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Holosync Meditation Special Report

Holosync Meditation Special Report

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Published by snowmonki

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Published by: snowmonki on Jul 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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D E V E L O P M E N T A L • T O O L S • F O R • S E L F • M A S T E R Y
would like to begin our journeytogether by acknowledging andapplauding your search for personaland spiritual improvement andgrowth. My personal belief is that itis possible for
to live a life of happiness, inner peace, andoutward success, no matter whattheir present or pastcircumstances.What is more, thereare very real methods anyone canuse to achieve these things—if theyare willing to make the necessarychanges in how they see themselvesand their relationship to the rest of the world, and take the necessaryactions.
ecause a sound technology thatcreates the same patterns in the brainas deep meditation is a major tool inThe Holosync Solution, let’s begin by examining the philosophicalroots of meditation. People of allreligions and philosophical pointsof view have practiced prayer andmeditation, in one form or another,for thousands of years. Perhaps inthis ancient wisdom there issomething we can use to guide us,even today.
ll traditions of meditation flowfrom one premise: that the entireuniverse is made of one all-encompassing energy, intelligentand aware, existing forever as thesource of everything. Because thereis nothing outside of it, say themystics, because of its completeness,this energy has nothing to get orneed, nothing to fear. Simply because it is its nature to do so, thisone energy continually spins itself 
what we call the beginningis often the end,and to make an end is tomake a beginning.the end is where westart from.the end of all our exploringwill be to arrivewhere we startand know the place for the first time.
t.s. elliot
The HolosyncSolution
 by Bill Harris, DirectorCenterpointe Research Institute
out as the entire, infinite universe.The very nature of this energy, it issaid, is contentment, love, peace,happiness, and perfection.
he totality of this energy, say themystics, is who you really are; yourseeming separateness, an illusion.Saints and sages have for centuriesattempted to describe to humankinda state of awareness where thisfeeling of oneness with everythingin the universe is the predominantexperience. For thousands of years,curious seekers have responded tothese explanations by asking “If Iam this one, infinite energy, the beginningless and endless totalityof everything, if I really am Loveitself, then why do I feel so bad?Why do I have so many problems?Why don’t I feel the peace andhappiness you say is my truenature?” And the mystic invariablywould answer, “You do notexperience your true nature becauseof your mind. Your mind keeps youfrom the experience of what trulyis.”
e, of course, know today that thisis true—the mind does indeed act asa filter, coloring our view of reality just as colored glasses give anillusory tint to what we see. As wegrow up, our brain is programmedthat some things cause pain andshould be avoided, while others bring pleasure and should besought. Unfortunately, many of these early associations are true onlyin our limited family situations.Expressing certain feelings may bring us pain in our family circle, but out in the rest of the world, theinability to express feelings is inmost cases severely limiting. Sinceour brains tend to focus on only onething at a time, we tend to only seethose situations and draw into ourlives those people who confirm theillusion that it is unsafe to openlyexpress our feelings. Our brain willalways filter reality so as to confirmthat its predominant beliefs andassociations are the truth. Nowonder we don’t see the universe of love and harmony described bysaints and mystics!
ystical explanations of the originof the universe shed further light onthis problem. These explanationsstate that the one energy of reality,at the moment of creation, polarizeditself into a seeming duality—goodand evil, male and female, up anddown, here and there and all otherpairs of seeming opposites. Thisduality, however, is more apparentthan real. In each pair of opposites,each part is dependent on the otherfor its existence, like two sides of the same coin. “Cold” is meaninglesswithout “hot”; “good” makes nosense without “bad”. According tothe mystical philosophies of theEast, it is the tension between thesepairs of opposites, in your mind,that actually causes the universe tomanifest.
his tension between opposites isalso reflected in the human brain.The brain, divided into twohemispheres, right and left, has thesame dual structure—made moreacute by the fact that in virtually all
D E V E L O P M E N T A L • T O O L S • F O R • S E L F • M A S T E R Y
other is alternately dominant overthe other, depending upon the task  being performed, advancedmeditators seemed to develop theability to use their whole brain andto live in a more balanced statecharacterized by brainsynchronization and whole brainfunctioning.This and other research hasdemonstrated that this balancing,or synchronization, of thehemispheres of the brain happensin all forms of meditation. Thedegree of hemisphericsynchronization can be veryprecisely determined by measuringthe meditator’s brain wave patternswith an electroencephalograph(EEG) machine.
