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Socio Anthro

Socio Anthro

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Published by Zaldy C. Collado

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Published by: Zaldy C. Collado on Jul 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Course Syllabus
Course Description
The subject matter covers the distinct and yet inter-related areas of discipline of sociology and anthropology. This study paves way for a morescientific understanding of our society (sociology) and humankind (anthropology), from the past to present,
conveying how “people”
managedto survive the intricacies of changing time and environment. Through the lens of socio-anthropological perspectives contained herein, the courseprepares the students to appreciate how the established and collective ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, working, living and even growing inbiological terms form part of the
grand scheme
for the whole human race to avoid the extinction which their predecessors have not managedto escape. The course
also facilitates a critical discussion on our common sense experience of society, through opening their “mythness”, and to
see the substance of this course in the light of changing the unlearned patterns of how we thought the society is and how our passive perceptionof it falls short in a systematic, coherent and factual bases under the pretext of socio-anthropological approach.
Number of Hours
: 54 hours
Credit Units:
3 Units
To help enhance the level of understanding and convey a more critical knowledge of society and humankind.
To facilitate an appreciation of the subject matter not only as a matter of academics but as a way of looking at life.
To help develop that attitude of critical inquiry about what activities in the society really mean apart from what theyimpose to our common sense experience.
Course Requirement
1. Students must able to complete at least the minimum number of required attendance for the semester.2. Student must have class participation and recitation required in class activities and discussions.3. Students must accumulate passing scores on major examinations including the minor ones.4. Students must have the complete number of reaction papers required each period.5. Students must submit each notebook every period containing the discussed lessons.
Evaluative MeasuresPrelim 30% Midterm 30% Finals 40%
Class Requirement: 60% Class Requirement: 60% Class Requirement: 60%Quizzes Quizzes QuizzesTerm Paper Term Paper Term PaperRecitation Recitation RecitationAttendance Attendance AttendancePrelim Exam: 40% Midterm Exam: 40% Final Exam: 40%Total: 100% Total: 100% Total: 100%
 Week Learning Content EducationalObjectivesStudent LearningOutcomesTeaching Strategy StudentEvaluation/EvaluationToolReferences
1 General conceptsof sociology andanthropology andtheir differentfields andoperatingtheories.To define andidentify studyareas of socio-anthropology.Be able todistinguishsociology andanthropology,explain how thesetwo disciplinescan merge as oneand identify theirrespective areasof study.LectureOpen classdiscussion.Recitation.2 The generalrelationshipbetween societyand culture.Characteristics of culture as well asthe dimension of culture.Provide for theunderstanding of how societyemerges throughthe help of culture. To beable toenumerate thedimensions of culture andidentify itscharacteristicsqualifying themas such.Be able also toexplain theimportance of 
culture in one’s
society.Be able to giveexamples of culture for eachparticulardimension,provide for theircharacteristics.LectureOpen classdiscussion.Recitation.Quiz.3 The origin and Provide for a Be able to Lecture Recitation.

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