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31 days of FUN - Description

31 days of FUN - Description

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Published by Garrett Harper

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Published by: Garrett Harper on Jul 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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31 days of F.U.N.
(Fusionistic Uber Networking)
It’s an event/game/awesome fun time that goes throughout the entire month of July with the
purpose of having fun, getting connected, being silly and inviting our friends.
basically, whatever the day is called that’s what you post about. It’s simple, you just
participate. All you have to do is tag {fusion} in whatever you do or check in with {fusion}wherever you go; if you post a picture or a status on instagram, twitter or facebook, tag it up
with the name of the day, {fusion} and the people you were with. It’s easy.
All photos and posts must be posted by 11:59pm on the day that it is for in order to get credit) 
Why not? It’s fun. And because at the Back
2 School Bash, there will be a drawing of someawesome prizes! The more you post and participate, the more your name goes into thedrawing. Also, if you get some friends to do it too, then their name goes in and your name
goes in AGAIN!! So, come on, let’s
have some F.U.N.!!
Sunday Funday -
Join us at {fusion} for some hang out time, video games, dancing,ping-pong, board games, pizza and snacks (bring $5 if you want some) and a bunch of fun! Itwill go from 6p-9p. Bring your friends. Remember, post about it, check in, tag it, or photo it toget credit.
Marshmallow Monday
Post about Marshmallows! Be creative. Make people out of the MM, write a poem about MM, see how many can fit in your mouth, draw a comic aboutMM, make a video, sing a song, ANYTHING to do with Marshmallows.
Twin Tuesday
Find a Twin! Post up pictures of you and your twin. It doesn’t have to
be the same picture; you can post separate and then tag each other, but you definitely haveto look the same. You could even post about something that you did together than made you
a twin; it doesn’t have to be a picture.
Wednesday Independenceday
It’s the Fourth of July, so post about your freedom!
We live in a free country, where we can exercise our faith without persecution and where menand women fought to make our country free. Show some pride and some appreciation. Also, join {fusion} to watch the Fireworks. (Details to come)
Theology Thursday
Chris Martin will post a question on Facebook and it is your job
to answer it. It’s not going to be easy, but she and Garrett will have hints. Good luck.
Flick Friday
We are going to the movies! Bring your friends! Time and place will beannounced.
Superman Saturday
It’s like planking but different! You have to do a Superman
pose. (one hand in front, one hand on your hip, like you are flying) Find the most uniqueplaces to Superman and take pictures. Get your friends to do it. Post them up!
Sundae Sunday
Meet at Culvers by PV Mall @ 1pm and get some Sundaes with{fusion}!
Monday Memeday
Come up with some awesome and funny memes for {fusion}and post them up! (If they are inappropriate or offensive they will be taken down and will notreceive credit)
Tacky Tuesday
Take a pic of you in your tackiest outfit and show it to the world!!Try to get your friends to do it too.
Wednesday Friendsday
bring as many friends with you to {fusion} as you can!!
Theology Thursday
Chris Martin will post a question on Facebook and it is your
 job to answer it. It’s not going to be easy, but she and Garrett will have hints. Good luck.
French Fry-Day
post about your favorite type of French Fry (Wendys, BK,McDonalds, etc) and why they are your favorite. Post a picture of you eating French Fryswould be even better!
Scavenger Saturday
It’s a Scavenger Hunt!!! (Details to come)
Scripture Sunday
At 7:15p we are all gonna blow up Facebook with our favoritescripture verse!
Milkshake Monday
Post your favorite flavor of Milkshakes! Even post a picture of you drinking one, or a Recipe for your very own Milkshake creation!

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