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1 Mesha Lagna

1 Mesha Lagna



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Published by sarvadu

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Published by: sarvadu on Jul 06, 2012
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Mesha Lagna
An Aries born person is usually of average height, stout, fearless, courageousand eager to take up initiative. Aries charges the native with scintillating spark of energy which enables him to leave his mark in whatever he undertakes. His life is fullof activity and loves freedom; he feels miserable when he has nothing to do orcontribute to the society. He begins each day with a new experience and is dissatisfiedwith routine work. Originality in everything; what he does is his keynote. He is veryambitious and desires to change the world. He is an idealist who functions on severaldifferent levels simultaneously. His personality radiates energy, fear and an irresistiblepower which makes others restless and uncomfortable in his company.He faces difficulties in education, expression of thought and in relationshipswith the opposite sex. His greatest trials come from restrictions which are generallyrepresented by Saturn. His most serious difficulties are with relationships that aresymbolized by Venus. There will be many contradictions in life. Outwardly, an Arianis busy and involved in many activities but inwardly he can be lonely, frustrated,depressed and forlorn. He has ample opportunities for pursuing esoteric knowledge,spiritual attainments and the discovery of the unknown. But such opportunities becomeavailable only when his material involvements are reduced and he is free fromemotional entanglements. Unless a suitable environment is present his latentcapabilities and potential contributions to society may easily wither. His longevity isnot often great and he may die suddenly.When Sun is placed here the native will surely receive political patronage and beunbeatable in his approach to life. His mind will be sharp with mathematical geniusand superb philosophical vision. He is often famous but not often happy. He is habitualwanderer and seldom be able to live in peace with his spouse. There will be very fewpeople who can establish harmonious partnerships with him.When Moon is placed here, his eyes will be round and voluptuous, always longing forromantic love. The individual will be amiable and wealthy (though finances mayfluctuate).
If Mercury is placed here then the native’s
health may be poor during early years. Hewill eat sparingly, relishing vegetables and hot meals. The native has educationaldifficulties and his upbringing lacks sophistication and culture. He may at worstbecome a thief, gambler or a liar with equally immoral spouse with a crooked mind. Hemay very likely be an atheist.Placement of Venus in the Lagna will give the native an attractive physical form and
artistic sensitivity; but it will also cause trouble. Venus is in an enemy’s house (that of 
Mars) and becomes a death inflicting planet (being 2L/7L) under such an influencethere will be contradictory planetary forces at work and one cannot expect aharmonious impact. Temperamentally this native' has an affinity with Mars, while theVenusian influence works in an almost totally different direction. Aries will influence such
an individual to work hard, strive for excellence, explore new lands, and bring forth newideas. Venus will impel him toward luxurious living and sensual pleasures (he is likely tobecome involved in Sexual intrigues), make him squander money, and possibly bringdisgrace to his family.MARS in Aries occupying the Ascendant is one of the most harmonious of placements.Aries and Mars radiate similar impulses which greatly enhance the possibility that theindividual will express his best in the world and carve a position for himself in society. Hemay have a strong constitution and courageous disposition with an urge for exploration,research and the establishment of a new social order but he seldom lives to an advancedage. He will be known for his leadership and will be honored and respected by the state. Hebecomes a wealthy wanderer, moving from land to land, and is bound to leave an imprinton society.JUPITER in the Ascendant favors military achievement, lends a graceful appearance, alearned and generous disposition, and favours devotion to religious ritual. The native isliberal in making gifts, has multiple marriages, several children, and is long lived.SATURN in this position is quite adverse. The native is often bony, depressed, sufferingfrom melancholy, lacking in common sense, and engaged in mean or deceitful acts. He maybe unfriendly, miserly and live an unconventional life. He may keep questionable companyand be dishonored by the state.RAHU's influence resembles that of Saturn.KETU can make its native philosophical, psychic, precocious by temperament, rugged andsomewhat haggard in appearance.
When Taurus occupies the Second house
, the individual is invariably attracted tomaterial wealth. Such a person has a great thirst for acquiring precious things; though heknows the futility of material possessions, the lust for them remains uncontrolled. He mayspeak in the language of spirituality, but only when it aids in the achievement of hisworldly goals.The SUN in Taurus in the Second house adds an unusual dimension to life. Spiritualopportunities fail to arise for such a person, but he is provided with material affluence,renown and honorable status
but without a spiritual core, these things do not satisfy thecravings of his heart.With the MOON in that situation, the veil of illusion is cast over the person's life,engrossing him in those objects of sensual pleasure which are popular in the physicalworld. But the Moon in the Second house also makes the individual happy and satisfiedwith his wealth, status, property and sense of well-being.MERCURY will elevate the native's social status; and his physical surroundings will becomfortable, yet he cannot be considered happy. His health will be weak. He may travelfrequently in connection with his work, but his wealth and property will not be
commensurate with the amount of effort he expends. Above all he will find it difficult toaccumulate property. Hostility and possible litigation frequently pester him.VENUS in this position throws open the floodgate of the past fruits of one's meritoriousdeeds. There will be hardly anything in life that such a person will lack; his spouse will bean asset to him. The possibility of diseases resulting from such an indulgent life, however,is high.MARS will produce wealth, landed property, and tremendous energy along with atendency to accidents and an intense ambition; there may be occasional troublesomesituations. In spite of the high status of the individual, he will find it difficult to accumulatewealth and money, and even his excellent education will not eliminate his larcenoustendencies. His longevity is curtailed and his speech is rude and impolite.JUPITER in this house will make the person rich, well-placed in life, religious andrighteous, but he will not be entirely free from social and physical difficulties.When SATURN occupies Taurus in the Second house, it will certainly produce wealth, butthe means of its acquisition may not be honorable. Health-wise, the individual will havemuch stamina, but speech impediments and eye diseases cannot be ruled out. There willalso be some loss of landed property and a favorable relationship with the mother shouldnot be expected.R
intensifies the kinds of trouble produced by Saturn and may result in diseases whichare very malignant.KETU destroys all pleasurable or sensuous excitement, thus inducing this planet's typicaldesire for spirituality.
Gemini occupying the Third house
enables the individual to possess the best cars or othervehicles. He is fond of his family and has "the gift of gab." In problems requiring legalintelligence, his advice can be of great assistance. He is religious and understands the innersignificance of rituals. He is held in high esteem among his family members and receiveshonor from the state.When the SUN occupies this sign, the person is talkative, even though his education is oftenimpeded. He may become famous, is courageous, and knows his way around the world.Learned and eminent persons are attracted to him.With the MOON in this sign, the native loses his property and wealth due to the intriguesof his siblings or friends. He is god-fearing, helpful to others, and generous.MERCURY in Gemini may not provide courage or the urge to take the initiative, but itmakes the individual fond of the company of learned persons. The native himself isintelligent and appreciates scholarly discourses, but his ideas may get him into difficulties. Hehas little determination, moves from one place to another, and is all too willing to lend an earto anyone with a story to tell. There is instability in his life which makes the achievement of specific goals difficult.

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