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Hunted and Haunted

Hunted and Haunted

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Published by alan_place_1
Last in the series
Last in the series

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Published by: alan_place_1 on Jul 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hunted downThe days after finding that poor man beaten to death dragged for us. Patti would pace up and downthe hallways, thinking about her next move. Knowing Patti was at times like trying to watch a butterfly and at others like trying to out run a whirlind. Today was going to be a whirlwind, the precinct could tell that, she looked wild and yet determined.
“Got it!”
Patti yelled as she turned passed the drinks container, almost knocking it down in her excitement.The Sarge still reeling from her last wave of ideas about the Colderone's and Witchborough held hishands over his eyes as he said “OK, Patti, what are you up to this time!”“This plan will take time to build and has to be kept quiet. The fewer know the better.” Not really wanting to ask the question but feeling somebody should Kal asked“What are you up tonow, Patti?”Patti stopped in her tracks for a moment as the room went silent. “I haven't got it fully worked out yetguys, this will take some planning.”As Patti walked over to the drinks container, the Lieutenant came out of his office, “Patti can I have aword with you?”“OK, be right with you sir.”As Patti walked out of the squad room and into the Lieutenant's office, the air calmed and you couldfeel the tensions mount. Was she being taken over the coals for over stepping the mark and shootingwithout questioning the suspect? Or was she being commended for taking the inituative? We didn'tknow.The door closed on the room, all we saw was the shadowy images moving back and forth. After aboutfive minutes she emerged with a grin and a wink.“OK, give it up. We can see you weren't hauled over the coals, so what gives, Patti?” Jim asked.“The Lieutenant told me he cannot spare the manpower or sanction my plans. That I expeced but hedidn't say I couldn't go ahead with it, if I could find a way either, Jim.” Patti replied. “He did say, hewanted me up here now, not stuck in that musty old hell hole.”Without a break in the talking, the room erupted in a cheer.The Sarge asked “Which office do you want, Patti?”Looking down the hallway Patti said “How about the last on the left.”Silence fell on the squad room as men fidgeted with pencils and tried not to make eye contact.
What gives. Let me in on the secret!” Patti asked, not looking at anybody yet makingeverybody feel they were being looked at.
The men looked at each other wondering who was going to have to break the news and hoping shewouldn't get spooked by what she would hear. Finally Jim broke the silence “Let's take a walk, Patti.It's a long story but one you need to understand if you want that office.”“OK, Jim. You know I trust you to be totally honest, just give it to me.”“It's like this, Patti. That was Bill Chart's old office.”“Adrian's dad?”“Yes, nobody has been near it since he died.”“Not even Adrian?”“Least of all him, he always made a wide as possible detour. Rumour has it, the precinct think it'shaunted by Bill's ghost.”“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds intriguing!”
You aren't scared then!”“Hell, not in the slightest. I may even be able to use him now.”“You know his record.”“Sure. Dirty cop with bad connections protected by a crooked mayor who finally got tired of him,responsible for a double murder.”“In a nutshell, how can you use somebody so untrusty worthy?”“That
is the point,Jim. When fighting a dirty hood like Colderone, we need every edge and angle wecan get.”“I think I'm getting some idea of what your plan is but I'm not totally OK with it. How can you trusthim?”“I'll let you and the others in on it when I get the plan running in my head a little better. For now it's just a germ of an idea.”Jim paused a minute to phrase his next statement to the best effect, “Usually I would go along withyour schemes, I have learnt that even though they may seem off key, they work for some reason.Maybe that is why they work, who knows? This time I think you have got it wrong, Patti. Any planinvolving Bill Chart is doomed to fail. Ask any of the guys, he always was a hothead.”Patti thought about the reply she was going to say but it was a natural reaction when she said “I knewthat would be your reply to the suggestion, Jim. If any of the guys hadn't said that I would've beensurprised.”“Then why ask for Chart to help you?”“Cos, I am counting on his reputation to give me an idea how to plan the moves on Witchborough.”

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