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PP Config TCode List

PP Config TCode List

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Published by shiv_patel14

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Published by: shiv_patel14 on Jul 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OS24Material Types Allowed in BOMOS14Material Types Allowed in BOM IteSPRO OP7BDefine parameterOP19Define standard value keOP54Define formulas for work centerOP00Define control key for OperatioSPRODetermine capacity planneSPRODefine MRP ControllerOPJHOrder types production ordeOPL8Order type parameters: OvervieOPKPShop floor control profilOPJ9Maintain prod. scheduler grouOVZ2Define Checking GrouSPRO OPJJMaintain Scope of ChecOPJKMaintain ControSPRO OPK0Confirmation Parameter
OLPFCustomizing Production OrderOPJ0Maintain UserOPJ1Maintain User ProfilesOPJ2Production order stock determinationOPJ3Maintain AuthorizationsOPJ4Schedule batch function requestOPJ6Maintain Status ProfilesOPJ7Maintain Routing UsageOPJ8Maintain Operation Control KeyOPJAMaintain setup group/group categoryOPJBSpecify system messagesOPJCMaintain Wage GroupsOPJDItem CategoriesOPJEUser SelectionOPJFAutomatic SelectionOPJGMaintain Default ValuesOPJIBOM Usage PrioritiesOPJLMaintain Checking RuleOPJMApplication-Specific CriteriaOPJNMaintain Scheduling TypeOPJOC MM-BD units of measurementOPJPMaint. acct.assgnm.types for ordersOPJQStandard Value KeyOPJRMaintain move time matrixOPJTMaintain Strategy LevelsOPJUProduction order control parametersOPJVMaintain Capacity Category
OPJWMaintain Capa.Planr.Grp for WrkCentrOPJXFactory Calendar COPJYMaintain perf. efficiency rate keyOPJZMaintain Release PeriodsOPK2Formula ParametersOPK3Define FormulaOPK4Confirmation ParametersOPK5Maintain variancesOPK6List LayoutOPK7Accessing Customizing PDC transferOPK8Maintain print control prod. ordersOPK9Maintain Goods Receipt ValuationOPKAMaintain Movement TypesOPKBControl parallel confirmationOPKCControl confirmation process chainOPKDControl confirmation process chainOPKEScreen Sequence for ComponentsOPKFControl parallel confirmationOPKGMaintain MessagesOPKHMaintain BreakpointsOPKIMaintain Collective ConfirmationOPKJMaintain PRT Control KeyOPKKStandard TextOPKLFormula ParametersOPKMDefine FormulaOPKNOverview variant production controlOPKOCommand File for Production OrdersOPKSMaintain Origins for CO ObjectOPKTInitial Screen: Settlement StructureOPKVPrint FlagOPKWPrint shop papersOPKXDeletion Flag/IndicatorOPKYArchivingOPKZCustomizing Matchcode for ProdOrderOPL2Maintain trigger point groupOPL3Trigger point usageOPL4Profile for missing parts listOPL5Order type LIS parametersOPL6Profile for documented goods mvmtsOPL7Order change management profileOPL9Parameters for order change mgmtOPLAConditions: V_T682F for H COOPLBCondTab: Create (batch, prod.)OPLCCondTab: Change (batchs, prod.)OPLDCondTab: Display (batches, prod.)OPLEStrategy types: Batch determ. (prod)OPLFAccess: Maintain batch determ.(prod)OPLGBatch determ.: Procedure for prod.OPLHOverview variant - production orders
OPLIBackground job for goods movementsOPLJJob "Fast entry confirmation"OPLKOverall profile for order prog. rep.OPLLOrder progress: Displayed fieldsOPLMOrder progress: Displayed fieldsOPLPJob "Convert planned order"OPM0Maintain profile - field selectionOPM2Maintain Detail Screen Control Oper.OPM3Maintain Detail Scrn Control HeaderOS11Spare Part IndicatorsOS12Material Provision IndicatorsOS13Item CategoriesOS15Variable-Size Item FormulasOS16BOM Item Object TypeOS17Explosion TypesOS18Relevancy to costingOS20BOM UsageOS21BOM Usage Default ValuesOS22Copying Defaults for Item StatusesOS23BOM StatusesOS25BOMs with History RequirementOS26Laboratory/OfficeOS27Modification Parameters for BOMsOS28Defaults for BOMsOS29User-Specific Settings for BOMsOS30ApplicationOS31BOM Usage PrioritiesOS32Alternative BOM DeterminationOS33Alt. Determination in Inventory MgmtOS34Alt. Determination in CostingOS35Alt. Determination in ProductionOS36Alt. Determination in SDOS37Alt. Determination in PMOS38Alt. Determination in MRPOS40Generate BOM Transfer FileOS41Transfer BOM without Long TextOS47Field Groups: Assigned FieldsOS48Field Groups: Definition and DescsOS70User-Specific List Profiles

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