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Indonesia Water Supply and Sanitation Magazine PERCIK December 2004 Kaleidoscope 2004

Indonesia Water Supply and Sanitation Magazine PERCIK December 2004 Kaleidoscope 2004

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Published by Oswar Mungkasa

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Published by: Oswar Mungkasa on Jul 05, 2012
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Information Media for Water Supply andEnvironmental Sanitation
Director General for Urban andRural Development, Ministry of Settlementand Regional Infrastructure
Board of Head:
Director of Human Settlement and Housing,National Development Planning AgencyRepublic of IndonesiaDirector of Water and Sanitation,Ministry of HealthDirector of Urban and Rural Eastern Region,Ministry of Settlement and RegionalInfrastructureDirector of Natural Resources and AppropriateTechnology, Director General on Village andCommunity Empowerment,Ministry of Home AffairsDirector for Facilitation of Special PlanningEnvironment Management,Ministry of Home Affairs
Chief Editor:
Oswar Mungkasa
Board of Editor:
Hartoyo, Johan Susmono, Indar Parawansa,Poedjastanto
Maraita Listyasari, Rewang Budiyana,Rheidda Pramudhy, Joko Wartono,Essy Asiah, Mujiyanto
Rudi Kosasih
 Anggie Rifki
Jl. Cianjur No. 4, Menteng, Jakarta PusatPhone/Fax.: 62-21-31904113e-mail: redaksipercik@yahoo.comredaksi@ampl.or.idoswar@bappenas.go.id
Unsolicited article or opinion itemsare welcome. Please send to our addressor e-mail. Don't forget to be brief and accom- panied by identity.
Cover by Rudi Kosasih
From Editor
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Main Report
Muddle within Bantar Gebang TPA Unearthed3Flood Swept Across Indonesia4Questioning Government's Responsibility5The community is in short of clean water6Looking for Alternative Water Source7Refillable Bottled Water under Spotlight8Even Ditch and Wallowing Pond Are Sources for Consumption Water9Flares at TSPT Bojong10 An Egg About To Hatch112004, the Year of Implementation of National Policy for the Developmentof Community Based Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation13Glimpses of WASPOLA Activities 200415 Water and Sanitation Program (ProAir)for Rural Population of Nusa Tenggara Timur17 WSLIC Phase 218CWSH18
The Implementation of National Policy for WSS Development in November 200419Consigment of Formulation of National Policy for WSS Development21 Workshop on the study of the Dissemination Implementationof National Policy for WSSDevelopment21 Workshop for Small Scale Water Provider21
 About WSS
 Workshop of Community Water Supply and Health (CWSH) Project22Formulation of Draft of Government Regulation on Drinking WaterSupply and Sanitation Development 22Dissemination of the National Policy for the Development of Community Based Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation23Pesentation of Winner Candidates for Scientific Article Writing Competition23Consolidation Workshop WSLIC-2 Project Management Report24Official Dedication of WSLIC-2 Project in Kabupaten Lumajang24
is Embarrased25
Infrastructure as Nation's Unifier29
Human Quality and Sanitation Infrastructure Development in Indonesia31RT/RW Institution as Coordinator in Community Based Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Management34Strategy for Community Awareness Improvement38Once Again About Privatization42
Basic Sanitation Coverage Rating by Kabupaten/Kota in 200247
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ime has flown without we beingaware of. Now we have come tothe very end of 2004. Not a beau-tiful present is what we get this end of  year. A superlative degree of disaster,instead. More than a hundred thousandof our brothers and sisters in Aceh andNorth Sumatra were victims of nature'smighty force, earthquakes and the fol-lowing tidal waves. Is that God's dis-pleasure or His demonstration? Only Godknows best. What is certain is, this disas-ter should make us aware about the reali-ty of life is that as Servant of God we shallnever walk imperiously arrogant, do behave humbly into God's mercy, instead.Besides, this disaster should move us tolend our hand, help our mireable bro-thers and sisters. And let us pray thatsuch a disaster will never come again. Amien. Acehnese Misery, Our Misery.Dear Reader. As usual, many who usethe end of Gregorian calendar year as amilestone where annual report and at thesame time evaluation of the progressmade within the year, is summarized intorecord. Was it a success, a half success, ora failure.
of this edition comes in aslightly different format. We want toinvite the readers to look back into vari-ous events that happened in this year inrelation to water supply and environmen-tal sanitation in general, and the WSS working group activity, in particular. Wehope some changes would happen in thenext year. Of course a change towardsimprovement. Prevent it, anything thathappened last year is repeated this year.If things like this happen then we belongto the disgraced.Dear readers, the portrait of events of the year are specially presented in themain feature. The title is WSS Kalei-doscope 2004. Beside that we want topresent to you how far has the NationalPolicy for Community Based WSSDevelopment been moving and what isthe progress in Institutionally BasedDevelopment Policy. These two policiesare vital for WSS development becausesince the birth of this nation we havenever had a national policy for this sector. We also want to see the glimpses of WSSprojects such as ProAir, WSLIC-2, andCWSH have been doing.Not to be forgotten,
made aninterview with Suyono Dikun, Deputy forInfrastructure, Bappenas on Infrastruc-ture of Indonesia. As we know, WSSdevelopment has some linkage with theexisting infrastructure condition. Morethan that, in January 2005 we are goingto organize an event called InfrastructureSummit. Of course we want to know whatIndonesia expects from organizing suchan event. What is different from the usual is thereportase. In the present edition thecolumn is filled with report from field visit to Bangladesh and India. The la-nguage style is different from the usual,including its length. We hope that by reading the reportase the readers wouldgo together and feel the heartbeat of the journey. We also present to you the result of the acticle writing competition. Besidethe winner, other articles worthy of pre-sentation and useful for the readers willalso be presented in the next editions.
 Merry Christmas 2004and Happy New Year 2005
December 2004
WSS working group

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