hen the brain is very lateralized(one hemisphere being verydominant over the other), the brainwaves are in what is called the betarange. This is the brain wavefunction of normal wakingconsciousness characterized byexternal attention. At the extremesof the beta range one feels stressed-out, uncomfortable, and (literally)out of sync. Dysfunctional andaddictive behaviors, neurosis, andfeelings of separation—in otherwords, all the extremes of duality —are common experiences when the brain is in the extremes of the betarange.
f the brain begins to synchronize, if the two sides of the brain begin tocommunicate more, theseexperiences begin to dissipate andthe brain finally moves into an alpha brain wave state. This is a state of pre-sleep/pre-waking drowsinessor, if one remains alert, lightmeditation. Ironically, alpha is alsoa state of increased focus; it is in thealpha state, for instance, thatlearning, including so-called “superlearning,” takes place.
f synchronization continues, onenext enters a theta brain wave state,the state of dreaming sleep, or if alertness is maintained, a deepmeditation. Theta is also the brainwave state of heightened creativity.The “ah-ha” experience of suddenlymaking a creative connection isaccompanied by bursts of thetawaves in the brain.
f the brain synchronizes still furtherone finally enters the delta brainwave state, ordinarily a state of deep, dreamless sleep, but also, if one can maintain alertness, a stateof extremely deep meditation.Finally, in the deepest part of thedelta range, the two sides of the brain become so balanced that anytension between opposites istranscended. At this point thenormal conscious mind is bypassedand the “transcendental” experienceof oneness and harmony with theentire universe is revealed.
ny kind of focusing will bringabout a degree of brainsynchronization (i.e. meditation).The greater the focus, the greaterthe synchronization (and the deeperthe meditative state). The mystic,then, sitting to meditate, balancesthe brain through some form of focusing, whether by repeating aprayer or mantra, keeping theattention on the flow of the breath,staring at a candle flame, or by usingone of many other techniques.Whatever the technique, the effecton the brain is substantially thesame—brain synchronization, andafter much practice, transcendentalexperience. As the meditatorfocuses, he or she moves from a beta brain wave state into an alpha state.After many years of disciplinedpractice the meditator gains enoughexperience to begin accessing thedeeper theta brain wave state (andwith still more practice, the deltapeople the two hemispheres areunbalanced, a state called brainlateralization. Since the brain filtersour reality in this split-brain way,we tend to see things in terms of duality rather than the onenessspoken of by mystics. If the braincould somehow learn to operate ina more coherent, holistic manner, if the two sides of the brain couldsomehow balance, interact more,and function as one, then possiblyour experience of reality would bedifferent.
ur childhood associations andprogramming may tell us what toseek or avoid in order to gainpleasure or avoid pain, but at aneven deeper level the dual structureof our brain tells us that we are partof a world of separation, that we aresomehow separate from and inopposition to the rest of the world.The more lateralization in the brain(in other words, the more tension between polar opposites) the morefeelings of separation, fear, anxiety,and isolation. In fact, as we shallsee, only a lateralized brain cancontinue to entertain the types of  beliefs that result in dysfunctionaland addictive behaviors and thepainful feelings that accompanythem.
odern brain research indicatesthat long-term meditation does infact balance the brain, creating asynchrony between the twohemispheres. Many researchershave studied this phenomenon overthe last twenty years. One suchresearcher, Dr. Charles Stroebel,Ph.D., M.D., director of the Institutefor Advanced Studies in BehavioralMedicine, performed a series of experiments on meditators duringthe 1970s. He discovered thatelectrical brain wave patterns of meditators changed, in periods of deep meditation, to a single,coherent pattern, indicating that both sides of the brain — ordinarilyout of phase — were workingtogether in a balanced, synchronousmanner. While in the vast majorityof people one hemisphere or the
If the two sides of the braincould somehow learn tooperate in a more holisticmanner, interact more, andfunction as one thenperhaps our experience ofreality would be different.
