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Becoming a Golden Being for a Golden Age-Sanat Kumara

Becoming a Golden Being for a Golden Age-Sanat Kumara



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Published by GoddessLight

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Published by: GoddessLight on Jan 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blessings!This is information shared by Sanat Kumara as we all opened the 11:11Doorway. We offer it in great honor and respect for the Work already done, theCommitment to continue, and the Passion to complete.
Wishing you the Love and Bliss of Creation, JoAnneCradle Of Light
Sanat KumaraPrecious Friends throughout the Expression of Time, Our meeting again is notpure happenstance, as you have called at this preordained intercept ofdimensions Time and Space. We have created with Light the Golden AgesThroughout the human experience, and are now poised to create again. We havecommunicated and connected as individual photons of light, always part of thesame wave. We sometimes travel alone to the farthest voids in order to bringLight, and as waves do, we join and merge throughout the myriad Expressionsof Time.And now we meet again on this powerful undulation to create our Kingdom ofLight. This Kingdom is of Luminescent substance to be shared by all who seekthis Kingdom, and commit to it. Let us explore this realm, just as we create it.How does one approach, and then live, in this kingdom? Why is this destinationso important, this Creation of the Seventh Golden Age?These are questions emanating from the group consciousness of those committedto this destination, and committed to this life as well as those sensing they mustbe moving, toward where, they do not know. Know that all questions shall beanswered, for in the answering lies the Illumination. The faith and commitmentis substantial, and sufficient at this time, to embark on this journey. The MagicalTimeline of Earth development and growth into Light is at the heightenedfrequency to allow this transmutation. While this is a chosen destiny anddestination, present moment awareness holds the power that shapes the Danceof group Reality. As one's awareness is developed, it becomes a Tool of the Light,A Bridge of crystalline golden substance through which the Perfected destination
may be known.Bridging consciousness with reality is a sublime choice of Leaders of Spirit, andopens one to the Ancient Future proposition of the Golden Present. An assistivecommunication tool is already present in the human structure. A fine goldenfilament of Light, a vestige of a powerful tool developed in previous GoldenAges, now lies sleeping in the human cranium. This filament bridges the pinealgland with the pituitary, and forms a triangle at the base of the skull with anetheric golden quartz. A constant flow of information for perfecting the internaland external consciousness is conducted through this filament. When fullydeveloped, its energy flows unimpeded through the third eye and the throatcenter in the light dynamics of the Golden Number brought forth by many wiseentities throughout the earth experience. So this energy is brought into the entityat the crystalline structure at the base of the skull, communicates with both thepineal and pituitary glands, and its vibration increased as it is transmitted andfocused through the centers of the Creative Word. This allows the PerfectedInternal Light to equilibrate externally. Thus the individual contributes to theWhole of the Body of Source. In this Body lies the Golden Age, the City of Lightpromised to all who choose this Illumination of Experience. This Illumination isspiritual but also manifests in the physical. As this filament increases itsconductivity and its capacity for Light, it becomes brilliant, almostphosphorescent. Light truly manifests into form, for if the internal structures ofthe Illuminated entity's brain could be observed in a darkened room, the white-golden glow of this filament is visible. Know that your Light is visible to thoseworking with you from these realms as we create this new Perfected merging.The choosing of life in Shamballa sparks the interdimensional doorways that liewithin the human form, and allow Communion with the Consciousness of theUniverse. In the connection, the melding of present awareness with the UnifiedConsciousness, one experiences Divine Bliss and the absolute comprehension of"As Above, So Below". For the Golden Human, the corollary to this is "AsWithout, So Within". The Heaven within manifests as Shamballa, the seventhDimension golden age that flows as Currency of Spirit and Light Manifest.The Human body is mutable, and rides in individuated and groupconsciousness. These Shamballa Temples can achieve multidimensional reality,and so many exist in the fourth through the seventh dimension as easily as theyexist in the third. And in these Light evolutions, the Temple Perfects. This steadyinflow of Light substance creates an upwardly spiraling vortex, which as it spins,vibrates as higher and higher Light and thus higher frequencies. The Door toShamballa is opened by the intensity of the Light so Source may be lived asUnity in and of Consciousness. Through this elevation, transmutation of polarityoccurs. Precious Harmony emerges again. The goal of most energy is harmony,
the equilibration of flow, of balancing polarities, of power through Light. Notethat there IS great power in harmony, a concept that may be unconsidered to thispoint. The energies merge while remaining individuated, and the currents swellwithout opposing forces, until All Is One.There are tools available throughout the dimensions that will assist the dedicatedseeker of Shamballa. One tool offered by the EarthPlane crystal kingdom are thequartz crystals referred to as Golden Healers, particularly those brought forthfrom the large waterways, including the ancient oceans. These crystals holdblueprints of this golden age energy. The piezoelectric charge held by individualcrystals is communicated across the Earth, on the surface and in the Treasurescontained within. Becoming aware and focused toward this energy field permitsthe entrainment of the personal energy fields and contributes to the Unified Fieldof consciousness. Through this communication, one may receive aninterdimensional crystal attuned to the path of the individual entity. In theharmonized energy state, one may ask and receive. Shamballa is found in thesingular spark, the individual temple, and throughout dimensions. In order tohold this perfected energy state and level of consciousness, the Master mustaccept Perfection in Self, with Source, and Recognize with absolute clarity thatthis is already so. The energy states and lessons of the tribes of humanity haveprovided much growth through the energetic conflicts that have been played outover time. In the Now comes the recognition of Other as Self.This acceptance and recognition adds to higher vibration of the individualphotons contributing to Universal Light. The Golden Ages are created from thishigh frequency Light Substance. The contribution of the One Dedicated Master tothis Creation is essential. Shamballa does not rise from this mist without thisbelief and purity of Self. Its Light is as brilliant as the HeartLight of Source andthe individual Creator. In this Golden Age, Creation and Creator can never beseparated. From this illumination rises the City of Gold, our Kingdom of Light.The 11:11 Doorway is of significance to the realization of this Kingdom of Light.All of the information available on the vibration of Master Numbers, and theTemple Towers holds the foundation for this Doorway. From this point ofIllumination, an energetic expansion of the presently known is offered. TheKnowledge that is Light Itself presents to assist this Opening.First, the individual entity must recognize the microcosmic mirroring of theUniversal macrocosm. As one is a photon, a particle of Light, a SourceSpark, so isone an entire Universe. The levels one searches to attain are already manifestwithin the Self. Again, as the individual perfects this Light and attainsconsciousness of these expanded levels, so is the Temple realized and recreated.In this recreation lies manifestation. Harmonic Power is the vibratory ignition

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