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Remarks by the President in Maumee, OH

Remarks by the President in Maumee, OH

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Published by: TIMEThePage on Jul 06, 2012
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Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event
White House Press Office [noreply@messages.whitehouse.gov]
Thursday, July 05, 2012 1:59 PM
Seher, Jason - Time U.S. <jason_seher@timemagazine.com>
THE WHITE HOUSEOffice of the Press Secretary_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________For Immediate Release July 5, 2012 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENTAT A CAMPAIGN EVENT Wolcott House Museum ComplexMaumee, Ohio 12:00 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Hey! (Applause.) Hello, Ohio! (Applause.) Hello! It is good to be back in Ohio. All right. Well, everybodywho’s got a chair, feel free to sit down. Just go ahead and relax. I know it’s a little warm out here, but this is how summer issupposed to feel like. A couple of people I want to acknowledge. First of all, please give Ina a big round of applause for the great introduction. We’re proud of her. (Applause.) I am so pleased to see once again the outstanding Mayor of Maumee, Tim Wagener. (Applause.) Therehe is. One of the best Senators in the country -- your Senator, Sherrod Brown. (Applause.) One of your outstanding members of thecongressional delegation -- Marcy Kaptur is here. And your former governor and my campaign co-chair -- Ted Strickland is in thehouse. (Applause.) AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you! THE PRESIDENT: I love you! It’s great to see you. (Applause.) I hope everybody had a wonderful Fourth of July. (Applause.) We invited some people over for a barbecue -- (laughter) -- had a chance to say thank you to our incredible men and women in uniform. (Applause.) And we’re so proud of them. And then it was Malia’s birthday yesterday. (Applause.) She’s 14 years old -- I know, ithappens too fast. (Laughter.) Don’t even remind me. She’s going into high school next year. Which means that she’s -- see, when shewas small I could say, all these fireworks I had arranged for her birthday. (Laughter.) But she doesn’t believe me anymore. (Laughter.) Now, unless you have been hiding out in the woods somewhere, you are aware of the fact that it’s campaign season. AUDIENCE MEMBER: We’re fired up and ready to go! THE PRESIDENT: You’re fired up! (Applause.) It’s campaign season again. Look, I understand it’s not always pretty to watch. There has been more money flooding into thesystem than we’ve ever seen before. More negative ads, more cynicism. Most of what you read about or hear about on the news has to dowith who is up or down in the polls, instead of what these issues actually mean for you and for America. So it can be frustrating. And I know sometimes it may be tempting to kind of turn away from all of it, and just turn off the TV, TiVo everything that youwant to watch so you can skip over the commercials. It’s easy sometimes, I think, to lose interest and lose heart when you hear what’sgoing on in Washington. And I’ll be honest with you -- I think there are some folks who are betting that you will lose interest, thatare betting that somehow you’re going to lose heart. But here you are in the heat. (Applause.) I’m betting you’re not going to loseinterest. AUDIENCE: No! THE PRESIDENT: I’m betting you’re not going to lose heart. AUDIENCE: No! THE PRESIDENT: I still believe in you. I’m betting on you. And the country is betting on you, Ohio. (Applause.) Because youunderstand that, even though politics may seem real small right now and may seem real petty, the choice in this election could not beclearer. And it could not be bigger -- the stakes could not be bigger. AUDIENCE MEMBER: You can do it! THE PRESIDENT: I know -- with you. (Applause.) What’s going on in this election is bigger than just a choice between two candidates or between two parties. It’s about twofundamentally different visions of where we go as a country. See, I believe in an America where no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, you canmake it if you try. (Applause.) We’ve never been a country that -- we've never been a country looking for handouts. We’re a nation of strivers and risk-takersand entrepreneurs, workers. (Applause.) But what we ask for is that hard work pays off, that responsibility is rewarded. The idea isif you take responsibility for your life, if you put in the effort, if you do the responsible thing, then you can find a job that paysa living wage, that you can look after your family, that you can buy a home, that you can retire with some dignity and some respect,that you won't go bankrupt when you get sick -- (applause) -- that you have that core, middle-class security that built this country,and that you can pass that on to your kids so they can do things that you never even imagined. That's the essence of America.
