within one or two days. Andthat is documented.Bert Dohmen has forecasted every bear market and every 
recession. He has shown his clients how to prot from adversity.
He uses sophisticated technical analysis for his timing. Thisdiscipline measures the change in the supply/demand equationfor an investment or an index over different time periods. Logically,only a change in supply/demand can change the price of a stockor the trend of the market.
 The Coming China Crisis | By Bert Dohmen
www.dohmencapital.com | E-mail: ofce@dohmencapital.com | 2
 The rm’s eight services include Bert Dohmen’s WELLINGTON
LETTER, now in its 34th year, SMARTE TRADER for short termstock
traders, the CURRENCY PRIVATE PORTFOLIO and several
other services for investors and traders which have enabled them
to prot from the markets, whether bull or bear.He is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BUSINESSECONOMISTS and the MARKET TECHNICIANS ASSOCIATION.
Bert Dohmen has been warning about the immense futureproblems of China while virtually all analysts have been preachingabout the great opportunities of investing in China. Once again,Bert Dohmen is in the very small minority, just as he was in March
2000 when he wrote that a market crash was ahead, (it was theexact top of that the internet bubble), and in 2007 when he wrote
the book PRELUDE TO MELTDOWN, predicting that the globe
would see market crashes similar to 1929 the following year.
Dohmen’s work shows that the big surprise forinvestors will be when they realize that what was assumed to bethe long term driving force for the global economies, is havingits own economic crisis. China was the locomotive of the globaleconomies,
the nancing mechanism for the immense US debt,the source
of incredible demand for commodities and oil, and theeconomic power of Asia.Bert Dohmen is not a “perma-bear,” someone who is always
negative on the markets, predicting the end of the world. In fact,

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