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Audit Checklist for NDE Company

Audit Checklist for NDE Company

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Published by Alex Hwang

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Published by: Alex Hwang on Jul 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Need for Auditor Training & Qualification2.
Audit Management3.
Audit Process4.
Checklist- develop & qualify5.
Audit Meetings6.
Audit Report & result- Follow-up actions7.
Introduction to commonly used NDT methods8.
NDT Process- Audit Criteria9.
Facility & Equipment Audit10.
NDT Personnel Audit11.
NDT performance qualification12.
NDT documentation review13.
NDT Audit exercise- Plan, develop checklist, conduct and report Audit
No Descriptions / Areas of audit Comply? Remark1.0 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
1.1 Check organization structure1.2 Is there an ISO 9001 quality management system inplace?1.3 Is there a document control system?1.4 Is there a record control system?1.5 Is there a system for control nonconformity?
 2.1 Program for training and qualify NDE personnel2.2 Vision test for NDE personnel2,3 Review master list of NDE personnel2.4 Verify NDE personnel qualification records2.5 Spot check the NDE personnel on the job (if possible)for the acceptance criteria, procedure etc
 3.1 Check master list of NDE equipments3.2 Check list inventory report of NDE consumables (forMPI & PT)3.3 Check NDE Equipments certificate3.4 Check calibration certificate of NDE equipments3.5 Check certificate and expiry of consumables3.6 Check dark room and film processing facilities (doorarrangement to prevent light, processing tanks andrecords of chemical etc)3.7 Check film viewing facility3.8 Storage of radiation source3.9
 4.1 Are the NDE procedures in place and reviewed,approved by level 3?4.2 Are the NDE procedures communicated andunderstood by NDE personnel?4.3 Are the NDE acceptance criteria understood by NDEpersonnel?
 5.1 Is there any license from nuclear energy agency forradiography activities?5.2 Is there a procedure for control the radiation safety?5.3 Does the procedure include emergency response forradiation accident?5.4 Does radiation source certify by local authority?
No Descriptions / Areas of audit Comply? Remark
5.5 Check the safety equipments (signage, warning light,audible warning etc)5.6 Are all RT personnel trained about radiation safety?5.7 Is gamma source stored in adequate location and safefrom fire?5.8 Are there any safety PPE and equipment foremergency case (PPE, lead bag, pliers,5.95.10
Radiation safety procedure2.
NDE procedures3.
Spot checks on NDE operators on the job (the acceptance criteria for weld defects as visual defect,reinforcement).4.
Emergency procedure for the source and X-ray machine. Lead bag, goggle, pliers, radioactive survey meter,(Radiation detector), (film barge). And certificate of all equipments. All RT personnel must be aware about theseprocedures and equipments.Warning, signage, barricade etcDoes Radiography need to be approved by Nuclear energy authority?The container must not be stored in fire-risk place, emergency also must consider the fire case as the lead willmelt easily.Disposal of chemical (for film processing)5.
Control the absorbed dosage for RT operator. Radiographic safety training for personnel6.
UT: equipment must be calibrated and have certificates, calibration blocks also must have calib cert, transducer,
cable cert…Ask operator the function and application of each transducer…
List of personnel and certificates; test the ability of NDE personnel8.
RT personnel have safety Radioactive certificate; the usage of equipments, maintenance schedule9.
Disposal of the chemical using for film processing, how to prevent impact on environment?10.
Check list of Source before testing11.
Container certificate12.
Certificate of the source, certificate issued by nuclear department.13.
MT/PT: certificate of the PT consumable, expiry.
 A. Manuacturing Specifications And Standards
Does the Fabricator/ Manufacturer have a copy of CLIENT specifications and are the Fabricator's personnel familiar with thesespecifications?
Does the Fabricator/Manufacturer have a latest copy of AWS D1.1?
Does the Fabricator/Manufacturer have copies of all the current relevant material specifications (e.g. ASTM)?
Does the Fabricator/Manufacturer have personnel that are knowledgeable and experienced with the material codes andspecifications?
Is there a written procedure in place to disseminate specification requirements and changes to appropriate personnel?
B. Reading / interpreting shop drawings
Does the Fabricator/Manufacturer have personnel capable of supervising, evaluating and coordinating shop drawing preparationand review?
Do the shop drawings for current work denote materials to be utilized in the final structure?
Do the shop drawings for the current work denote NDT requirements for the various welded connections?
Do the materials and processes specified or indicated on the shop drawings for current work agree with the associated contractdocuments material requirements for work ongoing in the shop?
C. Drawing Control
Does the Fabricator or Manufacturer have a written procedure for tracking design drawings.
Does the tracking procedure utilized trace each phase from drawing preparation, showing receipt, submittal for approval,approval, re-submittals and date sent to shop for fabrication?
Do the shop plans for current work correspond to the latest revision?
D. Work Order
Job control
Does the Fabricator/Manufacturer have an established job control number and identification system for all work in production orcompleted?
Does the Fabricator/Manufacturer have an established identification system in place that clearly denotes material or fabricatedcomponents accepted by in-house QC?
Does the Fabricator/Manufacturer have an established identification system in place that clearly denotes fabricated componentsrequiring repairs or corrections?
Is all received correspondence marked with a distinguishable identifying mark?
 Are correspondence files maintained and segregated for each project?
Is received correspondence stamped, dated and initialed by personnel responsible for the evaluation and implementation of thetechnical content?
E. Material Procurement & Subcontracts
 Are purchase orders or any other types of material procurement forms on file for verification and documentation of the orders?
 Are all materials ordered or procured to the required standards and specifications specified in the corresponding contractdocuments?
Do the Fabricator’s or Manufacturer’s procurement documents require that his suppliers must furnish material testing reports(MTR’s)?
Do the procurement documents state how the material should be marked and identified?
 Are procedures in place to assure that subcontracted fabrication is ordered to contract requirements?
F. Material Receiving
Is there an established written procedure for the reception of materials and subassemblies?
 Are reception inspections done to all incoming materials and subassemblies arriving at this facility?
 Are purchase orders or any other types of material procurement documents available to the Receiving

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