Remarks by the President at a Campaign Eventhttps://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...1 of 57/6/12 12:34 AM
And I believe in that basic promise of America because I lived it. That's my biography. I had grandparents whose service atWorld War II was rewarded by them having a chance to go to college and buying their first house -- because I had a hardworking motherwho raised me and my sister right, but also had some help so that we could end up going to the best schools in the country even thoughwe didn't have a lot of money. I got involved in politics. I ran for President in 2008, and some of you joined me in 2008 -- (applause) -- because we believedin that basic bargain that built the largest middle class in history and the strongest economy in the world. And we felt like thatbasic bargain was slipping away, that hard work wasn’t always rewarded, that being responsible didn't always get you ahead, that folkswho acted irresponsibly sometimes were making out like bandits while ordinary folks were having a tougher and tougher time. So we came together in that election -- Democrats, but also independents and, yes, some Republicans -- to restore that basicbargain that built this country. And we knew at the time it wouldn’t be easy. We knew it would take more than one year or one term ormaybe even one President. But what we didn’t realize at the time was we were going to be hit by the worst economic crisis in ourlifetimes. And that's been tough on a lot of folks, including people here in Ohio. It robbed millions of people of their jobs and theirhomes and their savings. And it pushed the American Dream even further from reach for a lot of people. But you know what, this crisis has not changed the fundamental character of America. It hasn’t changed the fundamental characterof this town, or this state, or this part of the country. We've still got people who are working hard. We've still got people who areacting responsibly. (Applause.) It hasn't diminished our belief in those ideals we were fighting for in 2008. (Applause.) And our mission right now isn’t just to recover from this economic crisis, although that's job one. Our mission is to give backto America, to Americans all across the country, what's been lost -- that sense of security. Our goal isn’t just to put people back towork tomorrow; it’s also to build for the long haul an economy where hard work pays off -- (applause) -- an economy where everybody,whether you're starting a business or punching a clock, has confidence that if you work hard, you will get ahead. That's what Americais about. That's what Ohio is about. (Applause.) Now, I got to tell you, what’s holding us back is not -- AUDIENCE MEMBER: Where is Michelle? THE PRESIDENT: Where's Michelle? (Laughter.) Look, I know I'm second fiddle -- (laughter) -- but I'll have Michelle come backsometime. (Applause.) I'm just the warm-up act. Michelle says hi. (Laughter.) AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you, Mr. President! THE PRESIDENT: Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Now, let me say this. What's holding us back from going ahead and meeting these challenges -- (audience interruption) -- AUDIENCE: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! THE PRESIDENT: What's holding us back from meeting our challenges -- it’s not a lack of ideas, it’s not a lack of solutions. What’s holding us back is we’ve got a stalemate in Washington between these two visions of where the country needs to go. And thiselection is all about breaking that stalemate. The outcome of this election will determine our economic future not just for the nextyear or the next two years, but maybe for the next decade or the next two. And I want everybody to be clear about what this choice is. My opponent and his allies in Congress, they believe prosperity comesfrom the top down. They believe if we eliminate most regulations and we cut taxes for the wealthy by trillions of dollars, thatsomehow our whole economy will benefit, and all of you will benefit, and there’s going to be more jobs and better security foreverybody. That’s their basic economic plan. Now, I think they’re wrong about their vision. And part of the reason I think they’re wrong is because we tried it, remember,just a while back -- AUDIENCE MEMBER: It didn’t work. THE PRESIDENT: -- and it didn’t work. We’re still paying for trillions of dollars in tax cuts that weren’t paid for and didn’tlead to better jobs or better wages for the middle class. The lack of regulation on Wall Street, the kind of thing that they’represcribing, that’s exactly what allowed people to game the system that caused this whole mess in the first place. So, no, I don’t think that Mr. Romney’s plan to spend trillions of dollars more on tax cuts for folks who don’t need them andaren’t even asking for them is the right way to grow our economy -- (applause) -- especially since they want to pay for it by cuttingeducation spending and cutting job training programs and raising middle-class taxes. AUDIENCE: No! THE PRESIDENT: And I sure don’t agree with his plan to keep giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas. (Applause.) I don’t think we’re better off by rolling back regulations on banks or insurance companies or oil companies -- AUDIENCE: No! THE PRESIDENT: -- regulations that are meant to protect workers and consumers and families and our economy. So we don’t need more top-down economics. We’ve tried it; it did not work. What we need is somebody who is out there fightingfor the middle class and wants to grow the middle class. (Applause.) When the American auto industry was on the brink of collapse, and more than one million jobs were on the line, Governor Romneysaid we should just let Detroit go bankrupt. AUDIENCE MEMBER: That's what he said! THE PRESIDENT: I refused to turn my back on communities like this one. I was betting on the American worker and I was betting onAmerican industry. (Applause.) And three years later, the American auto industry is coming roaring back. (Applause.) That Chrysler
Remarks by the President at a Campaign Eventhttps://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...2 of 57/6/12 12:34 AM
