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Published by Aman Singh Bhalla

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Published by: Aman Singh Bhalla on Jul 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Bodybuilding Page 1 of 59
 Anaerobic Exercise & Respiration, Muscular Growth and Supplement Intake
Ajay Sabhaney, Carlen Ng, Di Wu, Kelei Xu
 Bodybuilding Page 2 of 59
Table of Contents
The Body & Muscle Groupsa.
Muscle Growth b.
Physical & Psychological Benefits of Exercising3.
Weight Training: Anaerobic Exercise Mechanics & Impact on Muscle Growtha.
Energy Transformations During an Exercise b.
Investigating Torque in Weight Trainingc.
Muscles Acting as Leversd.
Impulse in Weight Traininge.
Intensity versus Speed4.
Protein Supplementationa.
Protein supplementation b.
Combining Protein Supplementation5.
Cellular Respiration & Effect on Weight Traininga.
Glycolysis b.
Aerobic Respirationc.
Anaerobic Respiration (inc. lactic acid)d.
Carbohydrate Loading6.
Creatine Supplementationa.
An Introduction b.
Lab: Effect of Phosphocreatine on Lactic Acid7.
Anabolic-Androgenic Steroidsa.
Reactions within the Body involving steroids b.
Side Effects of Steroid Intakec.
Detecting Steroids in the Human Body8.
Works Cited10.
 Bodybuilding Page 3 of 59I. Introduction
Exercise (essentially any form of physical exertion which results in thecontraction of a muscle) has become a widespread interest over the past several years,especially in areas of weight training. While exercise is generally intended to promotegood physical health, bodybuilding more specifically concentrates on building musclemass and many individuals in society today begin bodybuilding to present a good imageof themselves. Many different companies have grasped on to this concept of musclemass growth and have formulated products which can enhance the process of muscleenlargement. For example, creatine monohydrate, a product advertised to “boost musclesize and strength” and “improve athletic performance”, is available over the counter andhas become a popular consumer good over the past couple years despite a lack of extensive research in to its effect (especially long-term) on the human body.Because individuals with hardly any knowledge of how to properly weight train begin physical fitness, not only will the process of bodybuilding be rendered useless, itcan also be harmful to various other parts of the body.This paper will analyze three large aspects of muscle enhancement: how & whycertain exercises can be as effective as possible, effect of physical fitness from a biological and physiological perspective, and supplement intake (mostly focuses oncreatine) & anabolic steroids.

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