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Path to Satan

Path to Satan



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Published by The Project Pleroma

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Published by: The Project Pleroma on Jan 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The path to Satan
Unlock the infernal wisdom
Written by:
Priest :Emperor Nuctulius( S.A.A)7/7/2007
[content: 26-coition in ritual1-introduction2-infernal verses 27- blood3-rules4-the temple 28-dark seed5commitment6-black mass (blaspheme) 29- after the child born7-luciferian cross ritual8- protection ritual 30-after death9-baphomet ritual10-black flame ritual 31-the path11-satanic holidays12-hymns 32- satanic chants13-invocation to Satan14- the infernal alphabet 33-satanic wedding15-incantation for destruction16-the path 34-how to breed thou child17-the tongue of Lucifer18-the seal of Lucifer 35-the tears of the falling god19-charging ritual tools 36-desecrating20-moloch ritual of sacrifice 37-the words of evil21-rite to Lilith 38-unite22-the infernal empire 39-the keys23-the seven grand dukes24-the grand ministers and the secret infernal counsels25- spiritus familiares of the infernal empire
τηισ βοτηισ βοτηισ βοτηισ βο
ατη το σαταατη το σαταατη το σαταατη το σατα
κ ωασ ωριττεν ιν βκ ωασ ωριττεν ιν βκ ωασ ωριττεν ιν βκ ωασ ωριττεν ιν β
τηισ βοοκ ωαστηισ βοοκ ωαστηισ βοοκ ωαστηισ βοοκ ωασ
For several centuries, weWho came unto us to muniverse, and we have tBut In fact their god spreWe know that SATANcreate,In fact god couldn’t challSATAN, most powerfulhis knees to ADAM! Butgod, to down on his kneThe answer:No of course.No one can make the prione even to god him selfInjustice god.So, the prince of darknesfaking god, and he said:
ριττεν ωιτη ανριττεν ωιτη ανριττεν ωιτη ανριττεν ωιτη αν ασασασασλυχιφερλυχιφερλυχιφερλυχιφεριντροδυχτιονιντροδυχτιονιντροδυχτιονιντροδυχτιον ::::
saw prophets who came ike us believe that there is gworship him.ad the chaos and blood byas the king of angels but frenge Lord SATAN becaushan he is, and he order tois this justice to make the gs?ce of darkness to down os
decided to reject the unju
ιστανχε φροµιστανχε φροµιστανχε φροµιστανχε φροµ
the name of god.od who created thisilling people.m fire he washe knew thatATAN to down onreat SATAN, thehis knees to anytified actions of the

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