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DNA Activation and Expansion

DNA Activation and Expansion



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Published by GoddessLight

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Published by: GoddessLight on Jan 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DNA Activation and Expansion
Now I would like you to take a few deep breaths, and asyou breathe in, just bring your attention on the space aboveyour head. This is where your higher chakras are. It doesn’tmatter that you don’t know where they are, they ARE in thespace above your head. So, just allow the energy of Unconditional Love, and the energy of Light to flow into you,with each of your in-breaths, and with the out-breaths, justallow the confusion, the anxiety, any fear that you mayhave, just allow the stresses and strains of life on planetEarth to actually leave you and be transmuted into Love.(Pause)So, as we go with each in-breath, just feel that Love, just feel that Light flowing in, flowing in, and with your out-breaths, just allow all that confusion to leave you. You can also at this time focus on your Higher HeartChakra, which is just above your physical heart, and just feelthe energy moving there, in that Higher Heart Chakra, thethymus gland. It is only through this thymus gland that youdo feel the Love. It is only through this thymus gland thatyou can actually experience true Unconditional Love. So,with each in-breath, allow yourself to feel this Love. Triggerthe Light, trigger the Light, the Light, the Light. Trigger theLove, Trigger the Love, the Love, the Love.And I’d like you to now imagine yourselves as being a
double-terminated crystal, that is, a crystal with a point oneach end. The top point of this crystal is one hand’s lengthabove your head. The bottom point of this crystal is onehand’s length below your feet. (It doesn’t matter that youmay be sitting or lying or standing.) So now this crystal isyour crystalline Light Body.With each of your in-breaths, I would like you to see,feel, imagine, allow – for understand that seeing, feeling,imagining, allowing are not different from each other.Imagination is visualization. So, see, feel, visualize, allowthis double-terminated crystal to become activated with theenergy of Love. As you breathe in, see this crystal startingto pulsate with Light, see this crystal starting to pulsate withLove. And with each in-breath, see it building in energy.See, feel the Love, feel the Light pouring into you. Triggerthe Light, the Light, the Light. Trigger the Love, trigger theLove, the Love, the Love.Now, see another double-terminated crystal (or acrystal with a point on each end) going through this firstcrystal right where your Heart Chakra is, horizontally. Seethis new crystal, also, with your in-breaths, being energizedwith the energies of Unconditional Love and the energies of undifferentiated Light. Trigger the Light, trigger the Light,the Light, the Light. Trigger the Love, trigger the Love, theLove, the Love. Just keep breathing, and allowing, seeing, imagining,
visualizing, and again, as you breathe in, both these crystalsare becoming energized with the energies of UnconditionalLove and the energies of Light. Now let us see these crystalsspin, turn, you choose which way you are going to spin thesecrystals. And again, we’re going to work with breath. As youspin these crystals, every time you breathe in see the spin orthe turning getting faster, and as the speed builds up, seethe crystals becoming further energized with the energies of Love and the energies of LightSo, now the crystals are spinning, spinning; turning,turning, turning – and becoming even more energized withthe energies of Love, becoming more energized with theenergies of Light. So now, as we spin these crystals, wedidn’t tell you that we’re going inside our own bodies usingthis crystalline Light Body. We’re going to shrink thiscrystalline Light Body until it is so small that you may passthrough the wall of a single cell of your physical body. Sonow with each of the out-breaths, see, feel, imagine, allowyourselves to become smaller, smaller, smaller – shrinking,shrinking – smaller, smaller, to the size of a pinhead, smallerto the size of a speck of dust. Now shrinking, shrinking,smaller than a speck of dust, down to the size of a bacteria,a virus, a microbe, and smaller – shrinking, shrinking,shrinking.And now we ask you to go into one single cell of yourphysical body. Go through the wall of the cell. You are so

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