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Remarks by the President in Poland, OH

Remarks by the President in Poland, OH

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Published by: TIMEThePage on Jul 06, 2012
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Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event
White House Press Office [noreply@messages.whitehouse.gov]
Friday, July 06, 2012 1:05 PM
Seher, Jason - Time U.S. <jason_seher@timemagazine.com>
THE WHITE HOUSEOffice of the Press SecretaryFor Immediate Release July 6, 2012 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENTAT CAMPAIGN EVENT Dobbins SchoolPoland, Ohio 10:55 A.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Ohio! (Applause.) How’s it going,Poland? Well, it is good to be here. Everybody have a seat. It isgood to be here in Poland. (Applause.) A couple of people I just want to acknowledge. First of all,give Dan a big round of applause, he was outstanding. (Applause.)Your Congressman, Tim Ryan, is in the house -- (applause) -- doingoutstanding work. One of my favorite people, former CongressmanJohn Boccieri, is here. Give him a round of applause. (Applause.)And Youngstown Mayor Chuck Sammarone is here. Where’s Chuck? Therehe is, right here. (Applause.) And all of you are here, and I’mexcited about that. (Applause.) AUDIENCE MEMBER: Obama! (Laughter.) THE PRESIDENT: Hey! (Applause.) So I hope everybody had agood Fourth of July.AUDIENCE MEMBER: Yeah, how about you? THE PRESIDENT: I had a great Fourth of July. (Laughter.) Wehad some folks over to the house. (Laughter.) Had a littlegrilling going on in the backyard. (Laughter.) A few fireworks.It gave us a chance to say thank you to the incredible men and womenin uniform. We invited a whole bunch of military families over.They do such a great job -- (applause.)
Remarks by the President at a Campaign Eventhttps://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...1 of 137/6/12 3:59 PM
It was Malia’s birthday, on the Fourth of July, and she’s now14. (Applause.) And it used to be I could get away with tellingher the fireworks were all for her. (Laughter.) But she’s a littleold for that now. She doesn’t believe me. But she says hi,Michelle says hi, Sasha, Bo -- everybody says hi. (Applause.) Ithink Malia has got some friends over, and Michelle decidedunsupervised 14-year-olds was not a good idea. (Laughter.)Now, as you may have heard, we’re on the bus here in Ohio.We’ve been traveling through. We went to Parma and Sandusky andMaumee, and now we’re here, and Oak Harbor, Akron. And I’ve beeneating a lot. (Laughter.) And people have been commenting I needto gain some weight, so -- AUDIENCE MEMBER: Yes! THE PRESIDENT: Wait -- (laughter) -- who said that “yes”?(Laughter.) Well, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been eating.And in between the eating we’ve been talking a little bit aboutpolitics. Now, you guys are getting bombarded with all kinds ofnonsense on TV. So I know that sometimes politics can bediscouraging, and especially Washington politics can bediscouraging, and it can seem small and it can seem petty. But thechoice in this election could not be bigger and the stakes could notbe higher. This year is going to be about more than just twocandidates or even two political parties. What’s at stake this timeis two fundamentally different visions about how America movesforward -- two ways of thinking about this country. When I think about America, I think about my family, and Ithink about my grandfather who fought in World War II, and mygrandmother, who, even with a baby, was working on a bomber assemblyline. And when my grandfather came back home, he got theopportunity to go to college because of the GI Bill. And I thinkabout my mom -- a single mom, because my dad left when I was ababy. So she had to raise me and my sister with the help of mygrandparents, and it was tough sometimes but she was able to do itand get her own education and then ensure I got a great educationbecause she was able to get student loans and grants.And then I think about Michelle’s parents -- her dad worked atthe water filtration plant, a blue-collar worker in Chicago, and momstayed at home looking after the kids, and then when the kids gotolder she went to work as a secretary at a bank, and she workedthere most of her life.And when I think about both Michelle’s family and my family,
Remarks by the President at a Campaign Eventhttps://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...2 of 137/6/12 3:59 PM
what I am reminded of is what made America great was this basicidea, this basic bargain, that all of you experienced in your ownfamilies -- your parents, your grandparents, your great-grandparents, maybe some of them emigrated here from someplaceelse. But the idea was, here in America, you could make it if youtry; that it doesn’t matter -- (applause) -- doesn’t matter what youlook like, where you come from, what church you worship in. Theidea is that if you are willing to put in the work and takeresponsibility for your family -- just like Dan was talking about --if you're willing to stick with it and tough it out when times gottough sometimes, that ultimately hard work was rewarded andresponsibility was respected, and you didn’t just look out foryourself but you looked out for your community as well as yourfamily and your country. (Applause.)And you know, nobody expected to get fabulously rich, althoughit was great if people got rich. But when I think about my familyor Michelle's family, what made us rich was spending time together.(Applause.) And the idea was that if our families were of goodcharacter and had good values and you were willing to work hard,then you could find a job that paid a decent wage and eventually,saving up, you could own a home. And you knew that you wouldn’t gobankrupt when you got sick because you had some health insurance,and maybe you took a vacation every once in a while -- and it wasn'tnecessarily some fancy vacation at some fancy resort.The best vacation I had when I was a kid was we -- mygrandmother and my mom and my sister, we traveled around the countryon Greyhound buses and on trains and we stayed at Howard Johnsons --(laughter) -- and I was 11 and so if there was any kind of swimmingpool -- (laughter) -- it didn’t matter how big it was, right, you'dspend the whole day there and then you're real excited to go towhere the vending machine was and the ice machine and get the ice,and that was like a big deal. (Laughter.) And you would just seethe sights, and stop by a diner someplace. So you'd have thatchance to take a little bit of time off to spend with your family,and then when you retire you were able to retire with dignity andrespect. And you were part of a community.And that basic bargain is what built this country. That’s whatmade us an economic superpower. That’s what made us the envy of theworld -- not the fact that we had the most millionaires orbillionaires, but the fact that our economy grew from the middleout, and there were ladders of opportunity for people to get intothe middle class, even if they were born poor. And the reason I ran for President, the reason I ran the first
Remarks by the President at a Campaign Eventhttps://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...3 of 137/6/12 3:59 PM

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