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Robotics 2mark

Robotics 2mark

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Published by isirajudeen17

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Published by: isirajudeen17 on Jul 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prepared by,
I.Sirajudeen,Asst. Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering
Checked & Verified by,
S. Malik Raj,Professor & Head of Dept,Department of Mechanical Engineering
1. Name the FOUR basic robot configurations.a) Cartesian coordinate systemb) Cylindrical coordinate systemc) Polar or spherical coordinate systemd) Revolute coordinate system2. List out the types of joint Notation.(a) Linear joint,(b) Rotational joint,(c) Twisting joint,(d) Revolving joint.3. What is meant by a work envelope?The work envelope is described by the surface of the work space. It depends upon the number of typesof joints, physical types of joints and links and the range of various joints.4. Sketch a robot and name its parts.1. Manipulator (Robot arm)2. End effector3. Controller4. Gripper5. Actuator5. What is meant by workspace?The space in which the end point of the robot arm is capable of operating is called as workspace inother words, reach ability of robot arm is known as workspace.6. What is meant by degeneracy?
Some robots, though, do have a certain joint arrangement in their final orientation joints that canlead to redundancy for certain orientations.
Most industrial robots have 6 or less joints, thus, redundancy is not inherent to their design.7. List the various types of robot drive system for industrial robots1. Electric drive:(a) DC motor; (b) Servomotor; (c) Stepper motor2. Pneumatic drive3. Hydraulic drive8. Sketch and indicate the type of any rotating joints used in robots.
Sketch a twisting joint.Rotational (R):
9. What are the types of hydraulic actuators used in robotics?(i) Piston cylinder,(ii) Swing motor,(iii) Hydraulic motor
10. What is meant by robot anatomy?
The robot anatomy is the study of structure of robot that is physical construction of the manipulator'sstructure.
The mechanical structure of manipulator that consists of rigid bodies (links) connected by means of  joints, is segmented into arm that ensures mobility and reachability, a wrist that confers orientation,and an end effectors that performs the required task11. What are the three degrees of freedom associated with the arm and body motion?Three degrees of freedom associated with the arm andbody motion are:
Right (or) Left movement (X-axis motion)
In and out movement (Y -axis motion)
Vertical movement (Z-axis motion)12. Define the term work envelope.
Work envelop is defined as the envelope (or) space within which the robot canmanipulate the end of the wrist.
A robot's work envelope is the range of movement13. Give some application of robots in industries.(a) Material Handling Application(i) Material transfer application(ii) Machine loading/unloading application.(b) Process Application(i) Welding(ii) Painting(iii) Assembly(iv) Machining(v) Inspection14. How do you specify a robot?(i) Speed; (ii) Actuator(iii) Payload; (iv) Repeatability(v) Accuracy; (vi) Reliability(vii) Manipulator; (viii) End effector-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1. State any two techniques used for object recognition.a) Template matchingb) Structural Technique2. Write about Hall Effect sensors.When a beam of charged particles passes through a magnetic field forces act on the particles and thebeam is deflected from the straight line path a current flowing in a conductor is like a beam of moving chargesand thus can be defined by magnetic field

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