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Bison Courier, July 5, 2012

Bison Courier, July 5, 2012

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Jul 04, 2012
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Bison Courier
Official Newspaper for the City of Bison, Perkins County, and the Bison SchoolDistrict APublication of Ravellette Publications, Inc.
 P.O.Box 429 • Bison, SouthDakota 57620-0429  Phone: (605) 244-7199 • FAX (605) 244-7198 
Volume 30Number 3July 5, 2012
Includes Tax
s & Happenings
Kid Dakota
will be performingJuly 8 at Besler’s Cadillac Ranch!
Garbage will be picked upJuly 5th
at regular time
Bridal Shower
for Angela Fieldsbride elect of Chase Kari, July 21,2 p.m. at the Grand Social room.
 Wedding Shower
for Brandi(Steichen) Baysinger, bride of Shiloh Baysinger, on Sunday, July8, at 2:00 p.m. at the GrandElectric Social Room.
Register for swimminglessons!!
Lessons will be July 9 -20 the price is still only $20.00.Contact Kelli Nelson for informa-tion 970-556-2359, must be regis-tered by June 29th.
Please join us for cake and icecream
to celebrate Jim Judy’s90th Birthday on Wednesday, July11 at 7:30 pm at the BeckmanMemorial Wesleyan Church inPrairie City. Let your presence beyour gift!
Gov. Dennis Daugaard says thestate Board of Water and NaturalResources has approved a $131,000low-interest loan from the DrinkingWater State Revolving Fund to add abooster station for the PerkinsCounty Rural Water System.The entire loan amount wasawarded as principal forgiveness,which eliminates any repayment ob-ligation.“This loan will help PerkinsCounty Rural Water System add abooster station that will provide bet-ter water pressure and more reliablewater service as more customers areconnected to the regional water sys-tem,” the Governor said.
Gov. Daugaard announces $131,000 loanfor Perkins County rural water system
 An enthusiastic crowd greetedthe second annual Kam ArnesonMemorial Ranch Rodeo on theevening of June 30th. The festivi-ties began around four o’clock inthe afternoon with the Calcutta.Nine teams entered and were auc-tioned off by John Peck.Events in the Ranch Rodeo in-cluded cattle sorting, trailer load-ing, cow milking, and team brand-ing. Brad Mackaben served as theman with the microphone and an-nounced the rodeo. Narrciso Acosta, Tom Hardy, and AllenWick judged the events.The team that finished in thelead at the end of the evening wasthe Henderickson team which wasmade up of father and son, Bruceand Layton Henderickson, ChadMackaben, and Ronnie Mackaben.The second place team was theGeriatrics Gigalows which wasmade up of Eric Arneson, BruceHendrickson, Chad Mackaben,and Rick Plaggemeyer. Coming inthird place was the Storm teamwhich was made up of ScottStorm, Collin Palmer, Cam Miles,and Clint Anderson.There were several entries inthe sheep tipi-ing contest which iswhere a small herd of sheep waslet loose in the arena and two part-ners were supposed to catch asheep and put the supplied tipiover the sheep then run hand inhand back to the finish line. Reed Arneson and Trig Clark finishedfirst followed by CarriettaSchalesky and Arika Morgan insecond. The third place team wasbrothers, Kyle and Lane Kopren.Many children also enjoyed com-peting in goat milking. At the end
Successful second annual Kam Arneson ranch rodeo
of the day the Top Hand award wasgiven to Max Loughlin. Cody Fer-guson received the Top Horseaward, and Chad Mackaben re-ceived the Hard Luck award. Therodeo ended around 7:30 pm givingthe audience and contestants timeto get ready for the Party in thePark.The rodeo was held in memory of Kam Arneson who passed away inOctober of 2010 after a long battlewith brest cancer.
The new booster station will be lo-cated three miles north of the junc-tion of South Dakota Highways 75and 20.The award will cover the total es-timated cost of the project.The Drinking Water State Revolv-ing Fund Program provides low-in-terest loans for public drinkingwater system projects. One of theprogram requirements is that someof the funds be provided as a subsidy.Principal forgiveness is a subsidy op-tion that results in a reduced loanrepayment amount for the borrower.The board met Thursday and Fri-day in Pierre.