plant up the road bringing on another 1,100 employees to make the cars that the world wants to buy. The Wrangler built right here inToledo just set an all-time sales record. (Applause.) What’s happening in Toledo can happen in cities like Cleveland, can happen in Pittsburgh. It can happen in other industries. Andthat’s why I’m running for a second term as President, because I’m going to make sure that it does. I want it happening all acrossthis country. (Applause.) AUDIENCE: Four more years! Four more years! THE PRESIDENT: Just like Ina said, I want goods shipped around the world, stamped with "Made in America." (Applause.) Unlike myopponent, I want to stop giving tax breaks to companies that are shipping jobs overseas, start rewarding companies that are investingright here in Toledo, right here in Ohio, right here in Maumee. That’s what I’m looking for. (Applause.) AUDIENCE MEMBER: We are, too! THE PRESIDENT: Governor Romney’s experience has been in owning companies that were called "pioneers" of outsourcing. That's notmy phrase -- "pioneers" of outsourcing. My experience has been in saving the American auto industry. And as long as I’m President,that's what I'm going to be doing -- waking up every single day thinking about how we can create more jobs for your families and moresecurity for your communities. (Applause.) That’s why my administration brought trade cases against China at a faster pace than the previous administration -- and we’ve wonthose cases. Just this morning, my administration took a new action to hold China accountable for unfair trade practices that harmAmerican automakers. (Applause.) And let me tell you something. Americans aren’t afraid to compete. We believe in competition. I believe in trade. And I knowthis: Americans and American workers build better products than anybody else -- (applause) -- so as long as we're competing on a fairplaying field instead of an unfair playing field, we'll do just fine. But we're going to make sure that competition is fair. That'swhat I believe. That's part of our vision for America. (Applause.) But that’s not all it takes to rebuild this economy. I’m running to make sure that America once again leads the world ineducating our kids and training our workers. (Applause.) Our tuition tax credit has saved millions of families thousands of dollars each -- and now I want to extend it. We won the fightin Congress to stop Congress from letting student loans double. (Applause.) And now we're working with colleges and universities tostart bringing tuition costs down. (Applause.) I want our schools to hire and reward the best teachers -- (applause) -- especially in math and science. I want to give2 million more Americans the chance to go to community colleges and learn skills that local businesses are looking for right now. See,in the 21st century, a higher education is not a luxury; it is an economic necessity for every single one of our young people --(applause) -- and folks who are retraining to get the jobs of the future, and our veterans who are coming home. And we need to takecare of all of them and give them those opportunities to work their way into the middle class. (Applause.) God bless you. Thanks for your service. AUDIENCE MEMBER: My pleasure, sir. THE PRESIDENT: God bless you. Freedom is not free, and you fought for it. (Applause.) I’m running to give more responsible homeowners the chance to refinance their mortgage and save $3,000 a year. (Applause.) We'vegot low interest rates right now, but a lot of folks are having trouble refinancing with their banks. We've said to Congress, let's goahead and help them refinance, because that extra -- can you use an extra $3,000? AUDIENCE: Yes! THE PRESIDENT: And that means you're spending at restaurants and you're buying stuff at the store and -- you're buying someclothes, is that what you said? (Laughter.) That you're putting that money back into circulation -- that's good for everybody. It'sgood for small businesses; it's good for large businesses. We've already given thousands of families the chance to do this. Myopponent, his plan for the housing market is to let it hit bottom. AUDIENCE: Booo -- THE PRESIDENT: That's not a plan. That's a problem, that's not a solution. I’m running because I believe that in America, nobody should go bankrupt because they get sick. (Applause.) I’ll work withanybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our health care system and our health care laws. (Applause.) But the law Ipassed is here to stay. (Applause.) And let me tell you something, Maumee. It is going to make the vast majority of Americans more secure. We will not go back tothe days when insurance companies could discriminate against people just because they were sick. We're not going to tell 6 millionyoung people who are now on their parent's health insurance plans that suddenly they don't have health insurance. We're not going toallow Medicare to be turned into a voucher system. Now is not the time to spend four more years refighting battles we fought two years ago. Now is the time to move forward and makesure that every American has affordable health insurance -- (applause) -- and that insurance companies are treating them fairly. That’s what we fought for. That’s what we're going to keep. We are moving forward. (Applause.) AUDIENCE: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! THE PRESIDENT: And, Maumee, I'm running because after a decade of war, it’s time to do some nation-building here at home. (Applause.) We ended the war in Iraq. We are transitioning out of Afghanistan. My plan would take half the money that we've beenspending on war, let's use it to put people back to work rebuilding our roads, rebuilding our bridges, rebuilding our schools, gettingthose construction workers out and about rebuilding America. (Applause.) That’s how we build our future. We can't go backwards. We've got to move forward. I’m running to make sure that we can afford all this by paying down the debt in a balanced way, in a responsible way. Keep in
Remarks by the President at a Campaign Eventhttps://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...3 of 57/6/12 12:34 AM

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