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Scotland GDP Publication

Scotland GDP Publication

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Published by apusz

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Published by: apusz on Jul 03, 2012
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Statistical Bulletin
Economy Series
A National Statistics Publication For ScotlandDate:
18 January 2012Scottish Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in constant basic prices grew by 0.5 per centduring the third quarter of 2011.The Services sector grew by 0.9 per cent. Production sector output fell by 0.1 per centoverall, with manufacturing growing by 0.9 per cent. Construction sector output fell by1.2 per cent.On an annual basis, comparing the most recent four quarters to the previous fourquarters (4Q-on-4Q), GDP grew by 0.9 per cent.
GDP Growth Rates 2007-2011 Q3
-2.0-1.5-1.0- Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q32007 2008 2009 2010 2011Quarter on quarter percentage change
GDP at constant basic pricesPercentage change: latest quarter on previous quarter (seasonally adjusted)
Total GDPProductionConstructionServices2010
Q1 +0.5 -0.7 +5.1 +0.4Q2 +1.2 +2.0 +8.1 +0.4Q3 +0.3 -0.1 +6.3 -0.2Q4 -0.4 -0.5 -1.4 -0.2
Q1 +0.2 +0.9 -1.8 +0.3Q2 +0.2 +1.6 -1.3 +0.1Q3 +0.5 -0.1 -1.2 +0.9
GDP Analysed by Industry Sector
Scottish GDP in constant basic prices, which is also known as Gross Value Added(GVA), grew by 0.5 per cent during the third quarter of 2011, following growth of 0.2 percent in 2011 Q2. On an annual basis (4Q-on-4Q), GDP grew by 0.9 per cent in the latestquarter, compared to 1.3 per cent in 2011 Q2.Services sector output grew by 0.9 per cent over the quarter, and grew 0.3 per cent onan annual basis (4Q-on-4Q). Production sector output fell by 0.1 per cent over thequarter, and grew by 1.7 per cent annually. Construction sector output fell 1.2 per centover the quarter, and grew by 5.9 per cent annually.
Output - chained volume measure2007 = 100
808590951001051102007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Total GVA Services Production Construction
The largest overall contribution to growth was from Services, mostly due to stronggrowth in business services & finance. There was also growth in the distribution, hotels& catering and a small increase in government & other services sectors.Total Production sector output showed negative growth, where strong growth inmanufacturing was outweighed by a fall in the electricity, gas & water supply sectorfollowing strong growth in the previous quarter. Falling Construction sector output alsomade a negative contribution to overall growth.
Sector contributions to total GDP growth
-0.2- Construction Distribution,Hotels &CateringTransportStorage &CommunicationBusinessServices &FinanceGovernment &Other Services2011 Q2 2011 Q3
Percentage Points
Index of Production
ProductionQuarterly Growth Rates
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Total production output fell by 0.1 percent during 2011 Q3, following growthof 1.6 per cent in the previous quarter.Manufacturing output grew by 0.9 percent. The main contributors to thisgrowth were Food and Drink, Metals &Fabricated Metal Products, andEngineering & Allied Industries. Themost significant fall this quarter was inthe Chemicals sector.Output in Mining and Quarrying grewby 0.8 per cent, following decline of 6.1per cent in the previous quarter.Electricity, Gas & Water Supply outputfell by 5.0 per cent in the latest quarter,following growth of 11.9 per cent 2011Q2.
ConstructionQuarterly Growth Rates
-6%-4%-2%0%2%4%6%8%10%2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
 Index of Construction
Construction output fell 1.2 per centduring 2011 Q3, following a decline of1.3 per cent in 2011 Q2.
Distribution, Hotels & CateringQuarterly Growth Rates
-2%-1%0%1%2%3%2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
 Distribution, Hotels and Catering
Output in Distribution, Hotels andCatering grew 0.7 per cent followinggrowth of 1.3 per cent in the previousquarter.The strongest growth was in Hotels &Catering, with growth also seen in theRetail & Wholesale sector.3

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