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Am I "Good Enough"?

Am I "Good Enough"?

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Published by Hagar Mansour
A school newspaper article about the Senior struggle of making it through college applications.
A school newspaper article about the Senior struggle of making it through college applications.

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Published by: Hagar Mansour on Jul 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Am I “Good Enough”?
By: Hagar Mansour 
With the school year halfway through, most seniors are struggling to get their college applicationsin by deadlines and are stressing over the possibility of not getting accepted into their dreamschool. This is a crucial time for Tucker High’s class of 2012 as they prepare for the world outsideof high school. While some have a serious case of senioritis, others are constantly thinking aboutthe status of their applications. Are my SAT scores good enough? Do I have enough scholarshipsto pay for tuition? Should I stay in-state close to home or out of state close to my dream? What’smy plan B? …When can I get some
?? These questions are some of many that are runningthrough our senior class’ heads.When asked what their biggest worry was as a senior, Tucker’s class of 2012 replied with similar answers related to college and graduation. Maria Mendoza says her biggest worry is “not beinggood enough to get accepted into the college I want,” a fear that many agree with that they evensacrifice their sleep and social activities in order to meet high expectations.Speaking of expectations, seniors find this last year in high school their last chance to be “goodenough”. Many students feel it necessary to cram hard classes into this final leap because theywere advised to only take one advanced class a year during 9th and 10th grade, leaving their junior and senior year to make a difference. Jesus Gallardo notes that “even though you will graduate,they tell you you might not” referring to the pressure they put on seniors who are barely passingtheir AP classes.Even students that seem to be having everything going for them fear that they aren’t good enough.Sean Csukas says the greatest worry in his opinion is “the worry that you didn't do enough in highschool to get into the college you want, and knowing it’s too late to go back and do more, do better.” Chelsea Chambers also agrees and finds it unfortunate that you can no longer fix your SATscores. Phavy Man too wishes she could have “done more to be active in school and to get better grades.” This realization is a crisis for most seniors as they realize that this really IS their lastchance. The greatest advice at this point for younger students is it is never too early to start preparing for college.Paying for college is also a dilemma that students had a lot to say about. Getting accepted is nolonger the hardest part. When you get news that you have been admitted into your dream school,an Ivy League for that matter in a big city, there comes a load of new issues. How are you going toget the money to pay the thirty thousand dollar tuition a year? Jesus Gallardo says that paying for college is, in fact, harder than getting accepted “because if you do your work and have good gradesthen I think you can get accepted into a fairly decent school; however, paying for it is hard becausenot everyone can pay for it. The only option you have if you can't pay would be communitycollege, but since state and federal governments cut budget on community colleges its getting hardto do even that.” Since when was getting an education this hard? Seniors have become dependenton scholarships, it’s their only hope. Phavy Man, like many seniors has fallen under this obstacle.“For me personally I can’t go to college unless I have Hope so it’s a struggle to get scholarships.”Sean Csukas says that it is even harder to “find scholarships without being poor, black, female,

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