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JBC List of Recommendees and Applicants for SC Chief Justice post

JBC List of Recommendees and Applicants for SC Chief Justice post

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Published by Rappler Philippines

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Published by: Rappler Philippines on Jul 06, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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\uv}ojo Lhu}~ hb ~co Vcgdgvvgko|Iunglged ekn Me} LhuklgdJekgde
#rglo Chk+ ]oke~h L+ Lh}hke'
#Evvdgle~ghk Vo}ghn9
2 Iko =65=
= Idw =65='
e| hb 1+=+5=
>9<6 vjKejo hb ]olhjjoknoo ]olhjjokngka Ve}~go|Ne~o hb Ellov~eklo( Lhkbh}jg~w
Le}vgh$ Ek~hkgh ^+
Eddek Ih|o I|~gekg Rgdde}ek~o #vo} o*jegdne~on 1(5(5= }ologron 1(=(5='1(=(5==+
Rode|lh$ V}o|mg~o}h I}+ I+)1(=(5=<+
Dohke}nh*No Le|~}h$ ^o}o|g~e I+
Bgno| L+ Lh}no}h*^ek #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5<(5= " }ologron 2(57(5='1(=(5=>+
M}ghk$ E}~}h N+)2(5>(5=#}ologron2(53(5='?+
Emen$ ]hmo}~h E+ 5+
E~~w+ Kgdh ^+ Ngrgke #vo} do~~o} ne~on ekn}ologron 2(5>(5='=+
]oko \eag|ea #vo} do~~o} ne~on ekn }ologron2(53(5='<+
Je}` E}~c} J+ Le~emhke #vo} do~~o} ne~on" }ologron 2(53(5='>+
A}oah}gh J+ Me~gddo}$ I}+ #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5>(5= " }ologron 2(5?(5='?+
Noek Vo}}w D+ Vo #vo} do~~o} hb J}+ Kgdh ^+Ngrgke qg~c e~~elcon ]o|hd~ghk hb VED\ne~on " }ologron 2(=7(5='2+
Vhk~gbgled " ]hwed _kgro}|g~w hb \ek~h^hje| #vo} ]o|hd~ghk ne~on 2(53(5= "}ologron 1(=(5='2(53(5=2+
Me~g|~e$ Ekn}o| N+ 5+
Io||$ D+ E}}ekye #vo} do~~o} ne~on "}ologron 2(53(5=0
ne~on 1(=(5='=+
]ejhk M+ Jea|ew|ew$ I}+ #vo} do~~o} ne~on "}ologron 2(53(5='<+
Noek Vo}}w D+ Vo #vo} do~~o} ne~on "}ologron 2(=7(5= hb J}+ Kgdh ^+ Ngrgke qg~ce~~elcon ]o|hd~ghk hb VED\'1(=(5=1+
Leaejveka*No Le|~}h$ \hdonen J+ 5+
Iek E}~}h Gdjgkenh No Le|~}h #vo} do~~o}ne~on ekn }ologron 2(5?(5='2(53(5=3+
No Dgje$ Dogde J+ 5+
Nek~o DE+ Igjokoy #RELL' #vo} do~~o}ne~on 2(55(5= " }ologron 2(5<(55'=+
E~~w+ Lc}g|~hvco} Deq}oklo M+ Jhke~h #vo}do~~o} ne~on 2(1(5= " }ologron 2(5<(5='<+
E~~w+ ]haodgh L+ Dgje}o #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(2(5= " }ologron 2(5<(5='>+
E~~w+ Erodgkh L}y ekn B}eklg|lh Elh|~e#vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(55(5= " }ologron 2(5>(5='?+
E~~w+ ]owkednh D+ Meae~|gka #vo} do~~o}ne~on " }ologron 2(5?(5='1(=(5=
 Bg}|~ bgro I|~glo| hb ~co \v}ojo Lh}~$ qch mw ~}eng~ghk$ e}o e~hje~gleddw lhk|gno}on bh} khjgke~ghk bh} ~covh|~ hb ~co Lcgob I|~glo
Kejo hb ]olhjjoknoo ]olhjjokngka Ve}~go|Ne~o hb Ellov~eklo( Lhkbh}jg~w
Ngh`kh$ Ih|o Jekod G+ 5+
O}gl Rgklok~ Me~edde #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5<(5= " }ologron 2(53(5='=+
