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The Anonymous Letter-1

The Anonymous Letter-1

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Published by Jason Hines

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Published by: Jason Hines on Jul 07, 2012
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Concerns Regarding Alex Bryan as the New President of WWU
 Walla Walla University (WWU) is a Seventh-day Adventist University located in Washington State. Theboard that controls WWU is chaired by the President of the North Pacific Union Conference - Max C.Torkelsen II. John McVay, the 23
WWU president and former Dean of the Seminary at Andrews Universityhas chosen to step down from his position and return to teaching.The presidential search committee
announced an opening
and is recommending
Alex Bryan to serve aspresident of Walla Walla University. Alex Bryan is currently the senior pastor of the Walla Walla UniversityChurch and has affirmed his willingness to serve as president. The committee will formally present thisrecommendation to the university's Board of Trustees at a special meeting that has been called for
Sunday,July 1, 2012
, at the offices of the North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Ridgefield,Wash., at 10 a.m.
As a group of constituents, alumni, educators, pastors, church members, medical professionals, studentsand parents, we feel that Alex Bryan, at this point in time, is not a good candidate for the next WWUpresident as evidenced by the concerns expressed in this document.
 Out of multiple areas of concern, three follow as to why Alex Bryan, at this point in time, should not be
appointed as WWU’s next president: 1)
his background, 2) his educational experience, and 3) his views andrelationships with spiritual formation.
Alex Bryan
Created a “Sunday
ervice” church and left
Seventh-day Adventist employment. Alex Bryanbegan his ministry at the New Community Fellowship in Atlanta in 1996 under the blessing of conference administration. However, the methods used to reach secular young adults resulted
in the creation of a “Sunday service” and
, as the conference administration was considering histermination, Alex Bryan resigned his denominational employment in 2002 and remainedindependent for the next five years. The resulting Sunday observing church still meets and itsweb site is here.The church meets Sunday from 10:30 AM to 12:05 PM. The current pastor is
Alex’s brother, David Bryan.
 Note: Alex is not currently affiliated with the church he helped start, even though currentwebsites, e.g. corporationwiki and Manta list either Alex Bryan and David Bryan or just Alex Bryan as the current pastor.Documentation shows how the church Alex Bryan started described itself in 2004, while AlexBryan was the pastor:
“We are an independent, interdenominational, evangelical church. ‘Independent’ means we areour own organization, not legally connected to any other church. ‘Interdenominational’ meanswe welcome people of all faith traditions. ‘Evangelical’ means we emphasize the gospel of 
 forgiveness and life transformation through personal faith in Jesus Christ, and we affirm
orthodox Bible doctrines. See our ‘Statement of Faith’ for further details
The search committee members were: Max Torkelsen, John Loor, Lanny Hurlbert, Bob Folkenburg, David Prest, BruceThorn, and Barbara Prowant, and WWU VPs Ginger Ketting-Weller and Steve Rose, two faculty, one staff, and onestudent.
The announcement for the presidential search and job position is located here. 
On 6/15/2012 the committee recommended Alex Bryan to be the next president:Link to WWU Recommendation. 
Concerns Regarding Alex Bryan as the New President of WWU
 (http://www.thenewcommunitychurch.com/phpBB2/faq.php#23 accessed September 24,2004. 3:42 PDT).In 2004, meetings at this church occurred on both Saturdays and Sundays; today the web site  shows only Sunday services.For a detailed study of the failures of these types of break-away churches, see the followingstudy. b.
Professional degree in emergent church spiritual formation. Received his Doctor of Ministry
 degree from George Fox University, under the direction of the spiritualist and Emerging Churchleader Leonard Sweet.c.
Invited his mentor, a self-admitted spiritualist and leader of the emerging church movement,Leonard Sweet, to Southern Adventist University, to speak for Vespers Jan '09 and attemptedto indoctrinate the Southern University Theology faculty by bringing Sweet to speak with themspecifically.d.
Opening his pulpit (April 2012, both services) at Walla Walla University Church to emergingchurch leader Shane Claiborne
, a proponent of the “Kingdom Now” theology embraced by the
emerging church movement and a teacher of universalism, and founder of the NewMonasticism movement.
Claiborne’s staff admitted one of their