On Saturday, June 23, Daniel Burkhalter traveled to Pierre, SD to par-ticipate in the State Hershey Track Meet. Daniel competed in the 13-14 year old age division and won the mile run (1600m) with a time of 5:00.91. He also finished 3rd in the 800m run (2:20). His win in themile makes it possible for him to be selected to the national team whichwill compete in Hershey, Pennsylvania in August. The selection processtakes place in about two weeks and Daniel is hoping his name makesthe list. Daniel is the 12 year old son of Brad and Jennifer Burkhalterof Prairie City.
Burkhalter wins Hershey State Title in mile run
Max Loughlin and Wil Kolb, featured in the cow milking, compete on a team together.Daniel Burkhalter takes the lead from Davis Johnson of Sioux Falls and doesn't look back.Sheep Tipi contestants are lined up and ready
Page 2 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, July 5, 2012
 He t t iner T hea ter
Digital Surround Sound 
Hettinger * 701-567-5295
July 6 - 9Rated: R 
Run Time: 124 min.
Nightly • 7:30 pm
Sunday Matinee 2:00pm3-D Glasses $2.00
Periodicals Postage Paid at Bison, SD 57620POSTAL PERMIT #009-944
Published weekly every Thursday by Ravellette Publ., Inc.at POBox 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
 Telephone: 605-244-7199 • Fax: 605-244-7198
E-mail Addresses: courier@sdplains.comcouriernews@sdplains.comSUBSCRIPTION RATES:
Bison............................................................................$36.04Meadow, Shadehill, Prairie City, Reva & Lodgepole........$35.36Lemmon........................................................................$36.04in state........................................................$39.00 + sales taxout of state (
Includes all Hettinger addresses.) 
...$39.00 (no tax)
Send address changes to The Bison Courier, POBox 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
Display and Classified Advertising: Mon-days at 12:00 p.m. Legals: Fridays at 12:00 p.m.
Don Ravellette
News/Office Manager:
Arlis Seim
Ad Sales:
Beth Hulm (244-5231),beth@sdplains.com
Ravellette Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nothing may bereprinted, photocopied or in any way reproduced from this publication, in whole orin part, without the written consent of the publisher.
Dr. Jason M. HafnerDr. David J. Prosser
Faith Clinic
Every 1st Wed. of themonth
Buffalo Clinic
Every 3rd Wed. of themonth
Bison Clinic 
 July schedule 
Open Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00Appointments 8:30 - 4:30 Closed from Noon - 1:00 pm
Dan Kvale, MSPA-C • Monday - FridayClosed July 4 & July 6Mammogram Bus rescheduled to August 8
105 W Main605-244-5206
Hot enough for you? Its been ascorcher around here this week.Casey put the air conditioner infor me on Monday when it wasonly 93 degrees. Tuesday the ther-mometer registered 107 degrees inthe shade and it was a whole lothotter south of here.Trig and the boys had footballcamp in Buffalo Monday. Taz joined the former HCHS players tohelp out. Quite a few junior highboys participated and everyonehad a good time.The camp wouldn't have beennearly as much fun in the tripledigit heat on Tuesday. I went toPrairie City before SophiaBlomberg's burial service inHoover that afternoon and saw aninteresting sight. Ashirtless guywas riding a bicycle betweenPrairie City and Reva. The ther-mometer on my car said 105 de-grees when I went by him the firsttime and 106 degrees when I cameby him the second time. By thattime he was walking the bikedown the highway, but since he ig-nored me when I waved at him, I just let him walk. What an idioticactivity on such a hot day!There was a shower near Costel-loís on my way to Sophiaís memo-rial service. The thermometer read109 degrees when the first dropshit my windshield and the temper-ature dropped to 88 degrees withintwo miles. That little bit of rainevaporated as soon as it hit theground and was over in just aminute or two. The temperaturestarted back up and when I got toHoover Leonaís official weatherservice thermometer at the storeregistered 113 degrees! We aboutmelted during Sophiaís burialservice at the Hoover Cemetery.One of the mourners said his ther-mometer registered 115 degreeswhen they left the cemetery for thereception afterward at the HooverStore. All this dry heat has reallyraised the fire danger. Fires areraging out of control in ten west-ern states right now, includingthat massive fire near Fort CollinsColorado and several smaller fireshere in western South Dakota.Tommy Fabris lost his baler