Vemdg~h R+ \ekgnen #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(1(5= "}ologron 2(53(5=0
qg~c lhkbh}jo
Dg| ]mok J+ Aoko}ed #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(53(5= " }ologron 2(57(5='>+
Noek Vo}}w D+ Vo #vo} do~~o} ne~on "}ologron 2(=7(5= hb J}+ Kgdh ^+ Ngrgke qg~ce~~elcon ]o|hd~ghk hb VED\'2(53(5=56+
Co}mh|e$ ^o}o|g~e I+ 5+
Enodg~e E+ Ro}aod no Ngh| #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5?(5= " }ologron 2(53(5='=+
Eako| C+ Je}ekek #vo} do~~o} ne~on "}ologron 2(57(5='<+
Bgno| L+ Lh}no}h*^ek #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(=?(5= " }ologron 2(=7(5='Vo} besondo~~o}ne~on1(=(5=55+
Ie}nodoye$ B}eklg| C+ 5+
Noek Nekgdh Lhklovlghk #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(>(5= " }ologron 2(2(5='=+
\edrenh} Le}dh~e #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(1(5= "}ologron 2(3(5='<+
Velgbglh Eaemgk #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(1(5= "}ologron 2(3(5='>+
B}hgdek Melkaek #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(1(5= "}ologron 2(3(5='?+
Jo}dgk J+ Jeaeddhke #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(1(5= " }ologron 2(3(5='2+
Mednhjo}h L+ O|~okyh #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(2(5= " }ologron hk 2(57(5='1+
E~~w+ Yele}ge| N+ Monhke$ I}+ #vo} do~~o}ne~on 2(5>(5= " }ologron 2(5?(5='3+
GMV Gdhgdh Lcev~o} #vo} ]o|hd~ghk Kh+ 66=$\o}go| hb =65='7+
Lw}gd ]+ ]oaedenh #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(5<(5=" }ologron 2(5?(5='56+
E~~w+ Ieke Ing~e Vekgame~ek*Kebe}}o~o#vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(5<(5= " }ologron2(5?(5='55+
\}+ Je}ge Modok B+ Mo}ewhk #vo} do~~o}ne~on 2(5=(5= " }ologron 2(5?(5='1(=(5=5=+
Doae}ne$ Je}ge Le}hdgke @e~}gke ^+ 5+
V}hb Jw}ke Bodglgekh #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5(5= " }ologron 2(?(5='=+
O}dwk E+ \eke #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(5(5= "}ologron 2(?(5='<+
Mo}keno~~o I+ Jen}gn #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(>(5=" }ologron 2(?(5='>+
Dhg| I+ Jhk~o}h #vo} do~~o} ne~on ?(<5(5= "}ologron 2(?(5='?+
E~~w+ Be}ec Nolekh #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(1(5=" }ologron 2(3(5='2+
Noek \hdonen No}gug~h*Jeqg| #vo} do~~o}ne~on 2(>(5= " }ologron 2(5<(5= qg~c
Odg|oh Ngyhk #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(55(5=}ologron 2(5<(5='3+
Ek~hkgh G+ Vekechk #vo} do~~o} ne~on ?(<5(5=" }ologron 2(53(5='7+
Bgno| L+ Lh}no}h*^ek #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5<(5= " }ologron 2(57(5='2(>(5=#}ologron2(5<(5='
Kejo hb ]olhjjoknoo ]olhjjokngka Ve}~go|Ne~o hb Ellov~eklo( Lhkbh}jg~w
