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Published by theosophy2010

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: theosophy2010 on Jul 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Astrosophy and Cosmosophy 1″ by Bradford
“There are many ways of studying embryology, as with anything else. Rudolf Steiner,
for instance, did on one occasion demand that embryology should be considered afreshin conjunction with astronomy. Well, if one considers that on one occasion he did statequite definitely that from the moment of birth every human being bears theconstellation of his birth inscribed upon the surface of the cerebrum, the cortex, so thatone might say that we are always carrying our birth constellation with us.us. 
“It is a deep source of satisfaction to Michael that through man himself he has
succeeded in keeping the world of the stars in direct union with the Divine andSpiritual. For when man, having fulfilled his life between death and a new birth, enterson the way to a new Earth-life, in his descent he seeks to establish a harmony betweenthe course of the stars and his coming life on Earth. In olden times this harmony.existed as a matter of course, because the Divine-Spiritual was active in the stars, where
human life too had its source. But today, when „the course of the stars is only a
continuing of the manner in which the Divine-Spiritual worked in the past, thisharmony could not exist unless man sought it. Man brings his divine-spiritual portion
  which he has preserved from the past
into relation with the stars, which now only  bear their divine-spiritual nature within them as an after-working from an earlier time.
“The soul that rises with us, our life‟s star, hath had elsewhere its setting, and comethfrom afar.” William Wordsworth
When does life begin? We, as humanity, as the Tenth Hierarchy wear our human forms, but these forms havebeen designed. They have not arisen out of arbitrary evolutionary Darwinism. The arising and unfolding of thehuman embryo- to fetus- to full grown, carried to term, child or baby has the entire higher worlds planning anddesign signatures imprinted into it.Choosing our parents, the stars we need to incarnate, so that we may carry our thoughts and intuitions and ourthinking as a guidance and navigation system within us
means that we, when we take that first breath, wehave a birthday and that birthday and first breath, through our entire lives on Earth, fixes the delicate nervefibers of the Astral body into the design and unfolding development of the brain as a seed form. This will growand become our unique thinking, artistic sense, love of certain foods, questing for certain types of people. We
are placed within one of Earth’s great language and ethnic and etheric streams and slowly grow up until that
inner star constellation we carried with us into the physics of birth becomes integrated and aligned. Then ourthoughts and intuitions and insights reveal by our actions and thoughts, our attractions and biographies, that ourstar map we started life with, is now the substance of how we think and act as unique imprinted stellar beings onEarth.
This deed gives Michael the Arche, the Zeitgeist, our current Time Spirit, great satisfaction.Instead of external astronomy, each individual carries their own unique star configurationwith them in their nerve and sense system in their ASTRAL-or star body. The early sensitiveconstruction of our brains and ourTWELVE CRANIAL NERVESnow illuminate us with a livingdynamic, biological map of the stars and capacities we brought with us, which now lightsus up from within.
“Now you can grasp quite vividly how all that inwardly urges and impels
―In the cell, even in the ordinary organic cell, the chemical cohesiveness is not stronger than
in an ordinarily complicated chemical compound; on the contrary, the chemical affinitiesbecome most chaotic in the fertilized germ-cell. The fertilized germ-cell is chaos in relationto what is material, chaos that disintegrates, chaos that really disintegrates. Into this
disintegrating chaos pours what I have described to you as the human being, which wasformed as I just described (lilac). What is actually physical is then formed, not through the
germ itself but through the processes taking place in the mother‘s body between the
embryo and the environment.
What descends from the spiritual world is thus actually placedinto the emptiness and is only then permeated with mineral substance
. What we have
described here is, as you may see, an absolutely transparent process.‖
―What he experiences in the passage through the planetary system before birth is, as it
were, the polar opposite to this. Something is imparted to the human being that he bringsdown with him from heaven to earth. Just as he bears out into the soul world something of what is in his astral body, by means of which he lives backward through his earthly life, sohe brings with him out of the cosmos something that then permeates his etheric body
 something that has to do with his etheric body in the same way as what I have called theastral fruit of the earth has to do with our astral body. What he brings from the cosmosbears the same relationship to his etheric body as what he carries as astral fruit of the earth
bears to his astral body.‖
―I may therefore say that the human being brings with him from the cosmos the etheric
cosmic fruit. This etheric cosmic fruit actually lives on in his etheric body. From the firstmoment of his birth, the human being has in his etheric body something like a cosmic forceimpelling him forward, which works through his entire life. Karmic tendencies remainingfrom the past unite with this cosmic impelling force and are active in it.
―We thus are able to show how perceptibly karma is related to the real human being. While
telling ourselves that the human being has a pre-existent life, that he comes down fromspiritual heights into earthly physical life and incorporates his I and astral body into hisphysical body and etheric body, we may also say that the karma he brings with him from hisformer life on earth incorporates itself into the etheric impelling force that he brings alongwith him from the influence of the planetary system that preceded his earthly incorporation.
―Now you can grasp quite vividly how all that inwardly urges and impels the human being
can be quite practically calculated from the planetary relationships. In this way one can lookintimately into what is working in the human being and follow it out of the physical, senseactivity into the soul-spiritual world, whence man again carries it down into his physical,bodily existence on earth where it continues to work. These things can be given in all their
―In an amazing metaphor, Steiner imagines that a boy is asking what makes a freely
mounted magnetized needle move, and a reductionistic scientist explains to him that to find

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