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Issues Roberts

Issues Roberts

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Published by: Meghan Roberts Magruder on Jul 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Internet in the Classroom IssuesAssignment # 3Cyber BullyingMeghan RobertsJuly 7
, 2012
Policy # 1Johnston County Schools. (14 May 2012). Policy code: 4226 student use of social networking sites, blogging, and the interent. Retrieved from:http://policy.microscribepub.com/cgibin/om_isapi.dll?clientID=381014&depth=2&infobase=johnston.nfo&record=%7BB10%7D&softpage=PL_frame 
The Johnston County School Districts’ policy on
cyber bullying is unique in that it also addresses cyber bullying that occurs off-campus or outside of school. According
to it’s policy the main components of cyber bullying include engaging in behavior
involving cyber bullying and/or internet threats as well as prohibited postings,messages, or other postings. Any postings which violate school district rules, containthreats against staff members or students, threaten vandalism to school property,suggest physical harm to staff members or students, creates a disruption to the
school’s educati
onal mission, uses profane or offensive language, pictures, orgraphics, uses internet to defame the board, school system, staff, or students, andposting pictures of school system employees without permission will be treatedwith a consequence. This version of their cyber bullying policy was adopted in Mayof 2012.One strength I see in this policy is the fact that it also pertains to cyber bullying that 
occurs outside of school. All to often, I’ve seen the effects of cyber bullying on
friends and students. They mention in their policy how the effects of cyber bullyingoutside of school does effect what happens in school and I believe this to be true.Also, the great detail and in-depth description of each violation makes it clear toparents, students, staff, etc. exactly what is considered cyber bullying.The only weakness I see with this policy is the lack of description of consequencesfor violating this policy.
Policy # 2Bristol County Schools. (15 September 2010). Policy 5131.913 cyberbullying.Retrieved from: http://policy.cabe.org/bristol/ 
Bristol County School District’s cyber bullying policy also includes cyber bullyingoutside of school. According to it’s policy cyber bullying includes (but is not limited
to): harassing, teasing, intimidating, threatening, or terrorizing another person bysending or posting inappropriate and hurtful e-mail messages, instant messages,text messages, digital pictures or images, or website postings, including blogs. Thepolicy also notes that often times the author (poster or sender) of the inappropriatematerial is disguised or logon on as someone else. The disciplinary actions mayinclude: the loss of computer privileges, detention, suspension, or expulsion. Also,when any kind of threat is communicated the administration will report such crimesto local law enforcement officials.One of the main strengths of this policy is the acknowledgement that often times the
author is disguised. While this makes it more difficult to determine the author, it’s
important to note that you cannot guarantee the real author is the name posted.Another strength of this policy is the in-depth description of each violation of thepolicy making sure students and teachers aware of what cyber bullying is.
I feel that Bristol County School District’s policy o
n cyber bullying is detailed,includes consequences, includes a list of actions considered cyber bullying, andnotes that bullying or threatening is a law enforcement issue. With all of these itemstaken into consideration, I feel that there are no weaknesses for this policy.

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