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Allegations of Practicing Law...

Allegations of Practicing Law...

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Published by Patrik Kapuscinsky

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Published by: Patrik Kapuscinsky on Jul 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This Notice of Response is a matter of Public Record
September 13 2011PATRIK BERNARD KAPUSCINSKYOffice of the Director,Dually Appointed Administrator15-791 Braidwood Road,Courtenay BC, CanadaV9N 3S1
Location: Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada.
Concerning: allegations of “Practicing Law”
Kleisinger from the Law Society v. Patrik-Bernard of the Kapuscinsky family
Staff Counsel, Michael Kleisinger845 Cambie Street,Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,V6B 4Z9Tel: 604-669-2533 Toll Free: 1-800-903-5300 Fax: 604-669-5253The
 Honorable Rich Coleman, PO Box 9053 STN PROV GOVT VICTORIA B.C., V8W 9E2,128 Parliament Buildings Victoria B.C., V8V 1X4,C/o Legal Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General, 1001 Douglas Street, Victoria, B.C.
Tom Gray, INSPECTOR of the RCMP
, (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)Comox Valley Detachment800 Ryan Road,Courtenay BCV9N 3S1
Response to Law Society Concerning bullying tactics of Courtenay BC RCMPRegarding:
Peace Officer Xxx Xxxxx…..# 51805
File 2011-3332
Peace Officer Xxxxxx……....# 49369 File 2011
Peace Officer Xxxxxx………# 47519 File 2011
Peace Officer Xxxx…………# 50206 File 2011
-5582 and File 2011-6060
PATRIK BERNARD KAPUSCINSKY August 31, 2011Office of the Director,Dually Appointed Administrator15-91 Braidwood Road,Courtenay BC, CanadaV9N 3S1
This response is a matter or Public Record.
To the attention of: Michael KleisingerResponse to Law Society concerning bullying tactics of local RCMP.
I, _______________________________________ do swear and know these facts to be true andaccurate.In response to: One human being helping another human being.The Unlawful and illegal activities of the local RCMP are unacceptable,as well as the attempt to block valid remedy.There is no contract between the Law Society and a private individual and I have neither desirefor conflict with the Law Society nor to engage into contract with the Law Society.I am not a member of the BAR Association and I will help any human being in need that I see fitand deem as necessary.I am honorably asking you for assistance concerning proper legal representation of Charlie
Hendrik Cox in the matter of “Police brutality” situation in Courtenay BC.
 I am sovereign man and have a duty to make arrangements to correct the harmful behavior of Any Public Servant in my community that comes to my attention and that I deem as severeenough to get involved for the protection of the unfortunate human being, assaulted, unlawfullydetained and humiliated for a valid medical condition, numerous times, during a period of a fewweeks.I am not taking any form of money for helping Charlie Cox find proper competent legalrepresentation for this unacceptable situation.The probability of improper or incompetent representation through a conflict of interest is a validconcern to Charlie and to all people who know him. I am helping a friend to seek and findcompetent legal representation concerning unnecessary Police brutality and unlawful detainment.I do not have the experience to address this myself in the Court room and as a result, wouldprefer not to feel obligated to do so. I have also not stated that I am obligated or intending to doso. I presently have no intention of representing Charlie in the Court room. This may change if proper competent legal assistance is unattainable. Correct me if I am mistaken in my right to doso, show me the contract.
I ask that you please provide Charlie Cox with proper competent legal representation, of 
his choosing concerning these matters. Charlie has already been to “Legal Aid” at 1625 B
McPhee Avenue, Courtenay BC, V9N 3A6 on September 1, 2011 to apply for legalrepresentation concerning this matter. Intake worker was not present; another attempt will bemade next Tuesday. He has been trying to contact a referral lawyer for weeks with no success.Charlie is a handicapped man who suffers from more than his fair share of challenges. Epilepsyhas been a life-
long challenge. Charlie’s abilities to gather information and address these issues
are limited due to limited communication skills.Are you willing to help provide competent legal representation for the benefit and remedy of agentle natured man with epilepsy? He is seeking a competent pro-bono lawyer. Charlie has no
money for legal representation…
 People are dying all over the Globe due to Police brutality. Some people are not cut out to be aPeace Officer as they are under the impression that beating a member of the public senseless issomehow part of their responsibility. Aggressive violent people, who can not keep the Peace,should not be in the position of a Peace Officer in any community. Beating up handicappedpeople is not a part of the job description. I would think that people who are hired to keep the
 peace in the community … NOT continue t
o be paid to unlawfully and illegally detain andassault handicapped members of Our community.
These are the facts:
Unlawful detainment of handicapped man, three times in a five week period.On the second occasion, the RCMP assaulted Charlie Cox, while in the unfortunate throws of amedical condition known as an epileptic seizure.
Each time, the RCMP unlawfully detained Charlie, including the second recent incident… whichinvolved the Police assaulting him while in an epileptic “seizure”. Charlie
was caused undostress and humiliation by locking him up like a criminal for having the unfortunate event of aseizure while on his way home. He was apparently locked up for alcohol intoxication. He,Charlie has not drunk alcohol for over a year and a half. He is a sober man. I know for a fact thathe was sober on all three occasions, as he had just left my place of residence on each occasion.I help people in recovery from alcoholism on a daily basis. Charlie is more to me than justanother human being in recovery. He is a close personal friend with an unfair share of challenges.Charlie takes medication twice daily for management of epilepsy. His niece was contacted andthank God, had brought down his medication to the Police station each time the Police detainedhim illegally and unlawfully. This detainment is unnecessary and causes huge stress towards themedical conditions that Charlie already suffers from.As a result of this unnecessary RCMP brutality on the second occasion, the RCMP decided to
arrest Charlie with an assault charge…
 How would you feel about this unacceptable Police behavior, if Charlie was a close personalfriend or family member of yours..?

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