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Subsistutions in FI

Subsistutions in FI

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Published by vbvrk

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Published by: vbvrk on Jul 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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01.08.2011Page 1 of 4
SAP Note 42615 -Substitution in FI
 Note Language: EnglishVersion: 27 Validity:
Valid Since 28.01.2002
A substitution has been defined but nothing is substituted when posting.
Other terms
Substitution exit, user exit, GGB1, OBBH, FB01, MR01, MR1M,PERFORM_PARAMETER_TOO_SHORT, MRHR, MRHG, MR21, MIRO
Reason and Prerequisites
Note:If you use a substitution exit, make sure that only fields are replaced andthat no side effects occur. For example, you must not trigger any errormessage, since this would interfere with the SAP program control. You haveto issue your error messages in validation. In substitution and validation,error messages of category W, I are always only generated for the manualentry in FI and for the invoice verification MR01. For postings from otherapplication components (for example, from SD (VF01) or from the logisticsinvoice verification (MR1M)), error messages of category W, I are ignored.Possible causes are:1.The requirement specified as a prerequisite has not been met for theposting.2.The substitution was not activated in Customizing (Transaction OBBH)or it is not activated for batch input.3.Not all the values are available yet for callup point 1 and 2 for thesubstitution or validation in Transactions MR01, MRHR, MRHG, MR21,etc. (all with program SAPFMM08R). You should therefore use calluppoint 3 for the validation in these transactions. The values forcallup point 1 and 2 are already available in the logisitics invoiceverification (MR1M).4.A substitution for reversal postings (FB08, F.80) was defined. Nosubstitution for callup point 1 - 3 takes place in FI for reversals,because the reversal document must resemble the document to be posted(except the exchanged debits and credits).5.An attempt was made to use a substitution exit to substitute a fieldwhich has not been released for substitution. When defining asubstitution, you will find the fields that can be substituted underthe "Extras -> Fields for substitution" menu option.6.A customer-defined field ZFELD was included in table BSEG. Such fieldsare not substituted during postings (from other modules) via the FI/COinterface. You must enhance the coding block so that ZFELD issubstituted.The substitution callup points available with Release 3.0 are primarilyintended not as an input help, but above all to allow costumer-specificfields to be supplied with values without program modifications. So that,
01.08.2011Page 2 of 4
SAP Note 42615 -Substitution in FI
if possible, all values for standard fields are available here, thesubstitution callup point is only after the checks in the standard system.After the substitution no further check is carried out. Only those standardfields are released for substitution which meet the following requirements:1.Values are not critical for further processing and are not validatedagainst other tables.2.Substitution is carried out for all documents that are posted.Therefore only relatively few fields can be substituted for callup points 1(document header) and 2 (line item). At callup point 3 (complete document),no field has currently been released since substitution is not possible forall transactions by which documents are posted (for example MR1M, VF01,MB01 or all postings via the FI/CO interface).Please also refer to Note 386896.Fields of the coding block can be set at callup point 1 via thesubstitution in CO (Transaction OKC9).
You can carry out a substitution for some fields. If invalid values aresubstituted in this case, you may receive the wrong function or errormessages in standard programs. However, these errors are not particularlycritical. You can currently release the following fields for substitution:BSEG-FIPOS, BSEG-HBKID, BSEG-MSCHL, BSEG-MANSP, BSEG-MADAT, BSEG-MANST,BSEG-MABER, BSEG-RSTGR, BSEG-ZLSPRFormally, this is a modification. Therefore, you can also change entries inthe table via SAP transports with a release upgrade (refer to Note0391309).If you release fields other than the ones listed for substitution, then youmust take responsibility for all the consequences!Important: At callup point 2 (BOOLCLASS = 009) NO fields must be releasedfor substitution from the document header. Otherwise, the system generatesa short dump (PERFORM_PARAMETER_TOO_SHORT).In addition to accounts and amounts, the following fields, for example, arecritical and must not be substituted:GSBER: this could lead to inconsistencies with modules AM, CO andMM, since the business area is also used in these modules.To make, for example, the BSEG-MABER field substitutable for callup point2, proceed as follows:1.Table entry in GB01With an ABAP/4 program, change the entry:BOOLCLASS CLASSTYPE BCLTAB BCLFIELD BEXCLUDE009 S BSEG MABER Xin table GB01 to the entry:BOOLCLASS CLASSTYPE BCLTAB BCLFIELD BEXCLUDE009 S BSEG MABERThat is, the BEXCLUDE field must be set to space. There is no view formaintaining GB01.
01.08.2011Page 3 of 4
SAP Note 42615 -Substitution in FI
Note:BOOLCLASS = 008 at callup point 1. At callup point 3, a correspondingentry with BOOLCLASS = 015 must be inserted. In addition, the entryBOOLCLASS CLASSTYPE BCLTAB BCLFIELD BEXCLUDE015 S BSEG * Xmust be deleted for the BSEG fields (the same applies to BKPF fields).For callup point 3, you can of course also release all fields forsubstitution which have already been released for callup point 1 or 2.At callup point 3, substitution is only carried out if the document isposted in FI (with program SAPMF05A or SAPF110S) or in MM invoiceverification (with program SAPMM08R). When posting via the FI/COinterface, for example, with direct input (RFBIBL00 Mode 'D' ortransfer billing document with Transaction VF01) no substitution iscarried out.2.GenerationUsing program RGUGBR00, regenerate the programs for the substitutionin the current client. Parameter: "FI" application area, select the"Generate substitution export routines" checkbox (next to lastcheckbox).
Header Data
Release Status:Released for CustomerReleased on:21.02.2002 09:43:28Master Language:GermanPriority:Recommendations/additional infoCategory:ConsultingPrimary Component:FI Financial AccountingSecondary Components:MM-IV Invoice Verification
The Note is release-independent
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