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Published by dwhdirectbookings

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Published by: dwhdirectbookings on Jul 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Service Subscription Agreement
Service Subscription Agreement
is entered into between DirectWithHotels Ltd. (DWH) and the
Hotel Partner seeking to secure more direct bookings online because “direct” is most profitable &“online” is today’s way to book travel.
The DirectWithHotels Service
more visitors with online marketing that works
Conduct a Website audit to check for traffic improvement opportunities;2.
Conduct keyword research, selection, and integration into Hotel Website (requires FireTransfer Protocol access to the Hotel Website);3.
Set up and manage paid advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and Bing with a high-
converting Advertising Website to complement the Hotel’s website
Integrate Facebook “Like” button into Hotel Website;
Set up and enhance Hotel Partner’s ow
ner-verified listing on Google Places;6.
Integrate “Reserve Now” button into Hotel Partner’s ex
isting and active Facebook page (if any);7.
Submit Hotel Website URL to social bookmarking websites;8.
Create Foursquare account (requires that the Hotel partner claim the venue);9.
Submit online press release to promote the launch of DWH-powered Hotel Website;10.
Include Hotel Website’s Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in DWH’s Facebook and Twitter pages;
Provide assistance in getting listed on and managing popular Online Travel Agents (e.g. Agoda,Booking.com, Expedia).
visitors into bookers with a high-performing website and internet booking engine
Integrate high-converting Internet Booking Engine into Hotel Website and the AdvertisingWebsite, allowing Guests to reserve in 57 languages and pay using credit or debit cards;2.
Develop a mobile-friendly, hotel-branded Advertising Website for paid ad campaigns;3.
Manage cancellation and no-show charging via the secure storage of credit card details;4.
Secure credit card processing by VeriSign, and maintain Payment Card Industry-Data SecurityStandard (PCI-DSS) compliance as an online merchant;5.
Integrate a Google Map on your Hotel Website to improve location information;6.
Service Level Agreement of 99% uptime (not including scheduled maintenance) for the InternetBooking Engine.
increasing reservations with a simple, password-protected web interface
Provide web-based, password-protected Hotelier Interface (extranet) to manage roomavailability and rate plans;2.
Provide a centralized helpdesk for hotel support(hotelsupport@directwithhotels.com)and reservations support to your guests (should they get in contact with us directly)(reservations@directwithhotels.com); 3.
Access to real-time performance reports (revenue, reservations, and room nights);4.
Access to video tutorials for hotel staff to know how to manage the Hotelier Interface (i.eextranet);5.
Sharing of relevant industry articles, commentary, and best practices;6.
Service Level Agreement of 99% uptime (not including scheduled maintenance) for the HotelierInterface (i.e. extranet).
Service Subscription Agreement
Hotel Partner Commitments
Prioritize your Hotel Website
to generate more profitable revenue:1.1
Give your Hotel Website room inventory to sell until the Last Room Available (LRA);1.2
Configure at least 1 rate-plan for 14-month rolling availability (so that Guests trying tobook well in advance find rooms to buy);1.3
Practice rate & rate-plan parity such that your Hotel Website has rate plans(promotions, inclusions, etc.) and selling rates that are the same or lower than theOnline Travel Agents;2.
Give your brand visibility online
by listing with popular Online Travel Agencies (e.g. Agoda,Booking.com, Expedia, etc.);3.
Manage your brand online
by being responsive to reviews being written and posted onwebsites such as TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, etc.4.
Verify your Google Places page
, the authoritative source of content about your Hotel for Googlewebsites (including the increasingly important Google Hotel Finder):1.1
If a verified Google Places page exists, provide DWH with Google Places username andpassword for optimization (recommended but optional);1.2
If no verified Google Places page, DWH will create and optimize a Google Places page.The PIN code sent by Google to the Hotel Partner should be forwarded to DWH forowner verification of the Google Places page.
Win/Win Pricing
A performance-based 10% of room revenue (exclusive of taxes and fees) from direct bookingsinstantly confirmed via the DirectWithHotels Internet Booking Engine integrated into your HotelWebsite and Advertising Website.
Duration of agreement:
the duration of this agreement is for 1 year with automatic renewal ona yearly basis unless a notice of termination is served.2.
Termination of agreement:
either party may terminate this agreement at any time, for anyreason; a 60-day notice period is required to ensure proper turnover. The Hotel Partner mustcontinue to honor all bookings that have been made and will be made until the 60-day noticeperiod expires and all services have been properly deactivated. Failure to comply with theseterms of termination forfeits any remittances owing to the Hotel Partner on account of refundsand/or cancellation and no-show penalties that have been collected (if any).
Deactivation of Advertising Campaigns:
DWH reserves the right to deactivate any and alladvertising campaigns being managed and/or funded by DWH should room availability and/orrate-plan and rate parity commitments not be met by the Hotel Partner.
Collection of Cancellation & No-show penalty revenues:
DWH will exercise best efforts tocollect cancellation & no-show penalty revenues as they arise; should the Guest not honor hotelpolicies and refuse (via chargeback request to the bank that issued the credit card), and shouldDWH be unable to get the issuing bank to reverse the chargeback, then DWH will compensatethe Hotel Partner by refunding the 10% service fee on the booking in question.
Service Subscription Agreement
Limitation of liability:
should losses of any kind arise from the use of any
of DWH’s services,
under any circumstances, for any given period of time, the maximum liability owing to the HotelPartner under any ruling, legal or ot
herwise, shall not exceed 1 (one) month’s service fee (i.e.
the 10% service fee earned by DWH) for the month in which the issue first occurred.
this agreement may only be amended by mutual consent of both parties.
Version upgrades:
to optimize quality of service, DWH requires that all Hotel Partners use thelatest version of the system and services, provided at no additional cost to the hotel partner,unless advised differently by DWH.8.
except as authorized by this agreement, the Hotel Partner shall not:copy the products and/or services of DWH; cause or permit de-compilation or reverse assemblyof all or any portion of the DWH products and/or services; authorize or permit its employees,agents, contractors, or other third parties to access DWH products and services except aspermitted by this agreement.9.
Limitation of liability:
should any monetary losses arise from the use of any and all of DWH’s
services, under any circumstance, for any given period of time, the maximum liability owing tothe Hotel Partner by DWH will be either (a) the actual loss incurred as verified by DWH, or (b)the 10% service fee accrued during the 1 month prior to the start of the incident leading to anyloss, whichever is lower.10.
Intellectual Property:
the Hotel Partner agrees that it has no proprietary interest in anyintellectual property rights associated with DWH, including the copyright of all software, websitedesign, call-to-action buttons, instructional materials, and other works, which remain vested inand the absolute property of DWH.11.
the parties shall defend, indemnify, and hold each other (and their employees,officers, and directors) harmless from any and all losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and expensesincurred by any such indemnified parties as a result of or arising from any breach of thisagreement by the respective parties.12.
Governing Law:
this agreement will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the UnitedKingdom.13.
in the event of any dispute between the parties with respect to this agreement, thedispute shall be referred to and resolved in the United Kingdom via arbitration.14.
legal action or proceedings arising out of or in connection with this agreement
(“proceedings”), the parties hereby irrev
ocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courtsof the United Kingdom and waive any objection to proceedings on grounds that the proceedingshave been brought in an inconvenient forum.15.
This agreement is drawn up in the English language. Any translation into anotherlanguage is for interpretation and convenience only. In case of conflict between the Englishlanguage version and such translation, the English language version shall prevail.

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