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09Meister Eckhart Strassburg

09Meister Eckhart Strassburg

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Published by Markus Vinzent

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Published by: Markus Vinzent on Jul 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Meister Eckhart‘s Straßburger Jahrzehnt, ed. Andr
s Quero-S
nchez / Georg Steer(Meister-Eckhart-Jahrbuch, 2), Stuttgart 2008, ISBN 978-3-17-020175-0, 363pp.Locating Eckhart has become a focus of contemporary research, mainly due to there-shaping of the chronology of Eckhart’s works. In more than just focussing on acity and a time span of Eckhart’s biography, the present publication on Eckhartand Strasbourg is a follow up to the other volume on Meister Eckhart in Erfurt, ed.Andreas Speer / Lydia Wegener (Miscellanea Mediaevalia, 32), Berlin / New York2005, comprising contributions such as: Andreas Speer, Zwischen Erfurt und Paris:Eckharts Projekt im Kontext. Mit einer Bibelauslegung zu Sap. 7,7-10 und Joh. 1,11-13 (3-33); Georg Steer, Meister Eckharts deutsche
in seinerErfurter Zeit (34-55); Freimut ser, Meister Eckhart in Bewegung. Dasmittelalterliche Erfurt als Wirkungszentrum der Dominikaner im Licht neuererFunde (56-74); Helmut G. Walther, Ordensstudium und theologische Profilbildung.Die
Studia generalia
in Erfurt und Paris an der Wende vom 13. zum 14. Jahrhundert(75-94); Wouter Goris, Die Freiheit des Denkens. Meister Eckhart und die Pariser Tradition (283-297); Loris Sturlese, Hat es ein Corpus der deutschen PredigtenMeister Eckharts gegeben? Liturgische Beobachtungen zu aktuellen philosophie-historischen Fragen (393-408); exactly half of the number of authors had alsocontributed to this 2005 publication: Loris Sturlese, Walter Senner, Freimut Löser,Dagmar Gottschall, Georg Steer, Burkhard Hasebrink, Marie-Anne Vannier,compared to the additional contributors to the 2008 vol.: Karl Heinz Witte, IrmgardKampmann, Martina Wehrli-Johns, Alois Maria Haas, Andres Quero-S
nchez,Fateme Rahmati, Cornelia Rizek-Pfister.On Loris Sturlese, Meister Eckhart und die
cura monialium
: Kritische Anmerkungenzu einem forschungsgeschichtlichen Mythos (1-16): This is another of Sturlese’s rather short (albeit not too short) papers that, thereviewer presumes, will revolutionise Eckhart scholarship (in the preface, thepaper is characterised as a contribution with the ‘power of a fanfare’, vii) and willbe widely accepted – doing away with the fundamental assumption that Eckhartwas mainly involved into the ‘cura monialium’ during the so-called Strasbourgtimes. Or even more, the author is removing the myth of a Strasbourg time of Eckhart alltogether. A close re-evaluating of the small evidence basis of threedocuments makes it obvious: Eckhart has not been continuously in Strasbourg fora longer period, but has been sent their on three particular missions, 1314, 1316and again in 1322; and instead of being involved in looking after legals orpreaching in female monasteries, he seems to have been lecturing (presumably atthe General Studies, Cologne) as professor of theology and preaching to people, asthe former was a master’s and the latter the typical Dominican’s job. A strikingsupport for Sturlese’s review of the opinio communis is given in the first documentof 1314 where Eckhart carries the title ‘professor of theology’. Although I wouldnot go as far as Sturlese that this document can ‘in no way’ support Eckhart’sinvolvement into the
cura monialium
– the fact of him being one of the witnessesin a legal affair proves just the opposite – I can agree to the author’s opinion thatnothing makes us believe that this involvement was either of permanent nature oreven required a longer stay of Eckhart in Strasbourg, but rather attests to the

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