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Magic Success Secrets

Magic Success Secrets

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Published by Arun Bhat

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Published by: Arun Bhat on Jul 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Magic Success Secrets
Written by Charles Moorehead
This ebook contains a collection of magic success secrets that can help ordinarypeople achieve great things in life. These achievements may include takingcharge of your life, increasing your personal power, choosing meaningful goals,overcoming barriers to action, and getting the tough jobs done.This material is derived from my breakthrough revelations about the true natureof life and reality, insights from training and using my subconscious mind, mypersonal experiences in life, and related common knowledge.As noted in the above title, this ebook is also about magic. The magic is derivedfrom my above revelations and insights. Some of this magic was used to createthe success secrets themselves. The rest of the magic was used in providing waysto put these success secrets to everyday use.The following chapters in this ebook provide a program to guide your personaldevelopment and your use of these insights and success secrets. I believe thisprogram can help you in many ways. Perhaps you will even achieve the kind of life you have always wanted.
Putting these success secrets to use
After you have begun increasing yourpersonal powers, you probably want to try improving your life. You can use mywebsite that shows many ways to have more money. It has information on low-cost, low-risk business ideas, ways to earn extra money, ways to reduce yourliving expenses, and a systematic plan for starting your own small business.You can access this free website at http://www.MoneyMagic1-2-3.com. 
You must be willing to accept full responsibility for your own success orfailure in using this program. See the important notices on the Disclaimer  page.
Copyright © 2011 by Charles Moorehead. All rights reserved worldwide.
Preface: How to Use This Ebook
This ebook is focused on a self-empowerment program (consisting of 20chapters) meant to help you to a better life. The other subjects in this ebook provide supporting information about the program and this ebook.This subject should help you use this ebook as efficiently as possible.
 example, the navigating topic shows various ways to get around in this ebook. Since this ebook has a great deal of material, you might want a quick introductionto the basis and scope of that material. Then you might want areview of thechapters in the program.Finally, you might want to see the various ways thisprogram canimprove your life.
Navigating this ebook
There are various links scattered throughout this ebook that let you jump to theindicated subject, topic, subtopic, definition, or outside website. The links in theTable of Contentstake you to the first page of all the subjects in this ebook.
 end of each subjecthas links to the top of the subject and the Table of Contents.In addition to the various links, you can use the arrows in the PDF readercommand bar to jump to the next page or the previous page. You also candisplay thumbnails of the pages in this ebook and click on a thumbnail to jump to that page.
Getting a quick introduction

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