D E V E L O P M E N T A L • T O O L S • F O R • S E L F • M A S T E R Y
deep emotional healing and rapid brain evolution we are interestedin, spontaneously occurs.Meditators invariably find,whatever their technique, that thefeeling of peace, well-being, andsuper-alertness gained duringmeditation fades rather quickly,often within minutes. This happens because the belief systems that tellus we are separate and not okayimmediately begin to reassertthemselves, causing the brain toreturn to a less synchronized (andtherefore less expanded) state of awareness. As the brain re-lateralizes (one of the twohemispheres again becomingdominant over the other) endorphinproduction dramatically decreasesand the feeling of well-being fadeswith it.
hy does this re-lateralization of the brain take place? Why is thepeace, happiness, andconnectedness that appears whenthe brain is balanced so difficult tosustain? Current research into thenature of the mind, and, in fact, intothe very nature of the universe itself,indicates that the universe may benothing more than a giant hologramcreated by the mind. Holograms,you may know, are three-dimensional images projected intospace with the aid of a laser.According to this theory (espoused by, among others, David Bohm, aprotege of Einstein’s and a world-famous quantum physicist; KarlPribram of Stanford University andone of the world’s most famousneurophysicists; and Stanislav Grof,professor of psychiatry at JohnHopkins Medical School and theoriginator of the HolotropicBreathwork process) the universeyou see and experience is but aholographic image created by thepatterns of belief in the subconsciousand unconscious areas of the mind.
ince at a fundamental level weshare many common subconsciousand unconscious beliefs, speciallythose of the collective unconscious,the universes we individually create brain wave state) and begins to enjoythe experience of transcendental,expanded awareness.
o just what is this transcendentalawareness? Is it becoming some kindof a blob of undifferentiated goothat wants to sit and stare at itsnavel instead of going to work inthe morning, or some kind of robed,smiling person handing out flowersin the airport? Contrary to commonWestern mythology about suchthings, persons operatingcontinually in this type of awareness(a kind of 24-hour-a-day state of meditative alertness sometimesreferred to as “the awakened mind”)are more productive, happier,capable of more intimacy, morecreativity, and more wholeness.Since the filter through which theyview reality does not spliteverything in to categories based onarbitrary early life programming,they see life more objectively,without fear and judgment, withouta need to manipulate others, withoutneed for approval—in short,without the limitations of mentalprogramming. This is, in fact, a stateof peak performance. And, whenthe brain is in this highlysynchronous and coherent state, itproduces large quantities of pleasure-causing neurochemicalscalled endorphins, making thewhole experience very pleasurable!
etween the stressed-out jangle of the beta state and the peacefuldepths of delta there is, however,much territory to be covered andmuch healing to be done. As onemoves into the alpha and thetastates, the subconscious portion of the mind is accessed and becomesavailable. This is where the belief systems that structure ourexperience of ourself and and ouruniverse are stored. We mentallyproject this material onto what is,creating our own private universein much the same way that light,passing through a celluloid image,projects an image on a movie screen.When we enter the alpha and theta brain wave states during sleep, wescan this subconscious data and to acertain extent re-arrange andprocess it. We call this scanning andprocessing dreaming, and it is,indeed, in the theta state that REM(rapid eye movement) sleepassociated with dreaming occurs.
n the delta state one accesses whathas been referred to as the collectiveunconscious, where the broadestand most primal programs aboutwhat it means to be human arestored. The delta sleep experienceof the collective unconscious is insome ways a very intense one,intense enough that in this state wego totally unconscious and do noteven dream. It is only from theexperience of very advancedmeditators (including those usingHolosync soundtracks) remainingalert and aware in this state that weknow that in the delta state materialfrom the collective unconscious isaccessed. (It may be that some levelsof the collective unconscious areaccessed in the theta state also, butit is our belief that the deeper andmore substantial levels are accessedonly in the delta state.) Though thisexperience of the collectiveunconscious is intense enough thatwe ordinarily can only experience itin total unconsciousness, it is at thesame time such a pleasurable andessential process of renewal andreinvigoration that sleep is the onething that humans cannot beinduced to give up.
t is in these subconscious andunconscious areas of the mind thatwe find the answer to the questionof why, for 99.9 % of humanity, the brain cannot for very long remain inthis synchronized state, where the
When the brain is in thishighly synchronous andcoherent state it produceslarge quantities ofpleasure-causing neuro-chemicals known asendorphins . . . .

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