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The War Master's Daughter (Media Kit)

The War Master's Daughter (Media Kit)

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Published by Elly Zupko
Media kit for the novel, The War Master's Daughter by Elly Zupko
Media kit for the novel, The War Master's Daughter by Elly Zupko

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Published by: Elly Zupko on Jul 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9848945-8-1Price: $14.95Pub. Date: December 2011Category: Fiction/ General FictionFormat: 8.5 x 5.5 (paperback)Pages: 346Territory: WorldEdition Number: 1eBook ISBN: 978-0-9848945-1-2Price: $2.99Format: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, RTF,LRF, PDB Wholesale Orders and Consignment  Available through CreateSpace Direct: www.createspace.com/info/createspacedirect For consignment, emailSMLXBooks@gmail.com View this media kit online: www.warmastersdaughter.com“Countries do not fight each other. Men fight each other. Andthey only fight so that they can stop fighting and go home. It isthe most horrific irony in the world.”The once-peaceful nations of Mitoch and Fairgos are locked in a bitter war. Lady Aurora, however, has known only quiet privilegefor her 21 years inside the walls of the Cavalcata manor house. As the educated, eavesdropping daughter of the Fairgosian Royal War Master, she is confident she knows more than most . . . ex-cept when the promised Fairgosian victory will bring her fatherhome for good.But when the currents of war sweep her, half alive, to the shoresof brutal, backwards Mitoch, Aurora will unlearn everything shethought she knew—about the war, her country, her father, andherself—and discover what is really worth fighting for.
The War Master’s Daughter 
tells the story of battles we allfight—those we wage with each other and also within ourselves.“A fantastic book!
The War Master’s Daughter 
was incredible,poignant, infuriating, intriguing, romantic, and addresses many of life’s big questions.”
 Amanda Harris, Amazon“A hybrid of historical fiction, adventure, romance, and evena bit of mystery. I felt anger, sympathy, frustration, fear, excite-ment, and most importantly, I felt an overwhelming desire tofollow the lives of these characters.”
Carrie Hoffman, Amazon“Rife with philosophical metaphors on the nature of man andhumanity, Zupko tackles heavy themes with grace. I genuinely didn’t want the story to end.” - Kelly Leard, Alien Red Queen“An extremely impressive debut novel. A philosophical fairy-tale
a political Rapunzel story 
in which the fantastic is re-placed by questions of the self and the world.”
Rance Denton,The Action Prose“Within the first 20 pages, I was hooked. The character develop-ment is fantastic and left me wishing for more. I am pleased tohave found a new author to follow.”
Brandy Queen, Amazon“I purchased The War Master’s Daughter yesterday afternoonand only managed to stop reading for work and sleep. Zupko hasa talent for beautiful lines and rhythmic phrases that make thebook a joy to read”
Candice Hill, Amazon
Title InformationAbout the BookPraise for the Book
To suggest that Elly Zupko’s
The War Master’s Daughter 
is merely a historical fiction novel wouldbe to ignore a great number of its evident strengths.Simultaneously, pigeonholing the novel into any specific genre would be to discredit its willingnessto step outside its comfort zones. . . . Zupko’sbook is a fantastic independent offering the intensestrengths. . . . After the death of a loved one, Lady Aurora of Cavalcata – the daughter of a popular military strategist – commits herself to an unlikely adven-ture that incubates doubts about her faith, her loveof country, and her very purpose in the world. Thenovel is less about the history, however, than it isthe philosophy and the romance. The philosophiesof Descarte, Locke, and Socrates all make smallcameos as Aurora discovers that the world aroundher is stranger, more violent, and more unforgiv-ing than shecould haveever imag-ined.Zupko’s book is a philosophical fairy-tale – a political Rapunzel story – in which the fantastic isreplaced by questions of the self and the world. While Lady Aurora is an interesting and exciting character to follow, she is regrettably eclipsed by the complex characters stacked up around her.The people with whom she comes in contact are varied, charismatic, and layered. Storey – a young man from the opposing country Mitoch – is anever-changing character who is equally sentimen-tal, unpredictable, wise, and constantly growing.Cashel, the villain, is frightening and manic, drivenby a maddeningly simple principle: the morekilling that can be done, the more power to whichone has access. One of the novel’s most unsettling scenes comprises a torture overseen by Cashelhimself, gritty in its details and disturbing for how blissful Cashel acts while it transpires.Zupko’s . . .use of detailand charac-ter insight ismasterful. . . . [T]he climax is speedy and exciting in both story and form, the way a good conclusionshould be. Her dialogue constantly moves the talealong, helping characters develop strong and un-likely relationships. Zupko also uses time as a flex-ible tool, straying away from the clichéd flashback in favor of a non-consecutive storytelling form that leaps back and forth between many years without dissolving the novel’s tension. . . .Unlike many novels nowadays,
The War Master’s Daughter 
is a one-and-done job – the conclusionand resolution give very little room for a sequel of any real importance. Aurora’s story is told. Whenthe final page is done, readers are forced to leavethe 16th-century European fictional countries of Fairgos and Mitoch, which may leave some want-ing to know more of the detailed world, its politics,its varying forms of faith, and its national relation-ships. Zupko’s successful development of such a complex world merits one question: If not through Aurora, will readers ever get the opportunity toreturn? Zupko’s world seems rife with future sto-rytelling possibilities.
The War Master’s Daughter 
is an extremely impressive debut novel. It overflows with talent and storytelling ability. It captures plenty of real-ism while incorporating just enough fiction. Whilehistorical fiction fans may find less history thanthey expect and romance readers less bodice-ripping than they normally desire, Zupko’s book is certainly not bereft of value – it overflows with a story that stands strong on the heels of politics andphilosophy. It is a solid, satisfying piece of fictionthat keeps a consistent tone and never wandersoutside its realm of believability.—Excerpted from
The Action Prose 
Review of 
The War Master’s Daughter 
December 11, 2011 – Baltimore, MD – Maryland native and BaltimoreCity resident Elly Zupko has released her first novel,
The War Master’s Daughter,
a historical fantasy set in 16th–century eastern Europe. Zupkopublished the book independently through the SMLX Books imprint, asa paperback and an eBook.In the book, the once-peaceful nations of Mitoch and Fairgos are lockedin a bitter war. Privileged Lady Aurora and farmhand Storey shouldbe enemies, but they find themselves trying to stay alive in the face of a power much darker than anything they’ve faced before.Zupko said, “One of the major themes of the book is that we cannot bearrogant about our knowledge, because knowledge is not necessarily wis-dom, and it is not necessarily truth. In this modern world, we’re blasted with content and information, and it’s more important than ever to beable to parse out the truth.”The novel is demonstrating appeal to a cross-over audience of adults and young adults, and it is already receiving 5-star reviews on Amazon.com.One reviewer said, “I purchased The War Master’s Daughter yesterday afternoon and only managed to stop reading for work and sleep. Zupkohas a talent for beautiful lines and rhythmic phrases that make the book a joy to read.” The book has also been reviewed on several blogs, andZupko is planning a full-blown blog tour for October.Using print-on-demand technology, the paperback is available throughSMLX Books as well as through Amazon and multiple book re-sellers.Zupko worked with Smashwords to distribute the eBook in a variety of formats, including iBook.“Independent publishing offers a more personal experience for myself and my readers, not to mention a larger cut of the royalties, total creativecontrol, and a much shorter publishing cycle,” said Zupko. “What’s not to love?”###For more information, contact SMLXBooks@gmail.com.
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