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Leadership and Management Questions

Leadership and Management Questions

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Published by: Maria Kristina Jezelle Abuan on Jul 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Katherine is a young Unit Manager of the Pediatric Ward. Most of her staff nurses are senior to her, very articulate, confident and sometimes aggressive.Katherine feels uncomfortable believing that she is the scapegoat of everything that goes wrong in her department. Which of the following is thebest action that she must take?
1.Identify the source of the conflict and understand the points of friction2.Disregard what she feels and continue to work independently3.Seek help from the Director of Nursing4.Quit her job and look for another employment.
2. As a young manager, she knows that conflict occurs in any organization.Which of the following statements regarding conflict is NOT true?
1.Can be destructive if the level is too high2.Is not beneficial; hence it should be prevented at all times3.May result in poor performance4.May create leaders
3. Katherine tells one of the staff, “I don’t have time to discuss the matterwith you now. See me in my office later” when the latter asks if they can talkabout an issue. Which of the following conflict resolution strategies did sheuse?
4. Kathleen knows that one of her staff is experiencing burnout. Which of thefollowing is the best thing for her to do?
1.Advise her staff to go on vacation.2.Ignore her observations; it will be resolved even without intervention3.Remind her to show loyalty to the institution.4.Let the staff ventilate her feelings and ask how she can be of help.
5. She knows that performance appraisal consists of all the followingactivities EXCEPT:
1.Setting specific standards and activities for individual performance.2.Using agency standards as a guide.3.Determine areas of strength and weaknesses4.Focusing activity on the correction of identified behavior.
6. Which of the following statements is NOT true about performanceappraisal?
1.Informing the staff about the specific impressions of their work help improvetheir performance.2.A verbal appraisal is an acceptable substitute for a written report3.Patients are the best source of information regarding personnel appraisal.4.The outcome of performance appraisal rests primarily with the staff.
7. There are times when Katherine evaluates her staff as she makes her dailyrounds. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of conducting an informalappraisal?
1.The staff member is observed in natural setting.2.Incidental confrontation and collaboration is allowed.3.The evaluation is focused on objective data systematically.4.The evaluation may provide valid information for compilation of a formalreport.
8. She conducts a 6-month performance review session with a staff member.Which of the following actions is appropriate?
1.She asks another nurse to attest the session as a witness.2.She informs the staff that she may ask another nurse to read the appraisalbefore the session is over.3.She tells the staff that the session is manager-centered.4.The session is private between the two members.
9. Alexandra is tasked to organize the new wing of the hospital. She wasgiven the authority to do as she deems fit. She is aware that the director of nursing has substantial trust and confidence in her capabilities,communicates through downward and upward channels and usually uses theideas and opinions of her staff. Which of the following is her style of management?
1.Benevolent authoritative2.Consultative3.Exploitive-authoritative4.Participative
10. She decides to illustrate the organizational structure. Which of thefollowing elements is NOT included?
1.Level of authority2.Lines of communication3.Span of control4.Unity of direction
11. She plans of assigning competent people to fill the roles designed in thehierarchy. Which process refers to this?
12. She checks the documentary requirements for the applicants for staff nurse position. Which one is NOT necessary?
1.Certificate of previous employment2.Record of related learning experience (RLE)3.Membership to accredited professional organization4.Professional identification card
13. Which phase of the employment process includes getting on the payrolland completing documentary requirements?
14. She tries to design an organizational structure that allows communicationto flow in all directions and involve workers in decision making. Which formof organizational structure is this?
15. In a horizontal chart, the lowest level worker is located at the
1.Left most box2.Middle3.Right most box4.Bottom
16. She decides to have a decentralized staffing system. Which of thefollowing is an advantage of this system of staffing?
1.greater control of activities2.Conserves time3.Compatible with computerization4.Promotes better interpersonal relationship
17. Aubrey thinks about primary nursing as a system to deliver care. Which of the following activities is NOT done by a primary nurse?
1.Collaborates with the physician2.Provides care to a group of patients together with a group of nurses3.Provides care for 5-6 patients during their hospital stay.4.Performs comprehensive initial assessment
18. Which pattern of nursing care involves the care given by a group of paraprofessional workers led by a professional nurse who take care of patients with the same disease conditions and are located geographicallynear each other?
1.Case method2.Modular nursing3.Nursing case management4.Team nursing
19. St. Raphael Medical Center just opened its new PerformanceImprovement Department. Ms. Valencia is appointed as the Quality ControlOfficer. She commits herself to her new role and plans her strategies torealize the goals and objectives of the department. Which of the following is aprimary task that they should perform to have an effective control system?

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