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The Brink

The Brink

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Published by James Bradley
We are marching at a brisk pace toward WWIII
We are marching at a brisk pace toward WWIII

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Published by: James Bradley on Jul 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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July 4
, 2012
Its been 236 years since the United States of America became independentfrom England, and in this the Nation has gone through some pretty turbulenttimes, and I imagine that there will be similar events that cloud the horizon of our young country.When one looks about at events taking place on our globe it can safely beassumed that, for the ones that remember, we pray that we don’t step into thesame atmosphere of suspicion and fear we stepped through with the
CubanMissile Crisis
, when John F Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev walked lightly intheir attempt to avoid in nuclear collision course which would have causedhavoc in both the western and eastern hemisphere. Observations by peoplemuch wiser than I speculate that we (as a world society) are as close or closerto the ignition of a single spark that could or would escalate into a nuclearsolution.Although some of us believe that once again common sense will prevail,others believe that what little common sense that is walking about will fly outthe window under this guise or the other – and while some in fact believe thenuclear option no longer exists, don’t kid your self.Delivery systems have improved to such a state that “duck and cover” willnot do the job, as if it ever would, along with the two major military powers onour planet a multitude of other countries now have the capability to reignmassive warheads on countries far from each their borders – with this werealize that at some point in time a leader located outside of our sphere of direct influence will get fed up with the ongoing diplomatic bilge water beingthrown about concerning their country, especially by the mainstream media of 
our western media which takes pride in its published accounts based onfalsehoods or half-truths that might touch on truth enough to where theinformation appears to be factual – and the spark will spread becoming anuclear confrontation that will touch all lands and their populations. The prelude to such an event will make the thirteen days of October 1962appear as a “cakewalk” as politicians and their ambassador’s scramble tryingto pull the fat from the frying pan…All the treaties in the world, beginning with “Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty”endorsed by Kennedy and Khrushchev on July 25
, 1963 will be so many piecesof paper – and WWIII will become a major part of humanities history if there isone.It wasn’t but just a bit ago that Iran claimed they shot down a USreconnaissance drone in eastern Iran – another provocation leading to aneventual showdown with Iran – although Iran as of yet doesn’t have nuclearcapability they do have some powerful friends that do. In the Mediterranean wesee the US and Russia shifting their navies about – positioning themselves inconfrontational areas. Couple this with the way the US and its European allieshave run willy-nilly over and in between International Law – in some casesmaking our mutually agreed upon laws null and void, one example is theplunging of NATO into Libya assisting one side of a civil war, whereas not unlikeIraq we observed a blatant grab for Libya’s oil fields.Speaking of Iraq the lies and false accusations laid on the doorsteps of theworld’s population by the sitting ex-President of the USA and the ex-PrimeMinister of England about the weapons of mass destruction have been glossedover as so much melded butter on a warm piece of morning toast – you knowin a legitimate court of law if the Judge catches you or I in a lie, your case isthrown out and a penalty slapped on you – one lie and your credibility isdestroyed and the world around you will find it very, very difficult to accept anywords from you again. Each and every statement you utter will time and timeagain have to stand the “test” of truth in order for I or any one else to acceptyour statements.Unfortunately the Western Society has morphed into a land of half-truths thathave melded into the general population, and in doing so have madehypocrites of more than just a few – whereas out of one side of their face they
pray for peace, while the other side of their face looks sideways at those whoquestion those in power – except those in power who happened to have adifferent skin tone. It has become difficult to find the difference between thosewho are lying and those who are not – where spinning their lies has become socommonplace as they spread their evil intentions onto their targeted victims. Today we find “entire nations” under the finger of our International Bankers,reflect here we have the select few wealthy that not only control thepopulations of our society but also have the power to keep their ruling entitiesoff the lists of the richest of our world. Are they primary contributors to ourway-of-life, not really they are serving the same function as your grandmothertin-can she buried in her backyard, albeit with a little more sophisticationcoupled with inventive ways cooked up by those highly educated men andwomen who were taught the manipulative ways to twist and turn the economy,lifting a bit here and there from the working class. Their function mimics thosesocieties that are run by despotic rulers whether they are the royals, fascists,Marxist, or our modern groups that control with fear, fear that has beengenerated by conservative think tanks promoting world domination by a raceor religious entities outside of a nations borders.It is becoming more and more evident that it is the tycoons of the multi-national or trans-national corporations and their paid for and owned mediaoutlets, that our world wide population is held in the grips of blatant “usury”, acriminal creation of select currencies, and the hoarding of our commoditiessuch as gold, food, energy and last but not least water. These demi-gods of industry strongly believe they will direct the future of all of mankind;unfortunately they do not yet hold sway over the entire world.If you do not believe for one small minute that if there were copious reservesof oil under the soil in Syria that NATO or some other Western force would befully involved in the conflict, think again. It may be there is no oil lying aboutin Syria, but keep in mind that it does represent a transportation route for theoil of the Middle East (Iraq especially) away from the present path through asmall stretch of water that Iran could make un-navigable in a short period of time. In other words there is a reason for the madness in Syria, couple thismadness with the not-so-secret funding of the rebels by the US and theEuropean Union and once again we have the makings of another push by the

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