objectives, while at WWU, wasto recruit WWU students to join them in the work of their ministry.e.
Alex Bryan has called Ellen G. White a 19th century mystic. He has stated this from the pulpitand included references to this in his book
, p
age 22, “In 1842, during th
is era of Advent hope,fifteen-year-old Ellen White
had a mystica
l experience.”
Openly promoted Roman Catholic Mystics and Contemplative authors at the Adventist Forumon Spiritual Formation, October 2011. These authors included: Richard Foster, Dallas Willard,Brennan Manning, and Henri Nouwen. See the last page for a photo and comment on his bookpromotion.g.
During his sermons he often quotes from leading emergent church leaders, such as LeonardSweet and Catholic contemplative authors such as Brennan Manning, and many more.Note that these
authors are also listed as “My Favorites” on his brother’s blog
,the currentpastor of the Sunday church Alex helped to start. Also, these authors and their books are listed
on Alex Bryan’s blog as “Must
shown on the last page of this document.h.
Belittling Adventist doctrines in favor of mystical experiences during his One project sermonFebruary 2012, Seattle Wa. He suggested that our fixation on doctrine and identity as Seventh-day Adventists has kept us from becoming a great religion.
The Role of Human Emotion in Christian Discipleship
, dissertation by Alex Bryan, March 2009.
The Green Cord Dream
by Alex Bryan, 2012. Pacific Press Publishing Association.
Note that Alex Bryan uses the name “Ellen White,” but at 15 years old, her name would still be Ellen Harmon, she
married at 19 years of age.
Concerns Regarding Alex Bryan as the New President of WWU
Summary of 
Alex Bryan’s
Alex Bryan
background shows that he is capable, while having good intentions, of leading those under hischarge in the wrong direction. He can get in trouble. He desires to be a soul-winner. We commend this.Still, results have been problematic. In Georgia-Cumberland, the price was alienation from the Seventh-dayAdventist church, and a decision by the conference to terminate Bryan from employment. (He resignedbefore being terminated.) This resulted in a separation of the Congregation from the Seventh-dayAdventist church
. Most of the group became a Sunday observing church under Bryan’s leadership.
 With Bryan
history of resigning from Seventh-day Adventist pastoral ministry before the conference couldfire him, pastoring a church on Sunday, leading what became a congregational church, one asks, how is itthat he is under consideration for the presidency of one of our Universities? He states that he has learnedfrom his mistakes, and the Georgia-Cumberland conference rehired him and placed him as an associatepastor for Mission and Ministry on the staff of the Collegedale Church, to be mentored by the SeniorPastor, in December 2007.
inexperience contributed to the loss of the church plant entrusted to him. Georgia-Cumberlandconference leadership sought to implement a plan for
corrective ministry action
by placing him with astrong pastoral team. This plan
was not carried to completion because of Bryan’s 2009 call to the WWU
church.Bryan wrote in 2009
, “We also need, in this local church revolution, a major transfer of funds from themany layers of governance back into local settings.”
Such thinking is similar to the ideas which led to
Bryan’s resignation from the ministry in 2002.
 His failure to properly shepherd his misguided Roswell, Georgia flock is disappointing. Former Seventh-dayAdventists today are worshiping in the church he started, now led by his brother.
Less than 5 years ago,
Alex Bryan was associated with the leadership of a Sunday observing non-SDAchurch outside Seventh-day Adventist denominational employment. This experience is not compatible withbeing appointed the president of a Seventh-day Adventist University.Bryan continues to promote Spiritual Formation in his church. One assumes, as President, he would
continue this injection of Spiritual Formation into the WWU campus. We should “
Stay away from non-biblical spiritual disciplines or methods of spiritual formation that are rooted in mysticism such ascontemplative prayer, centering prayer, and the emerging church movement in which they are promoted
Elder Ted Wilson, President of the General Conference, July 3, 2010.
Educational Experience
The presidential search process started with a document that outlined the  job description of  the new president. This document concluded with 10 performance expectations, the 10
“Possess significant senior leadership experience, and have an earned doctoral degree and teaching experience at the college or university level.” 
There are three
“expectations” identified in this single expectation
item. Bryan does not
“significantly” meet any of the three:
Adventist Today, Winter 2009 edition, page 9
. “The End of American Adventism?”

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