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Marijuana Man

Marijuana Man

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Published by Cameron Davis
Smart kids who smoke weed are honor roll bound. At least, Bernard thought so. So he posted up every day and sold marijuana to the Ocoee High School students...
Smart kids who smoke weed are honor roll bound. At least, Bernard thought so. So he posted up every day and sold marijuana to the Ocoee High School students...

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Published by: Cameron Davis on Jul 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Marijuana Man
Based on a True Story
Smart kids who smoke weed are honor roll bound. At least, Bernard thought so.So he posted up every day and sold marijuana to the Ocoee High School students.He even had inside jobs, students who sold marijuana inside the school, hiding theillegal substance in their lockers.Bernard didn't live far from the school, just a skip and a hop away from thesidewalks kids walked home on. Bernard believed in secrets. He'd tell students, "Igraduated from Ocoee 3 years ago." Ocoee was his Alma Mater, talk about givingback to the community. How about it?"Never get caught," Bernard told his workers. "And if you do, you nevermet me. Its important that you understand that." Mind games he played on theseimpressionable minds. Because the only thing on his mind was money. Nothingcould compete with that. Nothing could come close.Orange Kush born in Cali then tamed out of State. This is the kind of weeddope boy Bernard sold. Florida boy moved product in and out of his crib like aninfant. Savage shit. All day everyday. Bernard got strategic with time. Strageyhelped dodge the Fed's. No lie, Bernard was raking in $2,000 per week.He was Marijuana Man.
When things were smooth, the streetz got hot. Ocoee High busted one ortwo kids with marijuana on there possesion. Then all hell broke lose when one of Bernard's workers got busted after a German Shepherd weeded out his locker. TheK-9 Unit broke the lock, finding marijuana."Shit is Bullshit!" said he. Theo never thought he'd get caught slangingdope. But here he was; The law had tracked down his locker; now he was sittingwith an officer with questions marks."Where did the marijuana come from?" asked the cop."None of your Beeswax.""Tell us where you got it and we can drop charges.""I stole it from a drug dealer." Bernard told his workers to say this in anemergency. Theo considered this an emergency.
 Bernard got his shopping on. Shopaholics go on shopping sprees. Mr. Stacks onDeck, you could call him that. Bernard kept a bank roll on his person now. Hehadn't sold weed for a minute, decided to let the drug game cool down. A bag of Polo shirts and True Religion jeans he carried to the crib. One bad bitch with himat all times. By now, niggaz were starting to talk. Broke niggaz gotta talk aboutsomething. Real talk.Bernard never remembered feeling this real. Couldn't nobody tell him shit.You might as well cut his ears off. Cut his eyes out because he didn't see anybody.G-Shit.
Bernard recently recieved word that Theo was busted on possesion chargesby the County. Theo was up for bail. The money was not a problem. Risking hisidentity was. He needed a scheme."A you know a Haitian kid I can talk to?" he asked his phone. "I think everyBlack person Haitian. Ain't it.""I'm Haitian." said Bob, his former worker. "What you need something?""I need a Haitian man around 40 years old to bail Theo out. Make it seemlike the Christian father bailing out Rebellious son.""My dad dead but I got a Uncle who could do it. We'll want some cash Zo.""Gottcha. Think you can do it today?"
 She kissed Bernard on his cheek, another bad bitch for the pleasure of his succees.She was a little older than his other chicken heads. Bernard liked that. "So Whereyou from shorty?" he asked."Winter Garden. Tell me how you got gray hair doe?" The door bell rung."Runs in my genes. Wisdom and luck." But Bernard knew the true reasonwhy. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger; but what doesn't kill you givesyou gray hair.Bernard shook dap with Theo at the door, glad to see his best employee outof jail. Out on bail. The Haitian plot was a success. The cops didn't suspectnothing when a middle age Haitian man came barging in speaking in tongues howdissapointed he was of his Church son.

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