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fadliga taraawiixda

fadliga taraawiixda

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Published by Mr. QARAAMI

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Published by: Mr. QARAAMI on Jan 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ناضمر هش يف حوتل ئاضف ل ل  سب اكبو  ةرو ع سلاق  ع  ير لاط يب ب ىع عهش يف حوتل ئاضف ع سلو صل ع يل (ناضمر اف :).م دلو ك ةل و يف ذ م مؤل جخ  . مؤم ااك نو ب و ل غ : ةاثل ةل يف   ل يات ل  م م ا : ةثلاثل ةل يف . بذ م د ام . ناقلو و رتل ءق  م ل : ةبل ةل يف ل دسل يف ى م ثم ىلا  اع:ةسماخلةل يف . ىصق دسمو ةدل دسمو رل ل يف اط م  ىلا  اع : ةاسل ةل يف .  ك ل غتسو ىع صو سل ع ىم ر اأف : ةباسل ةل يف . ناماو نعف سل ع ب ىع ام ىلا  اع :ةماثل ةل يف 
سل ع يل اع ىلا  دع اأف :ةاتل ةل يف و ادل ىلا  قزر : شال ةل يف م ب م دلو ك ادلام جخ :ع ةال ةل يف ردل ةل لاك هوو ةمال  ءا :ع ةاثل ةل يف ء ك م امآ ةمال  ءا :ع ةثلاثل ةل يف ى دق  ل نودهل ةئل ءا :عةبل ةل يف ةمال   اف حوتليلو ل ةو ةئل ع يص :ع ةسماخل ةل يفو ةل يف دلو رال م ال ءب  ل تك :ع ةاسل ةل يفو ءا  ثم ي :ع ةباسل ةل يفو دلو عو ع ىر  ن  دع ا م ا :ع ةماثل ةل يفو ار  ف :عةاتل ةل يفو لاصلو ءدهل  ى :ل ةل يفو رل م ة لاف اتب ل ىب :لو ةال ةل يفو  و  ك م امآ ةمال  ءا : لو ةاثل ةل يفو ةل يف ةدم ل  ىب :لو ةثلاثل ةل يفو ةباتسم ع نوعو بر ل اق : لو ةبل ةل يفو ل ع ل  ف ؟لو ةسماخل ةل يفو 

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