Jh}edo|$ ]ebeod E+ 5+
Bdh}ok~gkh Bodglgekh #vo} do~~o} ne~on ekn "}ologron 2(55(5=0 qg~c
vo} do~~o}ne~on ekn }ologron 2(5>(5='2(55(5=#}ologron2(5>(5='5>+
Vekaedekaek$ ]ed L+ 5+
Nekgdh D+ Lhklovlghk ekn Bdh}gk ^+ Cgdmew#vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(1(5= " }ologron 2(3(5=qg~c
Vodeagh ^+ ]gledno #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(5=(5=" }ologron 2(53(5='<+
B}+ ]ekcgdgh L+ Eugkh #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5?(5= " }ologron 2(=6(5='>+
E~~w+ Vgde} ]+ ^}gkgnen #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(=1(5= " }ologron 2(=7(5='2(1(5=#}ologron2(3(5='5?+
Vgieh$ Bo}ngkekn Ih|o NergnOjjekod On}edgk Je}lh| \}+5+
Je}ge Ndlo J+ Je}lh| Vgieh #vo} do~~o}ne~on 2(57(5= " }ologron 2(=5(5=
]hn}gaoy$ ]b| M+ 5+
E~~w+ Kgle|gh N+ ^ek #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(=5(55 |ok~ ~h \ok+ O|lno}h " }ologron mwOH hk 2(=?(5='1(=(5=51+
\e}jgok~h$ ]oko R+ 5+
Yokogne Uoyhk*Erekloõe #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5<(5= "}ologron 2(5?(5='=+
E~~w+ ]hjoh N+L+ Lekneyh #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5>(5= " }ologron 2(5?(5='<+
Noek Rg}agdgh M+ Ie}e #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5>(5= " }ologron 2(5?(5='>+
V}hb+ ]hmo}~h J+ Je~e #vo} do~~o} ne~on "}ologron 2(=?(5='?+
E~~w+ \~edgk E+ Meagh #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(=5(5= " }ologron 2(=2(5='2(53(5=53+
\o}okh$ Je}ge Dh}no| V+ 5+
Bodje ]hod ]+ \gkalh #}ologron 2(5<(5='=+
]oeaek N+ No Ayjek #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5<(5= " }ologron 2(5>(5='<+
E~~w+ Bgnod ^cenno| G+ Mh}ie #vo} do~~o}ne~on 2(5>(5= " }ologron 2(5?(5='>+
Bgno| L+ Lh}no}h*^ek #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5<(5= " }ologron 2(57(5='?+
E~~w+ \edrenh} Bem}oae| #vo} do~~o} ne~on2(5>(5= " }ologron 2(5?(5='2+
E~~w+ Ih}nek J+ Vgye}e| ekn E~~w+ Iekedwk M+Aegkye*^eka #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(5?(5= "}ologron 2(53(5='1+
Mg|chv Ob}egj J+ ^okno}h #vo} do~~o} ne~on" }ologron 2(53(5='1(=(5=57+
\gewkalh$ Jekod I}+ NI+ 5+
Je}gh node L}y0 #vo} do~~o} }ologron 2(1(5= 2(5?(5=#}ologron2(53(5='=6+
^}ge*Gkbek~o$ Ejodge 5+
Inao Je+ ]mw M+ Leje}g|~e #ne~on2(53(5= " }ologron 2(57(5='=+
Io||e V+ Jekgkae| #vo} do~~on ne~on "}ologron 2(53(5='1(=(5==5+
Rednoy$ Ejenh N+ 5+
\eoon E+ Nehb #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(5>(5=}ologron 2(5>(5='=+
Edmo}~ \+ Ednew #vo} do~~o} ne~on 2(=2(5= "}ologron 2(=1(5='<+
Noek Vo}}w D+ Vo #vo} do~~o} ne~on "}ologron 2(=7(5= hb J}+ Kgdh ^+ Ngrgke qg~ce~~elcon ]o|hd~ghk hb VED\'2(=7(5=

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