andrake in a fire east of his parentsranch Friday. He may have baled abranch that started the fire.Tommy had a fire extinguisher,but that wasn't enough to get itstopped. He got his tractor un-hooked so it didn't burn andthankfully the fire trucks got therefast enough to keep it from burn-ing a very big area. All of westernDakota is under an extreme firedanger warning, so be careful andkeep your fire fighting units ready.Two more mountain lions werekilled in residential areas in theBlack Hills Tuesday, a grand totalof four cougars shot in just 11days! On June 15, a female waskilled by Rapid City police officerson Omaha Street in Rapid City; onSaturday, a female was killed in amachine shed in the northeastRapid; on Tuesday, another femalewas killed by Game, Fish & ParksDepartment officers on a street inCuster; and also on Tuesday, amale mountain lion was shot in asubdivision in north Rapid City.Mountain lions are showing upall across the country. My cousinCharlie White from Michiganwrote me that he and some otherhunters had one pay a visit totheir tree stand during deer sea-son, even though Michigan DNRclaims there are no cougars inMichigan. His daughter and herfamily live in Fenton, Michiganand they often see a mountain lioncross the school yard behind theirhouse. And in the cherry orchardsout there, many migrant workersare refusing to work in some areasbecause of regular visits of cougars.Mountain lions aren't the onlypredators we have to worry about.I visited with Jerry Petik at thestate high school rodeo finals inBelle last weekend and he told metheir trapper got the Wildlife Ser-vices plane to come to CorsonCounty and they shot 58 coyotes in just one morning! We hear coyoteshowling at night and there's a foxden around here somewhere. A hen hatched out twelve babychicks last week, but we keepthem locked up in order to savethem from the fox that ate ouronly rooster.We were sorry to hear about thedeath of Vonda Westers. Vondadied on June 26th at the hospitalin Billings, Montana. Her funeralwill be this Monday at the Hard-ing County Rec Center in Buffalowith burial to follow in the BuffaloCemetery.Wednesday we'll celebrate Inde-pendence Day. I wish you all asafe, happy, and fire-free 4th of July. Oh, and keep the fire extin-guisher handy! Along with personal responsibil-ity, patriotism doesn't come natu-rally. Children have to be taughtto be take care of themselves andthey also need to learn what ablessing it is to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.This teacher is starting her stu-dents out the right way:Little Andy was at his first dayof school. His teacher, Mrs. White,advises the class that each schoolday starts with the "Pledge of Alle-giance" and instructs them to puttheir right hand over their heartand repeat after her. As Mrs. White starts the recita-tion she looks around the room, ìIpledge allegiance to the flag.....î,when her eyes are drawn to Andywho has his hand over the rightcheek of his bottom. Andy, I cannot continue till youput your hand over your heart, shedemands. Andy looks up and replies, It isover my heart. After several more attempts toget Andy to put his hand over hisheart, Mrs. White enquires, Whydo you think that is your heart, Andy?Well Miss answers Andy, be-cause every time my Grandmacomes to visit she pats me thereand says, Bless your little heart,and my Grandma never lies.
Grand River Roundup
By Betty Olson
Meadow News
ByTiss Treib
Many of the community at-tended a 97th birthday party forBernie Rose Friday at Smoky’s.Laurie and Danci Hoff visitedwith Fred and Bev SchoppWednesday to help out.Saturday, Connie Houriganspent the day with Fred and BevSchopp and helped with variouschores.Katie and Kelly Schopp droppedin several times to help theirgrandmother, Bev Schopp.Tuesday, Carolyn Petik attendedthe Farmers Union Camp in McIn-tosh in the morning.Tuesday afternoon and evening,Jerry and Carolyn Petik attendedthe Range Tour at the Dennis andShari Evenson ranch.Thursday, Carolyn Petik visitedwith her mother, Irene Young.EmiLou and Mark Ebarle andMary Ellen Fried spent Tuesdaythrough Thursday with Bob andLillian Bohnet. ON their wayhome, they went through Mo-bridge and visited at the home of Chris and Mary Fried and familythrough Sunday.Sunday supper guests of MaryEllen Fried, EmiLou and MarkEbarle were Kendra McIntyre,Greg and Peggy Fried, Leif andLarissa Anderson and children,Duane and Dawn Fried and HerbFried.
Goat milking contestants atthe Ranch Rodeo

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