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The Unseen

The Unseen

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The Unseen By Muhammad Metwaly Sharawi
The Unseen By Muhammad Metwaly Sharawi

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Published by: ISLAMICULTURE on Jan 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Muhammad Mitwaly Ash-Sha'rawy
In the Name of Allah
The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful
The Unseen

After praising Allah and praying for the bestowal of blessings and peace upon our master, the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, I beg Allah that these issuing books from my library be a step taken on the path of guidance and a light that may illumine the way towards Faith and we pray for guidance and success from Allah.

Muhammad Mitwaly Ash-Sha\u2018r\u00e2wy
Chapter One
What is the Unseen?
Solving worldly problems with the Divine Law
We come to the Divine Law and abandon it!
A limited knowledge of existence

Allah reveals to His Messenger some of the Divine Secrets
What is the relative Unseen?
Prediction and the Unseen

The three veils screening the Unseen
The veil of the unseen past
Chapter Two
The Noble Qur\u2019an and the Unseen
The Noble Qur\u2019an amends what the predecessors have distorted
The miracle of creation imparted by Allah
Casting lots to see who would be the guardian of Maryam
Emendation of insertions intruded into previous religions
The Noble Qur\u2019an unveils the human soul
Allah exposes what is inside the hypocrites\u2019 hearts
Chapter Three
Things He reveals \u2026not originate

How did the Noble Qur\u2019an unveil the future?
The letter \u2018_\u2019 expressing futurity in the Noble Qur\u2019an
Unveiling future secrets of the human body
Lengthy talk about the unseen future
When do the Noble Qur\u2019an and science come into conflict?

What about the five Unseen matters?
Chapter Four
With Him Alone is the Knowledge of the Hour
The fortunetellers but lie

The Last Hour and the Jews
Heavy is its burden through the heavens
The Blower of the Trumpet and the Last Hour
Portents of the approach of the Last Hour
Humanity at large is helpless

Chapter Five
He knows what is in the wombs

Allah gives Zakariy\u00e2 the glad tidings of Yahy\u00e2
The significance of \u2018That which is in the wombs\u2019
Provision is only in the Hands of Allah
Provision and accounts

Where death befalls
Fate and the knowledge of man
War and death

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