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Project Performance Report1

Project Performance Report1

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Published by Audrey D. Chatman
Uploaded from Google Docs
Uploaded from Google Docs

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Published by: Audrey D. Chatman on Jul 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project Performance Metric Definitio
1Budget at CompletionBAC2Actual CostAC3Earned ValueEV4Planned ValuePV5Cost VarianceCV6Cost Performance IndexCPI7Schedule VarianceSV8Schedule Performance IndexSPI9Estimate to CompletionETC10Estimate at CompletionEAC11Variance at CompletionVAC12Statusn/a
Baseline project costTotal costs incurred in completing work during a given periodPhysical work completed during a given periodPhysical work scheduled for completion during a given periodCost overrun during a given periodEV-ACCost efficiency ratioEV/ACSchedule slipped during a given periodEV-PVSchedule efficiency ratioEV/PVExpected additional cost neededEAC-ACExpected total costBAC/CPIEstimated cost overrun at end of projectBAC-EAC Average of CPI and SPI(CPI+SPI)/2
Status color key:
GREEN = On track³1.0YELLOW = Slightly behind schedule/budget³0.85 but <1.0RED = Needs immediate attention³0.65 but <0.85BLACK = Needs to be killed or restored<0.65
Project Performance Report
BudgetEarnedActualCostS#Item DescriptionPV ($)EV ($)AC ($)CV ($)CV (%)A<Program A>489254225266(41)-16%A.1<Project 1>1869390100(10)-11%
 A.1.1<Deliverable 1>100555060(10)-18% A.1.2<Deliverable 2>28131418(4)-31% A.1.n<Deliverable n>582526224 16%
A.2<Project 2>303161135166(31)-19%
 A.2.1<Deliverable 1>1809280100(20)-22% A.2.2<Deliverable 2>45352030(10)-29% A.2.n<Deliverable n>78343536(1)-3%
B<Program B>705363405430(25)-7%B.1<Project X>375148210225(15)-10%
B.1.1<Deliverable 1>25055125150(25)-45%B.1.2<Deliverable 2>1008270655 6%B.1.n<Deliverable n>251115105 45%
B.2<Project Y>330215195205(10)-5%
B.2.1<Deliverable 1>9055605010 18%B.2.2<Deliverable 2>906050455 8%B.2.n<Deliverable n>15010085110(25)-25%
OverallBAC ($)

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