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Machado Edtech 501

Machado Edtech 501

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Published by Monica Machado
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Published by: Monica Machado on Jul 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Story Retells in Kindergarten using iPods
Grade Level:
Language Arts
Prepared by:
Monica Machado
Overview and Purpose:
The purpose of this lesson is to teach kindergartners how to answer questions about keydetails in a text: characters, setting and major events at the beginning, middle and end of a story to help them retell a familiar story.
Common Core Standards
K.RL.1 With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in atext
K.RL.2 With prompting and support, retell familiar stories, including key details.
K.RL.3 With prompting and support, identify characters, setting, and major events ina story.
Students will be able to:
answer who, where and what questions about a familiar story.
identify characters, setting and sequence of events in a familiar story.
with teacher support, write their answers in a graphic organizer.
use the Storyrobe app to create a reading comprehension video to retell a familiarstory.
Use academic language in their story retell (A character is..., the setting was...,First,..., Next,..., Finally,...) 
Materials Needed:
iPod touches for each student (25)(or at least 7 for small group instruction/rotation)
Storyrobe App
Story elements graphic organizers (differentiated)
Leveled/decodable reading books
Other Resources:
Voice Memo App
Anchor Charts
Read Aloud books
In the second trimester of kindergarten, students are taught whole group about story elements using a read aloud book. We record answers in anchor charts about characters,setting and sequence of events. Then they are taught how to use the app Storyrobe tocreate a whole group story retell using the information in the anchor charts. Storyrobe isan App that allows students to create a narrated slideshow. Students learn how to take pictures of the characters, setting and sequence of events in a story and then narrate each picture using the information gathered and recorded in the story elements anchor charts.Once students are familiar with the story elements and the Storyrobe app, we begin phasetwo in the third trimester. In the third trimester I divide my class into reading groups for small group instruction. The information below will explain the steps for the lesson:
Preview/read new decodable or leveled book with students in their small group.
Practice reading the book and other familiar books every day.
Discuss story elements in small group: characters, setting and sequence of events.
Use story elements graphic organizer to help them record the answers. Each studenthas a graphic organizer and depending on their writing level either copy the answersafter having discussing them or write them on their own.
For two or three days, students practice reading their story retell using the graphicorganizer (During independent work time you could have them use the Voice MemoApp to record themselves practicing reading the story retell, in addition to practicingwith the teacher in small group)
Create the end product: Have students create their own story retell by making aslideshow using Storyrobe in their iPods. Note: Depending on the group’s abilitylevel, I either remind them of the steps in creating their project before sending themoff to create it independently, begin the project with them in small group and havethem finish it on their own, or we create it together in small group. In my experience,out of a class of 25, only about 5 students require the last intervention.
Steps to check for student understanding
Each slideshow is saved in the Photo library of each iPod with the date.
Students can share their projects with the class. Teacher must designate how to dothis.
Teacher can also import all student slideshows once the iPods are synced to theteacher computer to check for student understanding.
Here are the graphic organizers referred to in this lesson. The first one is a beginninggraphic organizer and the second one is an advanced one:

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